The Hermes Oran sandal has been a classic staple for years but has recently grown in popularity in the last year or two. I’m sharing my honest thoughts and considerations if you’re considering splurging on them, along with some different ways to style them. If you’re looking for more, I rounded up the best options for you in this post.

I purchased the Hermes Oran sandals in the Atlanta boutique last September, but I didn’t start wearing them until March of this year. Now, they are my go-to sandal anytime I leave the house. They go with everything in my summer wardrobe and feel so chic!

Let’s start with the most asked question about these sandals, shall we?

Are they comfortable to wear?

They do require some initial breaking-in before they feel super comfortable. I wore mine on a vacation where we stayed on the resort and did pretty minimal walking, and I was able to break them in by the end of the week. I’d recommend gradually wearing them until they are broken in. Once you do, they are extremely comfortable and easy to walk in and wear all day. If I have a ton of walking to do, I will pack a bandaid just in case because the side can get a little tender on my bunion after a while lol. It fits into the little opening of the H logo 🫣

This isn’t the shoe I would reach for if I knew I would be walking miles for the day. There isn’t any arch support and an open-toed sandal shoe isn’t ideal for travel. I’d recommend white sneakers, instead! But for general wear, they are very comfortable.

As you break them in the leather relaxes a bit and conforms to the top of your foot. The H logo will crease slightly since it’s leather.

Hermes Oran Sandals Sizing Recommendation:

In my opinion, these sandals run small. I can be an 8.5 or 9 and ended up getting the 9 in these sandals with very little room on the end. I tried the 9.5, however, my smaller foot was moving around way too much in them so I stuck with the size 9. The sales associate in the store also recommended the 9 because they are supposed to have a close fit to the foot.

If you have a wide foot, you may want to size up a full size. If you have a narrow or shallow foot, you will most likely need to add in a cushioning strip to keep your foot from sliding forward in the shoe. I intended to do this, but I actually haven’t had an issue sliding forward in them since the leather has relaxed to my foot. These sandals are intended to fit close to the foot. For that reason, they don’t feel as floppy as other sandals, which I love!

I compared them to a look for less in the same size in this video, and you can really see how much smaller and more narrow the Hermes Oran sandal runs in comparison (both shoes are a size 9).


Best Hermes Oran Sandal Look for Less Options

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How much do they cost?

The sandals start at $700 now (keep in mind designer pricing tends to increase every year). It does depend on the color and material you’re interested in. If you want a more limited edition or exotic leather, the price will be a bit higher than $700.

One thing to note about the return policy: If you buy them in-store they are exchange only, or, you can get a credit back to your account. I don’t think that is the case if you order online, which is good if you can’t try them on!

The sandals come with a nice box and 2 individual dust bags to store them, which has been really nice for travel! I’ve packed mine for 2-3 trips and they have maintained their shape well. I always keep the tissue stuffing in them for storage and for travel.

What color should I get in the Oran sandals?

I personally stick with neutral colors when investing in a piece for my wardrobe because I know I can pair them with almost everything in my wardrobe, which will help with their cost per wear. But they are available in seasonal, fun colors as well. I originally bought the classic gold (brown) oran sandals, however, I ended up exchanging them for the white because I knew it would fit my personal style better. So really, your color preference is up to you and what you wear most! I’ve worn the white sandal so much I’m considering buying the gold again next year.

Where to Buy Oran Sandals?

If you want to form a relationship with an SA to eventually get a Hermes bag, I’d recommend always shopping with the same person in the store if you live or visit a city with one. But you can purchase them online directly from Hermes as well. You can also buy them second-hand from places like Fashionphile and eBay. I’d only recommend doing that for a limited edition color since the price isn’t that much less.

How have they held up with wear?

I’ve only had mine since March but I have worn them so much this summer. They are basically the only sandal I’ve worn because they work with everything! The white leather sole has discolored a little bit, but I was expecting them to look much worse. I need to clean them up a bit with a leather conditioner but it honestly doesn’t bother me. Compared to my white Tory Burch Miller Cloud sandals, they have held up so much better with wear.

How to style Oran sandals

Here is a round-up of outfits from this Spring and Summer. I think they’re so versatile and chic and they work with nearly everything in my closet. I love to pair them with dresses, shorts, and jeans.


This is the trip where I originally broke in the sandals. I wore them the majority of the day but we walked around pretty minimally. They were great to slide on to go to the pool and coffee runs in the morning. I styled the oran sandals casually with this cozy Amazon set.


These are actually a look-for-less I bought for comparison, but I figured I’d throw it in as an outfit idea! I paired the sandals with one of my favorite Amazon sets this summer. I’m wearing a size small.


I love a white linen dress during the summer, and this one has such a pretty fit! I’m wearing a size small.


I’m not sure if these pieces are still available, but I wore this during the Spring season this year. This top is an affordable Walmart find!


The Hermes Oran sandals are perfect for resort wear. The leather is very durable so I wouldn’t worry about getting them lightly wet, but I wouldn’t want to get them soaked or wear them in the rain. I dried off my feet before slipping them on after the beach and pool.


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