Because of my job, I purchase a lot of clothing and items throughout the year to share what’s currently available and how to style things multiple ways in your wardrobe. But today, I wanted to highlight the stand out products I’ve shared over the last year. Out of everything I’ve purchased throughout 2020 (or longer), these are the most useful items in my closet that I reach for over and over again.

If you’re interested in browsing wardrobe essentials, I have a great post here breaking down how to build a wardrobe you love.

Most Worn Items In My Wardrobe

favorite clothing purchases

sun hat

If you’ve seen my office, you know I have a lot of hats on display hanging on the wall. But out of all of them, this sun hat is by far my most reached for hat in my collection! I wear if from Summer to Fall and love to wear it on walks outside to protect my skin from the sun. It has great structure making it easy to travel with, and makes a great, functional accessory throughout the summer months!

Heads up, this hat usually sells out once the season rolls around.

tory burch miller sandals

I’ve had these sandals in my wardrobe since 2014, and I still haven’t grown tired of them! They’re a quality sandal that will last in your wardrobe season after season, which is why I think they’re a great wardrobe investment when you consider the cost per wear. I share multiple ways to style them here, along with some great look for less options here.

comfortable bras

Ain’t nobody got time for uncomfortable bras that dig into your sides. If you’re looking for the most comfortable bralette on the market, lok no further than this one. It’s also seamless under tops, which I love!

If you need more support and are looking for an everyday bra that you don’t want to rip off as soon as you get home, this one is my go-to.

If you haven’t already checked out my Bra 101 post, I go over all my favorite bras, plus how to know they’re the right fit, etc!

casual/ flowy dresses

Whenever I’m running out the door for errands, I love throwing on easy, comfortable dresses that help me stay cool during the hot Atlanta summers. Of course, I love pretty, feminine dresses, but the basics are what I reach for time and time again.

knee high boots

Lately my go to outfit consists of comfy, tunic length sweaters, black leggings, and these knee high boots. I get so much wear out of these from Fall back to Spring because I love to transition between seasons with dresses and boots.

comfy black leggings

Speaking of comfortable black leggings, these have been worn on repeat every Fall and Winter. They have the perfect amount of comfortable compression to stay put, but are overall very comfortable. They’re my favorite for lounging or for light workouts such as barre. I also love these leggings for lounging from Amazon, and they’re under $25!

oversized tunic sweaters

Overall, I have been living in comfy tunic tops and sweaters this year. I wear them around the house when I want to feel al little more put together out of pajamas, but still be comfortable. Here are the ones I’ve worn on repeat!


Out of all the handbags in my collection, the easy small crossbody bags are what I reach for the most. I love being hands-free and just having the essentials with me. This YSL bag is my most carried bag, especially during Spring and Summer. If you’re torn between the YSL and the Gucci Soho Disco bag, I wrote out the main differences between the two here!

As the weather cools off and I reach for more black leggings, I find myself grabbing my classic Chanel medium flap the most. It’s actually the only black handbag I own! I purchased it during out trip to Paris, so I love that it’s tied to those memories 🙂

heart necklace

I love to switch up my earrings daily, but when it comes to necklaces I stick with this druzy heart necklace. Although I have my eye on this one next! If you haven’t browsed the heart collection from Kendra Scott, it’s one of my favorite collections!

favorite beauty purchases

t3 curling iron

I’ve used this curling iron since 2016, as seen in this throwback review on the blog. I love the overall white design and how easy it is to switch out the barrels for different looks.

tula face filter primer

My all-time favorite Tula product is this makeup primer! I honestly never used primers until I tried this one, because I never felt like they did anything but clog up my pores. The name of this says it all… it makes your face looks blurred out like an Instagram filter and smooths out your pores. I love that it gives my skin a little color, too!

Get 15% off at Tula with code STRAWBERRYCHIC

Everyday lip color

As much as I try to make them work, nude lipsticks don’t work on my skin tone. Anything with brown or peachy tones just wash me out. Last year, I discovered this lip color and it’s the closest I can get to a nude on me!

I pretty much pair all my lipsticks with this lip liner and also wear it on it’s own under chapstick.

riki mirror

This was a purchase I was initially hesitant on because I didn’t really need a makeup mirror. But it turned out to be one of my favorite things! I bought it before a holiday trip to NYC, and between three girls in a hotel, it was definitely needed to have makeup mirror space! I love the slim design for travel, and that it can also hold my phone for IG stories or tutorials. If you’re on the fence about it, I think it’s worth trying!

loving tan self tanner

I’ve used this self-tanner for a few years now. I know I can count on it for an even, deep color that doesn’t just wash off in the shower. If you haven’t tried applying self-tanner with a dense makeup brush, I would give it a try! It’s perfect for blending those tougher areas such as your hands and feet. For the rest of my body, I always use a mitt so I never have to worry about self-tanning my palms.

favorite lifestyle purchases

barefoot dreams blanket

If we’re talking about my favorite things, you know I’m going to mention the Barefoot Dreams blanket. A few years ago because I bought one myself I didn’t understand why anyone but the Kardashians would spend $180 on a blanket. Eventually, I got too curious and bought one on sale with a gift card and I haven’t looked back.

I’ve actually purchased another to have on on the couch and one to sleep with every night. And I couldn’t resist picking one up for Baby J recently 🙂 If you’re wondering why I love them so much, I have a full-review on it here!

Anthropologie mirror

Another item that sat on my wishlist for a few years. I was happy to cross it off in 2020 to complete my office space, and I honestly wish I got it sooner. I still have the large 7-foot floor mirror on my wishlist, but that will have to wait until our next house.

I shared multiple ways to style this mirror in your home here.

White jewelry box

Last year one of my style resolutions was to mix up my accessories more. I was guilty of wearing the same pearl studs every day. but I think a big reason for that was how I was organizing my jewelry. Previously, I used a wood jewelry armoire and things would get lost in there so I never reached for them.

I love how easy is it to see and reach for my favorite pieces and also how easy it is to access everything in the Kendra Scott jewelry box. I share how I organize my jewelry in this post!

Popsocket holder

Kind of random, but something practical I use every single day is this popsocket holder. I love that I don’t have to commit to gluing a popsocket on my phone case, so I can easily move this one up and down or completely remove it if need be. I customized my popsocket on their website, too!

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What are some of your favorite purchases lately?



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