Happy Friday! Back with another quick roundup highlighting the week :)

I posted a week in my life on Youtube

I’m finished reading Hopeless by Colleen Hoover and wow.. so many thoughts. The book covered very heavy topics (suicide, child abuse) so be warned if those are triggering for you to read about. I never read any previews or reviews to fiction books because I don’t want them to lead me while reading so I was completely shocked by the twists and turns throughout the book. This is the first of a mini-series and the next book takes you through another perspective so I’m excited to read that next. I read it for free with my kindle unlimited membership.

I answered your difficult style questions in this video – let me know if you want this to become a series!

I’ve ordered some pieces I’m really excited about for fall. After the Nordstrom Sale this year I noticed a shift in my style that I want to lean into this year. I want to focus on quality, classic basics I can wear year after year and kinda revamp my personal style! Here are a few things I’ve ordered:

I placed my very first ZARA haul this week and I’m excited to see how it turns out. Not going to lie their website was a hot mess to navigate but the pieces I found were so cute! I’ll share a haul next week when they come in. I sadly can’t link them in LTK like I normally do.

Nordstrom is having a really good sale right now!

I have been obsessed with these new earrings.

Anyone else watching #bamarush tok? I am invested in these girls OOTD’s :)

I’m giving Abercrombie jeans another try (are we shocked?) – I’m determined to figure out their sizing! This is the pair I ordered.

I bought this air deflector for the air vent in my office and where has this been my whole life?! Now I can sit at my desk without freezing or wearing a winter coat when the air comes on lol.

Vince Camuto is having an amazing sale right now!

These were my top 5 favorites from the week

These were the top 5 bestsellers this week

I rounded up my favorite undergarments and wardrobe basics here

Target has started putting out their fall decor! I shared what’s in the Target dollar spot on Instagram here.

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If you missed the last Weekly Chic, you can catch up here! I hope y’all have an amazing weekend!



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