I’m so excited to be gearing up for my favorite sale of the year. Check out the brand new Nordstrom Anniversary Sale page to see the key dates and learn more about the biggest sale of the year! This sale can be overwhelming and items go quickly, so it’s important to prep ahead of time to have the best experience. I’ve been shopping this sale for almost a decade, so I wanted to share some helpful tips so you’re more than prepared!

Looking for important dates and details for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? Sharing all the dates you need to know here!

This post has been updated in 2023 with new information since its initial post date in 2018.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Lookbook


The 4th annual Nordstrom Annual Sale lookbook will be coming to your inbox on July 7th! Even if you don’t plan to shop the sale, I highly recommend subscribing to get your copy because it has over 100 outfits ideas to wear now until winter! The entire lookbook is shoppable, meaning you can click any item to shop throughout the sale. Click here to subscribe and get your free download!


It’s helpful to go into this sale with a plan, and in order to do that, you need to have a good understanding of your current and upcoming wardrobe needs. I have a wishlist on my phone I update whenever I go through my closet or if I notice a need in my wardrobe when I’m getting ready. For example, last winter I noticed my feet were a different size after pregnancy, so I jotted down I may need a new size in my winter boots next season. It’s easier to do this as you go because now that it’s summer.. I totally forgot about that! But it’s also easy to do whenever you declutter your closet, which I highly recommend doing before this sale! I do a thorough closet cleanout 2 times a year, typically between winter/spring and summer/fall since these are bigger wardrobe transitions. I talk in more detail about how to have a successful closet declutter here.


There’s a helpful feature in the LTK app that makes shopping so much easier! Starting on 7/3, I’ll be posting my curated NSALE picks into the LTK app (follow me here!) and you can simply heart your favorite items or outfits in the app. Think of this as your digital wishlist to keep your shopping efficient and organized. Then when you’re ready to shop you just click the item and it will open in the Nordstrom app or browser and you can quickly checkout. The app will also let you know if there’s been a price change. I highly recommend using this new feature!

I’m posting my try on haul and in store finds in the LTK app first, so you definitely want to be sure you’re following me in there!

ltk app feature
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Shopping Tips
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Shopping Tips From a Seasoned Pro


I place multiple orders during the sale because I don’t want to be browsing only to find my #1 item sold out when I’m ready to check out (learned the hard way years ago!). As soon as the sale goes live, I tap through my LTK wishlist, add them to my cart, and check out right away on any must haves. At Nordstrom you don’t have to worry about shipping or returns, so there’s no added pressure there!


If you want the best chance of getting your entire order, I recommend paying for expedited shipping if you can! I’ve noticed through the years that my items are less likely to be canceled because doing so speeds up how quickly my order is fulfilled.


You don’t want to be checking out only to find you have to look for your card and enter the information as you’re trying to quickly check out! Log into your account ahead of time and have your shipping and payment information saved in your account ready to go so you can check out as efficiently as possible.


I absolutely love to be a resource for you during the sale! I’ll be combing through all the pages of the sale to highlight only the best for you, as well as provide honest outfit reviews and restock alerts on my Youtube channel and Instagram. Items sell out quickly, so I highly recommend turning on post notifications for these platforms! My goal is to help you build a wardrobe you love and to minimize returns and buyer’s remorse.

Here is my upcoming content calendar if you want to be on the lookout for these posts coming up (**Dates are subject to change):

  • July 3: The sale preview is live!
  • July 5: Youtube video: Preview the sale together
  • July 7: The 4th annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Lookbook will be sent to subscribers only.
  • July 9: Strawberry Chic NSALE Week begins! I’ll be posting a new youtube video on my channel everyday this week to cover the sale. In today’s video, I’ll be sharing my personal wishlist
  • July 10: Predicted bestsellers
  • July 11th: Sale opens to ICON. I’ll be sharing the BEST items included in the sale on Youtube.
  • July 12: My massive Nordstrom Anniversary Sale try on haul will go live on youtube (plus a giveaway!)
  • July 13th: Try on haul part 2
  • July 14th: Best Basics and Staples
  • July 15th: NSALE Shoes Review
  • July 16th: The top 10 Bestsellers from the sale
  • July 17th: Best-in-stock items under $100

I earn a small commission when you shop through my content links, and my family and I so appreciate your support of my content!


I kind of cringe I’m saying this, but this is the only sale I actually shop impulsively. If I think I want something… I buy it and decide later because things in this sale sell out like it’s free Louis Vuitton.


I always opt for investment basics during the sale. Some things always included in the sale that I would recommend include: Barefoot Dreams anything | a good pair of JeansBoots/ Booties | A fall coat | bras and undies | Spanx leather leggings (see how to style them here and here)


You can usually expect delayed shipping and a few items being canceled from your order if you’re purchasing later into the sale. It can be frustrating, but just don’t be surprised by it! Inventory sells out quicker than the site updates, so know items in your order aren’t guaranteed until the order ships.


Speaking of Nordstrom Rewards, don’t forget to use your double/triple points day when placing your order! I usually save up some of my Nordy Notes for the sale. It’s essentially free money back from Nordstrom as a thank you for your purchases! Last year I purchased my Chanel ballet flats using Nordstrom Notes I earned after the sale.


I would avoid doing in-store pickup during the busiest times of the sale (during early access and the first few days of public access). I did this the first year it was offered and nearly everything in my order was canceled since it doesn’t get fulfilled right away, plus inventory can be hard to locate in-store during busy times. Online has the biggest selection and inventory and you’re order is much safer placed online in my experience. During less busy times, in-store pickup is a great way to go to save you time and a wasted trip to the store. I do this usually on weekdays outside of the opening tiers for the sale.

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I hope that helps you get ready for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2023! I can’t wait to be a resource for you this year 🙂




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