HUNTER BOOTS: I’ve been trying to decide on a color of Hunter boots for a few months now, and I finally picked up this pair in Lipstick. They came in on a rainy day, so it was basically meant to be. Compared to my other rain boots, these are way more comfortable (they allow more movement and the bottom feels like an insole). I’m looking forward to wearing them this upcoming spring! They are not as fuchsia in person by the way.. 

FORMULA X TOP COAT: As seen in my Mani Monday post, I’ve been absolutely loving my manicure routine.  I always end up biting my nails when I get stressed, but since painting my nails with a gel formula I can proudly saw I kicked the habit (for now). Note: the picture is the base coat..the clear top coat didn’t show up well.

CONTOURING: Now I have always been a bronzer lover, but this past month I’ve been specifically enjoying contouring with this brush and bronzer duo. I used to be all about it, but I guess somewhere along the way I got lazy and forgot about it. Glad it’s made its way back into the routine! This bronzer is great for it because it’s matte, and you would have to try to make it look “muddy” on you! Brush: link // bronzer: link

BATISTE DRY SHAMPOO: I purchased this for the first time in January, and I’ve been obsessing over it since! It’s safe to say I use it every day.. even when my hair is freshly washed. Before discovering this product, I wasn’t a fan of spray dry shampoo because they made my head feel gritty and like I had helmet hair (I only tried the Tresemme one, and I preferred baby powder). However, this product completely changed my view on them! I’ve been using the version for blonde hair, but I will probably try out one of their scents next.

C. WONDER FLATS: I was contemplating picking these up or not, because I’ve been in a huge shoe phase and I need to slow it down; however, when I was in store they handed out a coupon so I couldn’t say no! They are as comfortable as they are cute, and will definitely remain a favorite throughout spring. Tim is a fan of them as well, because he thought they were very “me”.

CLARISONIC MIA: It’s been a minute since I’ve used this, but my skin being in a hot mess stage led me to bust it back out.. I am happy I did. It’s one of those pricey items I wouldn’t buy myself, but I am thankful to have received it as a gift a few years back. I keep it in my shower and use it only a few times per week because I find my skin is too sensitive for daily use.. maybe I will build up my tolerance. 

LIP COMBO: I picked up this BUXOM lip gloss from Sephora as a 100 point perk, and it will probably be one of the handful of items I’ll be going back to purchase in the full size. I like the cool/tingle feeling you notice after applying, and it isn’t an annoying/overly sticky lip gloss. I’ve been pairing it with a MAC lip liner from an old collection (To the Beach, anyone?), but it’s just a typical baby pink liner that you can find from any brand. Lip liner: link // lip gloss: link

Looks like lots of pink, but hey.. it was February! What were some of your February faves?
xo Amanda 

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