We’re another month down in 2024, is it just me or does this year feel like it’s flying by? I look forward to rounding up my monthly favorites with you each month. They’re a fun way to reflect back on the month, but I also love getting to chit-chat with you and share more than just fashion finds. So today, let’s round up the top 5 stand-out items in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle categories.

May fashion favorites

Summer is officially here and I’ve been leaning into a more effortless, casual wardrobe now that the weather has warmed up. Below you’ll see a roundup of fashion items I’ve been reaching for most this month, and they would all be great additions to your summer wardrobe.

Strapless bra

If you need a comfortable strapless bra recommendation, this one has been my go-to for the past year. It’s the most comfortable option I’ve tried and also doesn’t gap on me. The sizing is a little off, so I recommend sizing up in the band and down in the cup for the best fit (the band runs really small).

Athletic shorts

I’ve really fallen in love with these athletic shorts! I have the black and tan color and reach for them first whenever they’re clean. They’re really comfortable to wear around the house, and I also love them for walks and workouts. I got a medium in both pairs.

Summer shorts

These shorts are so comfortable and flattering! I really like the fit in the waist and thigh. I’m usually a medium at Spanx, but I ended up going with the small in these since they have a slightly roomier fit in the leg. You can see them styled in this LTK folder if you’re looking for summer outfits styling shorts. Don’t forget you can use code AMANDAJOHNxSPANX for 10% off + free shipping.

Walking shoes

I’ve been a routine daily walker for the last year now, but lately the weather has been so nice I’ve started doing them twice a day morning and evening. These sneakers are my go to! They’re very cushioned if you want support or need a shoe you can stand in all day. If you have a very narrow foot, I would size down.. otherwise, they’re TTS.

summer tote

I’m so glad I picked up this summer tote at the beginning of summer. It’s been a go-to of mine largely and holds a lot if I want to use to at the Farmers Market or to the pool. The straps seem really durable and it’s a great price point for the quality.

lipstick for fair skin

May BEAUTY favorites

This month I really embraced my natural skin more and have been consistently with a pretty minimal makeup routine most days. It’s been nice to mix it up and get ready so much quicker with a simplified routine! Instead of makeup, I’ve been very into my skincare routine this month. Here’s a roundup of some of the standouts!


I’ve done a lot of research on the benefits of red light therapy for the skin, and while I was hopeful to see some results because of that… I’ve actually been blown away by how quickly I’ve noticed an improvement. I started using this mask the first or second week of May (so roughly 3.5 weeks) about 4-6 days/week and I can confidently say I’ve already seen results.

The main thing I’ve noticed in this short time frame is a reduction in redness, which is one of the main reasons I wanted to try red light therapy. I have seen a decrease in redness on my cheeks and the redness on the back of my upper arms, which I’ve been very self-conscious about for the last few years. Along with reduced redness, my skin also looks noticeably brighter, smoother, and glowy.


I added this eye cream to my skincare routine after asking for recommendations on Instagram. Their lip balm is one of my all-time favorite products, so I had high expectations for this one and so far, it hasn’t disappointed. I love that it has a pump (I find it was more sanitary) and I’ve noticed my eyelids are less puffy since I started using it AM and PM.


I picked this sunscreen up in April and have really loved it, mainly because it smells so good. If you don’t want to smell like sunscreen with your daily SPF, consider this one!


I mentioned earlier that I have a lot of redness in my skin, so I’m actually not the biggest fan of blush in my beauty routine. I discovered this blush in the color Beverly Hills recently and it’s very subtle and natural, which is perfect for me! I also love that they are a clean beauty brand.



I upgraded my belt organization recently and not only is it much more aesthetically pleasing, but also more functional!


These salt packets have been a favorite for well over a year, but I’m especially thankful for them in my routine during the summer. I noticed more energy and mental clarity when I hydrate with a packet vs just drinking flat water, plus I love the added flavor.


This month my main focus has been on our home. We started a pantry renovation and I also wanted to update some of our outdoor spaces (front porch planting, deck dining area, and planning our backyard update). The pantry project is moving right along and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I envisioned the design before we even bought the house, so it’s surreal seeing it start to come to life. You can see the progress in the pantry highlight over on IG.


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