Having the right bras and undergarments not only helps you stay comfortable, it can also give you a confidence boost and make your clothing look better. It’s important to have the right basics for every day, but also plan ahead so you’re prepared with the right basics. Today we’re chatting Bra 101: basically, everything you NEED to know.

Bra 101: The Best Bras For Your Wardrobe

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3 Bras Every Woman Should Own

the everyday bra

This is the bra you reach for most in your wardrobe. It should be comfortable and supportive and fit within your daily wardrobe. Depending on your coverage preference, this can look a little different for everyone. My everyday bra is the Soma Enbliss Wireless Bra. It offers full coverage and is very much a comfy, t-shirt bra.

I recommend having 2-3 everyday bras, that way you can alternate wears and have one in the wash. We’ll chat more about why this important below!

the strapless bra

Everyone will need a form of strapless bra once in a while, especiall during the hotter months of the year when you opt for tanks and strapless options. Personally, I find myself reaching for an adhesive bra over strapless just due to comfort. But the key is to find a strapless bra that you can wear when the time comes.

Key Points:

  • Sometimes you may need to size down in your strap length to get the support you need.
  • If you need more support, look for options that have a wider strap

The comfy bralette

I didn’t always know the beauty of the bralette, but now that I do it’s becoming my choice for everyday wear. I’ve tried a few varieties, including the Soma Wireless Bralette, the Spanx Bra-lejulla (read more about Spanx wardrobe basics here), and the True & Co bralette. My current favorite is the Spanx.

honorable mentions

The Special Occasion Bra: It’s good to have a fancier bra on hand when you want a confidence boost or for a special occasion. This is a great option if you need something with a plunging neckline.

The Convertible Bra: If you want straps for support but need variety for under your tops, the straps on this bra can be worn multiple ways.

The Pushup Bra: Need a lift? These bras are padded to hold everything up and closer together if you’re wanting more cleavage.


Bra Basics 101:

Let’s start with the basics, like how many bras you need and how often you should replace them. There’s no magic number, but ideally you would have around 7 bras in your wardrobe, more or less depending on your needs.

2-3 Everyday Bras in nude and black

2 strapless bras in nude and/or black

2-3 bralettes

1 special occasion bra

The key is to have enough bras that you can alternate the days you wear it to extend the life of your bra. Wearing your bra every day can decrease the lifespan of the spandex, so you will have to replace it sooner.


Are the straps still secure? Is the back of the band rising up above your shoulder blades? Are the cups gapping? Are there visible signs of wear? These are all signs it’s time to replace your bras. Typically, you need to replace every year or as your size changes.

how to find your bra size

If you can, getting professionally fitted is the best route. Not only do they have experience to make accurate recommendations, but they will also help you find the right bras. Most department stores have this offered in store. If you can’t do that, here is how you can accurately measure yourself:

  1. Wear a minimal bra and clothing if needed
  2. How to measure your strap length: Measure under your bust, parallel to your bra
  3. How to measure your cup size: measure the widest part of your bust, making sure it’s parallel to the ground.
  4. Calculate your bra size: One inch difference = 1 cups size. So if your bust was 34 and your bust was 36, you would be a 34B.

One common misconception about bra and cups sizes is thinking your cup size determines how big or small someone is. When in fact, your cup size is the volume compared to your strap length. For example, there is a big difference between a 30C and a 40C.

How to wash and store your bras

Washing and storing them correctly will extend the lifespan of your bras.

bra washing tips

Now you may be asking yourself “How often should I was them?” And don’t worry, you’re not crazy for re-wearing your bras during the week. On average, it’s about every 2 weeks.

Use your best judgment to determine when to wash. For example, how many bras are in your rotation? What climate do you wear them in? If it’s stained or smelling, or if you can’t remember the last time you washed it then go ahead and throw it in the wash.

It’s recommended to hand wash bras, avoiding harsh detergents. But of course, it is safe to machine wash them as well. Hook each bra to avoid them from snagging, and toss them into a mesh bag. Wash on a cold, delicate cycle and lay them flat to dry. If you do need to machine dry them, avoid excess heat, as this will breakdown the elastic in your bra.

bra storage tips

When storing your bras, stack them inside each other and avoid folding in the cups. You can buy a drawer organizer, but it’s not completely necessary to take proper care of them. While you’re reorganizing, be sure to declutter the items you no longer wear!


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