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Hi Friend!

I’m Amanda of Strawberry Chic.

I’m a born and raised Georgia girl who lives in a northern suburb of Atlanta. I’m married to my husband Tim, and we have a sweet little girl named Josie (2). Before I became a full-time blogger in September 2019, I was an outpatient physical therapist where I helped people rehab from injuries. I started this blog while I was in PT school looking for a fun, girly distraction and I never would have guessed I would still be doing it years later..let alone full time! When I’m not working, I love spending time with my family, online shopping, traveling (although I am a major homebody!), and eating out at my favorite restaurants around the city (my day revolves around food honestly). This space is mostly focused on classic, feminine style and helping you build a wardrobe you love and feel confident in, but you’ll also find a mix of motherhood, life advice, travel, beauty, and home updates.. Most of the pieces I share are under $100, but every now and then I love a good investment piece that will elevate my outfits . You can often find me reviewing clothing on YouTube and Instagram stories. I like to share extra details like why I like the fit, how I would style it multiple ways, and even if I don’t like something.. I like to share why it didn’t work for me (ESP if it’s uncomfortable.. that doesn’t fly around here). In addition to Strawberry Chic, I also mentor influencers inside my course, The Profitable Influencer. This industry can feel very closed off so I wanted to be an open book for TPI students who want to monetize their social media and grow their businesses. You can learn more about that, here.

Fun Facts

  • 01 I’m a type 6 enneagram
  • 02 I am very much a girly girl but I have an athletic side, too! I grew up playing fast-pitch softball and won the state championship my senior year in high school.
  • 03 I’ll drive 40 minutes to grab my favorite avocado toast in Atlanta (Spiller Park)
  • 04 I’m really bad with time management. In my head I think everything will take me half the time it actually takes. But I also do my best work under pressure so maybe it’s a coping mechanism :)
  • 05 I have a doctorate of Physical Therapy and did my thesis on cross-education strength training for stroke rehabilitation. I started this blog while in school because I wanted a creative + girly distraction.
  • 06 I tend to be very proper and shy in social settings.. but to my inner circle I can be a sarcastic goof ball.
  • 07 My special talent is remembering all the lyrics to the early 2000’s rap throwbacks
  • 08 I’m very all or nothing. If something has my attention, I will focus on it until it’s perfect (that can be with fitness, work, a new house project I want to do.. anythinggg). I think it stems from my poor patience but hey I’m turning a negative into a positive :)
  • 09 I can cross one eye. I was determined to as a child to teach myself a skill not many could do and that just goes to show you can do anything you put your mind to, lol.

How tall are you?

I'm 5'5'' - I have a short waist and long legs!

How did you meet your husband Tim?

We met at work at Lifetime Fitness only a few months before I was leaving for PT school. I actually did my interview one week after our first date, so the majority of our relationship was long-distance. It was hard at times, but I really needed that space to focus on school and grow as an individual. I actually knew he was the one pretty much right away. You can get to know us a little more in this Q&A here.

Hidden Talent?

I'm really good at impersonating people and singers but it can't be on demand (I have to be in the moment lol).

What advice do you have for someone wanting to start a blog?

The most important and hardest step to take is to just start! If you're serious about growing your online influencer business, I would recommend taking The Profitable Influencer course. It goes into everything you need to know (and want to know) to be successful.

Where are your favorite places to shop?

I shop the most at Nordstrom, Target, Petal & Pup, Abercrombie, and Amazon these days!

Do you color your hair?

I've actually never colored or highlighted my hair. It was naturally more strawberry blonde when I was young, and it's lightened up as I've grown older. Because it's natural, it has a lot of dimension and looks lighter or darker depending on the lighting or season!

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