The Tory Burch Miller sandal is easily my most worn pair of shoes throughout Spring, Summer, and into Fall. I bought my first pair in 2014 and now I own three different neutral colors. They go with nearly everything, and the quality will last for years. Keep reading to see my thoughts on the sandals and why I think they’re worth the price.

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color: Shell pink

One of my most worn shoes from April to September are the Tory Burch Miller sandals. I have a pair from 2014 that I still wear today!

Tory Burch Miller Sizing

So do the Tory Burch Millers run small? I usually always need to size up a half size in Tory Burch shoes, except for the Minnie flat, which I love wearing to work. I would recommend sizing up a half size in the Miller sandal for the best fit unless you have a narrow or shallow foot. In that case, I would order your normal size. I’ve had a few readers say they have a very narrow foot, and they went with their regular size.

I do find the Miller sandal runs narrow, but my foot doesn’t hang off the side or anything like that! I also have a very high arch for reference. They now make the miller sandal in a wider width. SHOP IT HERE


I have a pair I’ve worn to bars in Savannah, the beach, and everywhere in between since 2014. I prefer the patent leather styles because I find them so much more durable in environmental conditions. If you get stuck in a rainshower wearing them, you don’t have to worry like you would in a regular leather sandal. I do notice scuffs along the toe from tripping, but other than that they hold up so well year after year! The bottom of the patent leather also doesn’t discolor over time.

Are the Tory Burch Miller Sandals Comfortable?

The patent colors are a little stiffer in the beginning, especially around the toe. But I find after 2-3 wears they are broken in and good to go! The classic Tory Burch Miller has a lightly padded footbed, making them really comfortable for a sandal. I never put them on and worry about my feet hurting. I wear them when traveling and exploring new cities, shopping, for date night, and for errands. I’ve tried on this pair with the metal logo and I didn’t think they were as comfortable as the classic style.

UPDATE: Are you curious how the original Miller sandals compare to the new Miller Cloud sandals? I have a comparison and review here!


Are Tory Burch flip flops worth the money?

Short answer, YES!

I always look at the cost per wear on items over $100. A simple way to do this is to take the price of the item and divide it by how many times you think you’ll wear it. That will give you the cost per wear. I live in sandals a good chunk of the year because I live in the south, so I think they’re definitely worth the $200 investment. Keep scrolling to see how I style them.

If these are out of your price point, I rounded up 8 look for less options for the sandals here!

What color do you recommend?

If you’re getting your very first pair, I would go with a classic neutral shade. Whether you go for black or nude is up to your style preference! My two favorite nude colors are the sand in patent and this makeup color in leather. I rarely wear black, so this neutral color was the first color I purchased. When they came out with this gorgeous blush shade, I knew I had to have them. Blush is by far my favorite color and what I would consider a neutral color in my wardrobe! If you want something a little dressier, you can go with a metallic version.

Tory Burch Miller sandal patent vs leather styles

If you’re torn of whether you want to get a patent or leather sandal, I would recommend going with a patent sandal for its durability. I own both and find my patent styles to hold up much better over the years. I’m not afraid to wear them if the weather is calling for summer rain showers, so I typically reach for them more during the summer.

The leather is more comfortable to wear right out of the box, so if you don’t plan to wear them to the beach or worry about messing them up, then you can’t go wrong with classic leather!

How do I clean them?

The patent styles are very easy to keep clean, and usually, just need to be wiped down with a cleaning cloth from time to time. Tory Burch recommends removing scuff marks by dipping a clean cloth into water and then baking soda. Gentle rub the spot and dab clean with a water-soaked rag. Then biff dry.

How do I style them?

If you have a neutral color, they will go with everything! Below are a few outfits, wearing the Tory Burch Miller sandals.


Tory Burch Miller Sandal Outfit Ideas


See How to wear this wrap dress 5 ways for more inspiration!

Tory Burch Miller Sandals With a Sundress


tory burch miller sandal with sundress

In the spring and summer, I find I wear a ton of dresses because they are easy to throw on and go. Naturally, I always grab my favorite Miller sandals to go with them. They are lightweight, comfortable and look a little more elevated than a traditional sandal. To round out the look, add a denim jacket for a little added warmth on the cool mornings or nights.


Tory Burch Miller Sandals with Shorts

Seen here: What I wore in Nashville

Tory Burch Miller Sandals with a Summer Dress


See here: Weekend Vlog on Youtube

Tory Burch Miller Sandals with White Jeans

tory burch miller sandal with white jeans

One of my go-to beach essentials that I always pack are my Miller sandals. It will be the only pair of sandals you’ll need all trip, so it will even save you a little more room to pack that extra swimsuit you were trying to squeeze in. I love that you can easily rinse them off if they get sandy and can easily go from day to night!

Tory Burch Miller Sandals with a Jumpsuit

Seen here: What I wore at The Reward Style Conference #rStheCon

Tory Burch Miller Sandals with a Skirt

tory burch miller sandal

shop tory burch miller sandals

In order to make sure you’re buying an authentic Tory Burch sandal or any item in general, I would always recommend purchasing directly from an authorized retailer. There are so many sketchy, counterfeit sellers online these days, so it’s better to be safe than sorry! If you’re looking elsewhere, consider the price compared to full retail value. If it seems too good to be true… it probably is.

If you’re waiting for these sandals to go on sale, I highly recommend giving me a follow on Instagram (@strawberrychicxo). I always share when I find them on sale on my stories and keep y’all in the loop on great deals!

Here’s a roundup of the current color and styles available

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I hope that helps if you’re thinking about getting a pair of Tory Burch Miller Sandals!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Annaliese wrote:

    I just got my first pair of Millers a few months ago and I am already obsessed! They really are worth the investment.

    xoxo A

    Posted 7.1.19 Reply
    • I agree! I always get a great cost per wear out of them.

      Posted 2.21.21 Reply
  2. Brandy Riffle wrote:

    Hi! Love your blog! However, I just have never had luck with any Tory Burch sandals or flats. They always hurt my feet. Sigh. It’s a bummer since they’re adorable. I feel the same way about the AE Goldie shorts. They just fit me odd and are uncomfortable, they but look fabulous on you!! Oh well!! I may try the travel TB flat if it goes on sale for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Free shipping and returns

    Posted 7.1.19 Reply
    • Gotta love trying things through Nordstrom! Bummer they hurt your feet, maybe try this look for less instead? It’s a little more padded!

      Posted 2.21.21 Reply
  3. Meg wrote:

    Do the neutral colors ever go on sale?

    Posted 7.10.19 Reply
    • From time to time! The makeup is usually excluded, but you can typically find the other neutrals, black, and white on sale. I always share when they’re on sale on my Insta!

      Posted 2.21.21 Reply
  4. Robyn Austin wrote:

    Love your look! Thank you for sharing! Where can I purchase the blush espadrilles?

    Posted 5.1.20 Reply
  5. Tonia Bryant-Ross wrote:

    I was just scrolling through my phone and when I saw Tory Burch that was my ah ha moment. I had to stop and read the article. I must say I enjoyed it. I have about 12 pairs of her sandals. I’m obsessed with them. This summer the miller’s where not on my list. You have me thinking about the makeup patent leather. I’m going to start following you. Thanks

    Posted 4.25.21 Reply
  6. Brian wrote:

    I love my Miller sandals. I bought black leather in 2014 and now I have 17 pairs, Yikes! Great post and thanks for sharing you great fashion style.

    Posted 4.30.21 Reply
  7. Ashlee wrote:

    Do these stretch? I got the regular ones and the 8 my heel is just right at the end but the 8.5 is a bit loose at the top/sides.

    Posted 5.25.21 Reply
    • I think the leather version can stretch a small amount on the top after a good amount of wear, but I don’t think my patent pair has stretched very much!

      Posted 5.29.21 Reply
  8. Patricia Wilson wrote:

    They are to much, price wise but I can walk in them with know problem.

    Posted 7.5.21 Reply