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Flamingo Case / Sunscreen Kit / Foundation / Beauty Blender / Self Tan + Face Tan / Bow Fedora / Lipgloss / Nike Shoes

I thought that after about 5 months it was time to do another monthly favorites roundup. It’s been a while because I found myself sticking with similar products, so what was the point in repeating myself? Lately I’ve been getting into skincare and testing new products, so take a look at what I’ve been loving all month long!

I love that this sunscreen kit is sold out online (sorry online shoppers, but there are plenty in stores!) May is melanoma awareness month and I think people are jumping on the prevention train now more than ever. This is my first time purchasing the kit because I really wanted to focus on wearing sunscreen daily and not just when I’m going to the pool or beach. Back in January I had about an inch of tissue removed from my back due to an abnormal mole, and although I was fortunate to go early enough before it was anything serious (I visit the term annually), it still makes me paranoid. I purchased this kit because I trusted Sephora to lead me towards the best products (non-greasy or too white on the skin). So far I’ve only used a few products but the first one is already a hit! Going along with this theme is this panama hat I picked up last year (linked is this years version). I’ve been wearing it to protect my head, outfit post to follow!

I purchased the full size of Roller Lash mascara after trying a sample because I’ve always been a fan of curled lashes..my curl usually falls before leaving the house :(. I use this during the day then add another coat of my long time fave mascara to the top lashes for night time. I think Roller lash is great for those interested in defined and longer lashes (with of course a curl, I don’t even use my eyelash curler with it!). I have blonde eyelashes so really any mascara makes a huge difference to my look, haha. 

I wasn’t a fan of this foundation until I combined it with a damp beauty blender. More on that to follow as I plan to do a full makeup routine for the blog as soon as I can get the pictures done.

I’ve been loving this flamingo case. I got it during a sunglass sale for only $5 and although it’s great for sunglasses I’ve been more so loving it as a iPhone case, is that weird? As a person who has horrible iPhone luck (I’m on my 5th one I think…. one fell in the toilet, one I ran over with my car, one fell out of a jeep during a speed bump… you get the picture..). I feel less anxiety when I’m out and about and my phone is double protected in this, especially when I only have this case on it (because it’s all about the looks… #vain). 

I came across this self tanner review and thought I would give it a try, because I mean she completely sold it to me and was a third of the price of my current go-to. Well after trying it myself I would agree that she’s completely right. This tanner lasts much longer than others I’ve tried, which is a huge plus because I don’t have the time to re-apply during the week. I still use this lotion every few showers to keep up the tan, but I don’t think it’s completely necessary like when using others. SCxo tip: this is a must for the best/easiest application!

It’s crazy how much you don’t realize how worn down your old running shoes are until you get a fresh new pair. These have been on my wish list for a few months and when I found them at the Nike Outlet for a discounted price I couldn’t say no! Well actually Tim bought them for me, so technically he could’t say no…

What products have you been loving this past month? Your recommendations are greatly appreciated!


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