From beauty and home favorites and utility gadgets to kitchen essentials, these Amazon finds will quickly become things that you will love and use on a daily basis! Not only are these gems practical and versatile, but they’re also affordable and easy to “add to cart”. Today, I’m sharing more about why these Amazon favorites are the best and how you can incorporate them into your routines to level up everyday life. And as a note, these Amazon favorites and more can be found in my Amazon Storefront that I always keep up to date. So, let’s jump in!

16 Amazon Favorites You Will Love and Use Daily

Amazon Favorites: Beauty

Redken Volume Injection Shampoo

When I was interested in trying something new on my hair I tried this Volume Injection Shampoo from Redkin and I ended up really enjoying it. Sometimes it’s a challenge to find a good fine hair shampoo, but this one has been great. After I wash it my hair always feels super nice and clean, and I’ve been able to go longer between washes, too.

Heatless Curler

The heatless curling trend is a big one right now, and I have to admit that I’ve been hesitant to try it out on my own hair because I’m doubtful that it will really work! However, if it does work out, it would be really nice to be able to curl my hair with a heatless option, and while I sleep. My hair is just more thin and it creases easily, so it’s possible that this trend will go south for me. But I’m still planning to test it out, so I grabbed this option from Amazon.

Makeup Sponges

These makeup sponges have become one of my most loved beauty finds from Amazon! These makeup sponges are by far the softest ones I’ve ever tried, and because they are at a more affordable price, I find myself replacing them more often – as I probably should. These sponges do the trick when it comes to applying my makeup and I’m so glad I found this option on Amazon!

Face Razor

These face razors have been a part of my skincare regime for a very long time – approximately 15 years now. And after 15 years, I have no plan to stop using these anytime soon! They’re just that good. Using a face razor really makes a difference for me in the way my makeup looks. I find that my makeup goes on smoother after using these. I use these to shave off the blonde peach fuzz and also to clean up my eyebrows as well.

Silk Sleep Mask

If you have plans to travel anytime soon, I highly recommend trying out this silk sleep eye mask for your trip. I bought this mask for our recent trip to Hawaii, and I was so glad I had it for the long flight because it helped me sleep better on the plane than I normally do. It’s super soft, it has an adjustable fit, and it didn’t feel too tight. And if you’re someone who needs the room blacked out while you sleep, this mask works really well for shutting out any light.

Lip Replenisher

This lip replenisher is one of my all-time favorite beauty products! For a lip balm, it is on the pricier side, but it’s certainly one of the best lip balms I’ve ever used. I usually apply this lip balm in the morning and at night, and it lasts for a very long time. The best part is that when the balm wears away, my lips still look and feel hydrated.

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Amazon Favorites: Home

Faux Silk Tulips

When it comes to faux flowers and plants I can be particular, but these artificial tulips are truly one of the best faux flower purchases I’ve ever made. These tulips have a soft-to-the-touch feel, and they’re so good that I have them in both our dining room and our kitchen. If you’re looking for some spring and summer florals to add to your home, these are a stunning option. And the best part is that there’s no maintenance required!

Furniture Floor Protectors

Before discovering these furniture floor protectors, I had little felt pads that stuck to the bottom of the legs of our furniture. The felt pads would always fall off and get super dirty, and I had to replace them often. But these work so much better! I love that they grip around the bottom of the furniture legs so that they don’t come loose or fall off. Since I’ve had them they haven’t fallen off, and I’ve had them for a few months.

Shower Water Filter

After seeing several people recommend getting a water filter for the shower, I decided to give this one a try. And I have to say, I immediately noticed a difference in my hair! Before using this water filter, I would also notice a mineral build-up on the floor of our shower from time to time that we had to clean. But now that we use this water filter, we don’t have mineral buildup anymore, so I know the filter is working. If you have any issues with hard water in your shower, I would definitely give it a try.

Velvet Pant Hangers

These hangers are the best hangers, hands down. I love that they are no slip, and they allow you to maximize the space in your closet because they don’t take up much room at all. There’s also just something so nice about having all your hangers match in your closet!

Velvet Hangers

These velvet hangers are the regular version of the velvet pant hangers above. If you’re looking to elevate your closet, I highly recommend giving these hangers a try.

For more on my closet must-haves, see this post for how to declutter your closet, and see this post for how to organize your closet!

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Amazon Favorites: Kitchen

Bamboo Mini Cutting Boards

I grabbed these mini bamboo cutting boards off of Amazon when I got a little tired of always pulling out our large, bulky cutting board to only cut things like fruit that we chop up daily for Josie. But now it’s so nice to now have these mini cutting boards to pull out to quickly chop things up! These can be thrown in the dishwasher as well, and sometimes I even serve her lunch on these too. They’re perfect for everyday use.

Salad Bowl

Recently, I made a salad to take over to a family gathering for a Memorial Day Weekend celebration, and I used this salad bowl to transport it. And I have to say, this salad bowl really impressed me. I love that the utensils fit right on the top and I also really like the size. It fits enough salad to serve 6 people so it’s roomy enough, but not too large.

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Amazon Favorites: Utilities

Box Cutter

This box cutter has quickly become one of my favorite Amazon finds! It’s lightweight, super easy to use, and the blade is a ceramic blade instead of a sharp knife, so you won’t cut yourself. Trust me, I previously worked in a PT clinic and saw one too many people come in with injuries from box cutters!

Stain Remover

This stain remover is definitely a repurchase for me because it works so well! If you have a pesky stain that you haven’t been able to get out, no matter what it is, I highly encourage you to give this stain remover a try. Especially when it comes to all things kids, this stain remover might just become your new superpower for stain removal.

Heating Pad

For years I used a really old heating pad because, for me, it did the trick. But recently I finally replaced it with this one, and now I’m sad it took me so long! This one is really soft, it basically feels like a blanket. I’m someone who is always cold, so I use this heating pad just about every day, even in the summer!

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Well, that about does it! From beauty favorites to simple ways to elevate your home, these Amazon favorites of mine are sure to become your favorites, too. Feel free to save and follow my Amazon Storefront to stay up to date on all of my favorite finds.

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