I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of straight-leg jeans for months now. It’s a trend I’ve slowly adopted, although I’m not sure I’ll totally ditch my skinny jeans for good. Abercrombie has quickly become known for their jeans and overall quality when it comes to denim. I have not had the best luck with Abercrombie jeans in the past, but I’ve been inspired by so many of my friends to give them another try! I’m sharing a complete and honest Abercrombie jean review of their straight leg jeans to see if they’re worth all the hype.

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What Makes a Good Pair of Jeans?

I know I’m not the only person searching for the perfect pair of jeans, so I wanted to write up a detailed review on all the Abercrombie jeans I’ve tried! I do plan to continue testing out more options at various price points, so check back to this review for more options in the future.

I’m looking for a pair of jeans that is light wash, flattering and comfortable to sit in. I spend a good chunk of my days at a desk, so having something that doesn’t feel constricting, while also still being flattering is a must for me! Plus, no one wants to see a huge gap in the back of your jeans when you sit.

I typically wear a size 6 or 28 in jeans. I am 5’5 for reference and have a naturally shorter torso. This affects where denim hits on me and how high or low rise something actually is on me. I purchased all of the below jeans in my normal size 28 regular.

abercrombie jean review

Abercrombie Jean Details

I’m excited to give a wide variety of styles a try for this Abercrombie jean review. I am currently eight months postpartum. My body has gone through a lot of changes over the last year. As I’m re-learning how to dress a slightly more curvy body, I’m also being a little more adventurous with my style! It’s been so fun trying out different trends and seeing which ones feel right for building a wardrobe I love. If you’re looking to re-build your wardrobe from scratch, check out this guide!


One of the reasons I’m excited to give Abercrombie & Fitch denim a try again is because of their wide range in sizing. They offer sizes 23-37. This is extremely size inclusive for a denim brand. They also offer their denim in short, regular, long and extra short lengths. In addition, they now offer all denim styles in their curve love fit as well. Abercrombie has 6 different styles of denim: 90’s straight, 90’s relaxed, ankle straight, dad jean, mom jean, and their classic skinny jean. Today I’m trying the 90’s style, ankle relaxed style and dad jeans. All of which are right on trend!

Abercrombie Curve Love Jeans vs Regular

Abercrombie introduced their Curve Love fit in denim a few years back, and it’s been a growing hit! Their curve love line of denim has an additional 2″ throughout the hip and thigh. Oftentimes, this is where women struggle to find the perfect fitting jeans. Speaking from experience, I know how frustrating it can be to find the perfect pair of jeans. The Curve Love fit is now available in all styles of Abercrombie’s denim.

Abercrombie Jean Review

Curve Love Low Rise 90’s Straight Jeans

Curve Love Low Rise 90's Straight Jeans, abercrombie jean review


SIZE: 28, 6 Regular

WASH: light

The initial thought of low rise jeans makes me want to run in the opposite direct. Maybe it’s the middle school flashbacks or the fact that I saw way too many cracks when low rise jeans were at their peak, but the very word low rise makes me cringe. In the spirit of embracing new trends, I wanted to try a pair of jeans that fits more low rise. I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised!

They have a slight stretch to them, while still having a true denim feel. They have a bit of a looser fit throughout my hips and in the legs. I feel like I could have sized down one from my normal size, but that may be the curve love style. If you’re wanting a more fitted look, I would grab these in the non-curve love style. One thing to note is that I wish I had gotten a shorter size. I’m 5’5 for reference and feel like the shorter length would be more flattering. I love how the curve love fits my hip measurements nicely but I feel like I could have sized down.

SIT TEST: These pass the sit test with flying colors! I can actually sit comfortably in these without feeling like I’m restricted. There is a small gap in the back, but nothing that a shirt or bodysuit wouldn’t cover.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: These might just be my new favorite pair of Abercrombie jeans. I love how flattering and comfortable they are. They lay nicely when I sit and I don’t feel constricted. The legs are also very flattering and will be easy to style multiple ways!

Curve Love Ultra High Rise 90’s Straight Jeans

Curve Love Ultra High Rise 90's Straight Jeans, abercrombie jean review


SIZE: 28, 6 Regular

WASH: light

The 90’s straight jeans are much baggier throughout the legs than what I’m looking for. While this style is not in line with mine, I do think these are very on trend. The loose fit through the legs and backside doesn’t flatter my figure. It seems that my backside gets lost in the mix and it looks like I’m swimming in these. If you’re liking this style but don’t want them to be too loose, I suggest sizing down or opting for the non-curve love style.

SIT TEST: These are very comfortable to sit in.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: These are not my style, but they are right on trend. The washed out look gives these an authentic vintage feel. If you’re wanting a true 90’s look, I would recommend these!

Curve Love Ultra High Rise Ankle Straight Jeans

Curve Love Ultra High Rise Ankle Straight Jeans, abercrombie jean review


SIZE: 28, 6 Regular

WASH: light wash

The curve love ultra-high rise straight jeans have more of a stretch to them. They have a naturally more cropped feel versus a full length, which I love! I feel like having a jean that doesn’t always hit at the floor when you’re wearing a straight style can be more flattering. However, the distressing on the bottom back of the jean is not my favorite. These have a closer fit on me, and hit right above my belly button. Abercrombie offers this style in extra short, short, regular and long.

After trying this pair, I’ve determined I don’t love the ultra-high rise with my short torso. An ultra-high rise is a really high waist on me. I also felt like these were riding up in the front and back. They also ran much smaller than the other size 28 jeans I have, so I would consider sizing up in these.

SIT TEST: These did not pass the sit test with flying colors. While I wouldn’t go as far to say that they are uncomfortable, they weren’t the most flattering. It felt as though I was rolling over the jeans as opposed to being tucked inside them. This would make me conscious about wearing a more fitted shirt if I was going to be sitting in these while wearing them out and about. These also fit tighter, so perhaps sizing up would make these more comfortable to sit in.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: I would rate these a 7 out of 10. They aren’t my absolute favorite but I didn’t want to shed them at first glance in the mirror.

Curve Love Slim Straight Ultra High Rise

Curve Love Slim Straight Ultra High Rise, abercrombie jean review


SIZE: 28, 6 Regular

WASH: light

The wash on this light wash jean is what I would consider to be a bleached look. It’s not my favorite style and I wouldn’t naturally wear this day to day. Due to the ultra-high rise cut, the pockets sit a little higher on me. I’m wanting a more relaxed feel throughout the leg. If you’re on the more petite side, these would be a great option for a straight leg jeans.

SIT TEST: They do gap in the back when I sit. It’s not the most flattering when I sit, but they aren’t uncomfortable.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: The overall style of these are not what I was hoping for. These are pretty slim through the thigh then look bulky below the knee. For my body shape, this style is not the most flattering and I couldn’t see myself wearing these regularly.

Asymmetrical Curve Love Ultra High Rise 90’s Straight Jeans

Asymmetrical Curve Love Ultra High Rise 90's Straight Jeans, abercrombie jean review


SIZE: 28, 6 Regular

WASH: light

I’ve seen these on Abercrombie’s website a few times before and have been very curious about trying these myself. I was surprised that I could barely button these. All the other size 28 I had, seemed to fit just right or even a little loose, but these are definitely the exception! The waist and backside are both overall tighter than any other jeans I’ve tried on thus far.

Although, I do like that the legs are slightly looser, which is something that the slim straight jeans were lacking. Unfortunately though, these are very uncomfortable overall to sit or stand in. If you want to try them I would suggest sizing up.

SIT TEST: They did not pass the sit test in the least bit. They were very hard to sit in. However, this could be because overall I need one size up.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: These are a hard pass. They were hard to button and very uncomfortable. It was hard to tell if the issue was that I needed a larger size or if the jean was overall shifted to one side. If you’re wanting to give these a try, I would recommend sizing up one from your normal size.

Curve Love Ultra High Rise 90’s Straight Jeans

Curve Love Ultra High Rise 90's Straight Jeans, abercrombie jean review


SIZE: 28, 6 Regular

WASH: white

I don’t have a pair of jeans in this style yet, so I wanted to give them a try. I have a pair of white cropped jeans that are similar to these from Express, but I don’t have a true straight jean in a white wash. While I don’t love the length, I feel like I can easily cut these to be more ankle length. In which case, I could see myself liking these a bit more. This exact pair is now sold out, but Abercrombie does have a white pair with a faux leather detail around the waistline in this same style.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that I don’t love the fit of the ultra-high rise on me. They aren’t overly tight, but they do dig into my waist and are uncomfortable to sit in. I do have a shorter torso though, so that may be why I’m not loving this fit. These are looser in the legs and more comparable to the curve love high rise dad jean. They don’t have any tapering throughout the legs and are very straight.

SIT TEST: These pass the sit test very well!

OVERALL THOUGHTS: These are not my favorite and don’t really seem to fit within my style or what I’m looking for. While they are comfortable to sit in, they ride up in the back and the shape of the leg is unflattering.

Best Abercrombie Fit and Style

My favorite pair of jeans in this Abercrombie jean review is the Curve Love 90’s straight low rise jeans in size 28 in the light wash. I’m tempted to also try them in the next size down since I had some extra room in the waist and hip. Unfortunately, the rest of the jeans that I tried on are going back. While I wouldn’t consider these a true low rise on my torso, if this is the new low rise jean, I might just have to get on board with this trend making a comeback.

I also came to the conclusion that the curve love style fits me much better and is more comfortable overall. The extra 2 inches allows the jeans to lay better and pass the sit test much easier without riding up if you know what I mean.

Overall, the fit of the ultra-high rise jeans were not my favorite. It may be because of my short torso, but this style was uncomfortable for me. I much prefer where the low rise jeans hit and find that when I sit, these are more flattering for me as well.

Do you have a favorite pair of Abercrombie jeans that you love?


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