We recently completed our second home project in the new house and I couldn’t be happier with the transformation. If you missed out first house project, you can see our mudroom update here. We have this cozy sitting area in our primary bedroom and it gets beautiful lighting throughout the day. I wanted to freshen up the space, paint and give the brick fireplace a makeover, and add more storage to make it more functional.

This is a space I want to start the day in because it gets gorgeous morning light, but also a spot to relax at the end of the day. I also find myself working in here when I need somewhere quiet…if you work from home with a toddler you’ll understand haha.

I found a lot of the items I used for the space available on Amazon, you can browse my storefront with all my Amazon favorites here!

Brick Fireplace Makeover In Our Primary Bedroom

Brick Fireplace Makeover (Before)

Here is a look at the brick fireplace before. It had a very farmhouse/industrial look to it and wasn’t bad by any means, but I knew it could feel more us.

brick fireplace makeover

Brick Fireplace Makeover (after)

And here is how it looks now! I was so nervous to go out of my comfort zone with the paint color. I’ve wanted to use this blue/gray somewhere in our home and felt like the bookshelves would be the perfect opportunity to try it. It comes out much lighter than on the swatch, so test a sample if you can.

brick fireplace makeover before and after
Brick Fireplace Makeover In Our Primary Bedroom
fireplace and bookshelf decor
white brick painted fireplace

Paint Colors + Details

  • Bookshelf paint color: Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray
  • Fireplace + mantel: Sherwin Williams Pure White
  • Bedroom wall paint color: Sherwin Williams Gossamer Veil
  • Hardware: Rejuvenation in antique brass

I originally wanted to add a picture light above the bookshelves, but decided it would be too busy and cramped, especially with the brass curtain rod on the right side. It’s a pretty dark corner at night, so I need to add some shelf lighting or a good floor lamp to help light up the space at night.

fireplace mantel decor
bookshelves in benjamin moore boothbay gray

Renovation Details

I removed the extra detailing on the fireplace mantel and just left it clean and smooth. When I first saw the white brick fireplace after it was painted, I was a little shocked by the transformation. It felt a little sterile on its own, but once I started decorating the space it really came together and I love the finished result. I moved the herringbone fireplace screen from our living room up to this space and it really helped soften the white brick. The previous owners actually left it for us, so yay!

I plan to do a separate post about decorating the bookshelves, so stay tuned for more on that but I’ll link some of the decor pieces below. I recently ordered this rug (in platinum gray) and these curtains for our bedroom. I’m also looking for a small coffee table and lamp to eventually finish off the space.

Frame TV Over Fireplace

I’m not the biggest fan of putting a tv over the fireplace, but in this situation, it was our best option for the room. It was either here, or over my dresser on the side of the room and you wouldn’t be able to sit in the chairs and watch it from there. I don’t think we’ll watch a lot of TV in here anyway, but it’s nice to have the option! I went with another frame TV because I love how flush it mounts to the wall and you can change up the artwork to fit your space.


The Best Art for the Samsung Frame TV

We decided to get a Samsung Frame TV, and I really underestimated how much I would enjoy it. It has turned out to be much more than only a TV, it’s quickly become a captivating visual centerpiece that effortlessly transitions..

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If you’re hanging a TV above the fireplace, you do want to make sure there’s enough space between the fireplace and the TV in order to avoid excessive heat. Also, keep in mind how far your sitting area is from the fireplace and if you will be comfortable looking up at it.

swivel chairs in bedroom

Cozy Bedroom Sitting Area

We have these two large swivel chairs for a cozy sitting space in front of the brick fireplace. I love sitting here in the morning and occasionally take calls and work here, too. I love how they can swivel and face each other to prop up my feet. They are also extra wide and deep, you have plenty of room to cross your feet up in them! I added these gray pillows to tie in with the bookshelves, rug (coming soon), and our bedding. I ordered these inserts for the pillows and always order up one size for an extra fluffy pillow look. I added this tassel throw over the chair to tie in the white brick fireplace and white decor details on the bookshelf.

* * *

There is no better feeling than crossing off another home project off the list!



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