How to Build Your Dream Wardrobe from Scratch

There are many reasons to start over with your wardrobe: maybe you’ve had body changes, your personal style has changed, you started a new job, or you’re just wanting a fresh start. Whatever the reason is,  life is constantly evolving and your wardrobe should be an accurate reflection of who you are and how you portray that to the world. 

This won’t be an overnight one and done shopping spree. Building your dream wardrobe takes time. But with each new purposeful purchase, you’re one step closer! It’s worth taking your time and enjoying the process so the end result is your dream wardrobe.

I made a free guide to dive into these topics a little bit more. It also includes an ultimate wardrobe basics checklist if you need guidance on what I think the most important pieces are in your every wardrobe.



How to Build A Wardrobe you Love

Consider who you are now but also who you want to be

You want to balance your current lifestyle while keeping in mind your goals for the future. Do you plan to switch jobs or move in the future? You don’t want to build a dream wardrobe only to find yourself not able to wear it in the future. The only exception is if you’re planning to drop a couple dress sizes. Always dress for your current body and if you do lose weight, treat yourself to new purchases as you go! Don’t buy things unless they fit you right now.

Watch this video to dive into this topic more

Make every purchase count

Don’t just buy something to settle because you need or want it now. Be intentional with your purchases, especially when it comes to wardrobe basics you hope to wear for years to come.

watch the video below for more in-depth tips and tricks!

avoid impulse purchases by asking yourself

How many ways can I wear this?

Will I love it a year or more from now?

Would I buy it full price? If looking at a sale item – don’t justify it just because it’s on sale

With bigger wardrobe purchases, I always consider the cost per wear or the price of the item divided by the number of times I think it will be worn. Some of the best wardrobe investments I’ve made based on cost per wear are:


Pick a color palette

I share a helpful color chart in the free guide above to help get you started here. Building a wardrobe that compliments each other will help you mix and match multiple pieces to make the most of your dream wardrobe. If you’re not sure where to start, head to Pinterest for inspiration. You more than likely already have a color palette you’re drawn to based on the images you’ve pinned. I recommend:

  • Neutral base colors
    • 3-4 key wardrobe colors
    • Find your key wardrobe items in this color range
      • coats, basic tops, bottoms, dresses, etc
  • Accessorize with accent colors
    • 1-3 accent colors to make your wardrobe your own
  • Prints
    • 1-2 go-to prints to add interest to your looks
      • stripes, leopard, dots, florals, etc

If you’re curious about what colors suit your skin tone best, grab your free resource here! But at the end of the day always remember, it’s what makes YOU look and feel your best. 


Consider your lifestyle

Where you live and how you spend your time will directly relate to the type of wardrobe you need. Someone living in Florida will have a different wardrobe than someone living in NYC. There is of course some overlap, but where you invest in key pieces will look vastly different. Also, consider where and how you spend most of your time. If you’re a stay at home mom, your wardrobe will likely have more everyday basics than someone who works in corporate America 5 days a week.

* * *

Building a wardrobe that YOU love will take some personal reflection on these key questions. Take your time and enjoy the process! Hopefully, this guide will help you get started.

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I always get the best cost per wear out of my shoes and accessories. Stick with classic colors and you’ll be able to wear these for years to come!

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  1. Emily Ip wrote:

    Currently in the process of trying to streamline my style + wardrobe..thanks for these super helpful tips! Love it!

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    • Licia wrote:

      thanks so much! I’ve spent the past year getting my house together with decor and now it’s time for me!

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  2. Carole L Meitler wrote:

    Hi Amanda! I have tried several times to get a copy of your download, “Build Your Dream Wardrobe From Scratch.” But I never receive anything. I have checked my spam and trash folders and nothing there either. I would love to get that download if there is a way. Thanks for your help!

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    • Let me send you an email so we can get this sorted out for you!

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    Hi Amanda! I too have tried several times to download your guide. I have received other emails with helpful tips but unfortunately not the guide. Is it possible to get your help with this? Thank you and love your content!

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  4. Karen wrote:

    Thank you for putting this together for us. I love the way you’ve laid out all the suggestions like this. It helps to not only copy it, but see what I have already, and what I need to think about getting. xx

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