Hitting the road for a journey is all about embracing adventure and exploration. The appeal to take a road trip lies in the freedom of the open road, the constantly changing scenery, and the experiences to be had. In the United States, it’s easy to find an abundance of stunning routes leading to incredible destinations, from national parks to secluded wilderness and picturesque coastlines. Whether you’re an experienced traveler or you’re planning your first road trip, my hope is that this round-up of what to bring on a road trip is helpful to you. This list of essentials will have you ready to take off on your exciting road trip in no time. So, let’s jump in!

Road Trip Essentials

Planning for a road trip involves more than just choosing your route! It will be super helpful if prepare by putting together a checklist of essential items that can make your journey comfortable, safe, and entertaining. The right items are your companions on the road, ensuring you have what you need when you need it. Whether it’s staying hydrated, keeping your vehicle in top shape, or having the perfect playlist queued up, these essentials ensure a smooth and enjoyable adventure. Below, we’re diving into the must-haves for your road trip, so you can hit the road fully prepared and ready to enjoy it!

What to Bring on a Road Trip

When it comes to what to bring, having the right items can make a world of difference during those long hours in the car. These nice-to-have essentials are more than just conveniences; they can turn a potentially tiresome journey into a comfortable and enjoyable experience for you and your fellow travelers. From a well-stocked cooler to keep refreshments at hand to entertainment options like wireless headphones or audiobooks, these items help keep everyone content and relaxed. Additionally, practical tools like a roadside emergency kit and an external battery ensure you’re prepared for any unexpected bumps in the road! Of course, what you need for your trip will depend on the type of trip you’re taking, but this list of essentials applies to all types of road trips across the board.

Mini Car Trash Can

One often overlooked item for a successful road trip is a mini car trash can. This compact companion can work wonders in keeping your vehicle clean and organized during your trip. Having a designated spot for trash not only helps maintain a clutter-free car but also promotes a more pleasant and stress-free experience. This one fits great in the pocket of just about any car door! Any time you stop, make a habit of emptying the trash.

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External Battery

Don’t hit the road without an external battery pack on your essentials list. This battery ensures your electronic devices, from smartphones to cameras, stay charged and ready to capture memories or navigate your route. On a road trip, where finding power outlets can be a challenge, having an external battery can be a lifesaver, keeping you connected, entertained, and on track throughout your drive.

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Touchland Rejuvenating Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is certainly a road trip essential! Having hand sanitizer ready offers you peace of mind to keep your hands clean and germ-free, especially with rest stops and dining along the way. On a road trip, where access to facilities can vary, having hand sanitizer readily available can ensure that you and your travel companions stay healthy throughout your trip.

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Travel Cable Organizer

A travel cable organizer is a must-have item for a well-prepared road trip. This handy accessory keeps your charging cords and electronics neatly organized, preventing the dreaded tangled mess and ensuring you can easily access and charge your devices on the go. With everything in its place, you’ll stay organized and stress-free!

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Pill Box

Including a pill box in your road trip essentials is a smart move for both health and convenience. It allows you to keep medications, vitamins, or supplements neatly sorted and easily accessible, ensuring you stay on top of your health regimen even when you’re on the go. A pill box can be a game-changer for maintaining your well-being during a road trip!

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Portable Emergency Power Kit

A portable emergency power kit with a tire pump, air nozzles, and a car jump starter is a road trip lifesaver. It not only ensures that you’re prepared for unexpected vehicle issues like flat tires or a dead battery but also provides peace of mind during your trip. With this essential item on hand, you can handle minor roadside emergencies and keep your road trip moving forward without the stress and delay of waiting for roadside assistance.

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BEIS 21″ Luggage

A BEIS 21″ luggage carry-on bag is a game-changer for road trips. This versatile travel companion is perfectly sized for road trip essentials, allowing you to keep your belongings well-organized and accessible. With its durability and compact design, this luggage ensures that you’ll travel in both comfort and style, making your road trip experience all the more enjoyable and hassle-free.

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Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

Bringing wireless noise-canceling headphones on your road trip is a travel essential that can enhance your overall experience. These headphones allow you to enjoy your favorite music or podcasts without the interference of outside noise. They transform long hours on the road into a more enjoyable and relaxing journey, making sure you stay entertained and comfortable throughout your trip.

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Apple AirTag

Don’t set out on a road trip without Apple AirTags, an essential for peace of mind. These compact devices can be attached to your belongings, ensuring you never lose track of your keys, bags, or any other essentials while on the road. With the convenience of location tracking, AirTags provide a safety net for your possessions, offering reassurance during your trip.

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Soft-Sided Roller Cooler

A soft-sided roller cooler is a road trip must-have that can transform your travel experience. This portable cooler keeps your snacks and drinks chilled and easily accessible, allowing you to enjoy snacks on the go and avoid the hassle of stopping. It’s a game-changer for keeping your road trip costs down and ensuring you have the sustenance you need.

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Foldable Hanging Car Trash Can

Including a foldable hanging car trash can in your road trip essentials is great for maintaining a tidy car. This clever accessory provides a designated spot for trash, preventing clutter and keeping your car organized during the journey. With a hanging car trash can, you can conveniently dispose of garbage while on the road, ensuring a clean and enjoyable road trip experience.

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Hydro Flask Flex Straw Water Bottle

A Hydro Flask Flex Straw Water Bottle is an absolute must-have. This versatile water bottle keeps you hydrated on the go, and the flex straw design makes sipping easy without having to unscrew a lid. It ensures you have access to your favorite beverages and keeps them at the right temperature making your road trip more convenient, sustainable, and enjoyable.

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Revision YouthFull Lip Replenisher

If you’ve followed me for at least a little while, you know that this is an everyday essential of mine. This lip treatment will keep your lips soft and hydrated during long hours on the road. It’s a small yet luxurious addition that can help you stay comfortable and feel your best throughout your trip. I don’t go anywhere without this stuff!

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Road Trip Packing List

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Which of these road trip essentials do you plan on packing for your next adventure? Let me know in the comments!



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