Your Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect White Sneaker

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect everyday white sneaker for what seems like ever. Probably because I’m somewhat torn on exactly what I’m looking for. I figured I would just know it when I see it type of thing, but after a year of looking that hasn’t happened! So I finally decided to order a bunch of popular white sneakers so I can try them on and see what pair felt right. So if you’re in the same boat, searching for the perfect white sneaker, hopefully, this post will help with your decision!

If you’re looking for ways to style a white sneaker for Spring and Summer, I shared 10+ outfit ideas here!


I know I’m not the only person searching for a white sneaker, so I wanted to write up a detailed review on all the sneakers I’ve tried! I do plan to continue testing out more options at various price points, so check back to this review for more options in the future.

What I’m looking for in a white sneaker:

  • It has to be comfortable
  • I want it to go with everything (minimal coloring)
  • Doesn’t make my ankle look thicker or cut me off at the ankle
  • Not too chunky but not too perfect either
    • I don’t want a sneaker that makes me feel like a little kid lol
  • I want to wear it during the summer so ideally a real leather or something that won’t be too hot
  • Easy to get off and on

Your Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect White Sneaker

Does the perfect white sneaker exist?? I’m going to find out! These are in order from most expensive to most affordable and almost all of them came recommended to me from someone. Scroll to the bottom to see a round-up of white sneakers by price-points.

To see how these shoes look on the foot + close up detail shots of each shoe, check out the video below.

Gucci New Ace Perforated Logo Sneaker

Every time I mentioned I’m looking for a white sneaker on social media, the Gucci sneakers are always one of the top recommendations, so I knew I had to try them for this review. The classic pair with red and green detailing wasn’t really what i was looking for, but I loved this more subtle pink and white version.



Color: white/rose (comes in 3 colors) – More of a warm tone white

Sizing: I ordered my normal size and they fit well, but if you’re in between you may want to size down.

Quality: Leather upper and lining, made in Italy, rubber sole. They came packaged well in a Gucci box with dust bags and extra laces.

Comfort: These didn’t seem to be the most comfortable to me right out of the box. They felt stiff across the top of my foot and along the heel, but it’s normal for genuine Italian leather shoes to need some break-in time. I have a very high arch, and these felt tight across the top of my foot. I did also notice the tongue of the shoe against my ankle, but I expect that to soften with wear.

Look: These are a very low profile sneaker and for Gucci, the logo is on the simplier side. These definitely have a more feminine feel compared to others in the review.

Looks for Less: If you love this pink and white combo but want the look for much less, consider this pair and this pair

pros and cons


  • Great packaging and presentation
  • Comes with extra laces
  • Genuine leather will be more breathable in the summer


  • Require some break-in time
  • Sizing seems questionable based on online reviews. They were originally marked as a mens shoe, but that has since been removed.
  • A longer tongue that will need ot break. in against the ankle

Overall thoughts: If you want a Gucci Sneaker and you’re looking for something more minimalistic, these are a great option to consider. They will require a little break-in time since they are genuine leather, but the quality should last you season after season. They definitely feel extra special compared to the other white sneakers in this review.

Golden Goose Superstar Low Top Sneaker

I’m not a huge fan of the busy prints and colors these famous sneakers come in, but when they released this rose gold version I knew it was the perfect sneaker for me to try. There is scuffing along the sole of the shoe and slight discoloration through the toe, laces, and GG star, but otherwise I felt like the grungy look was minimal for this brand, which is what held me back from trying them for so long.



Sizing: whole sizes only. If half size order up – I am usually an 8/8.5 and I think I would need to go up to the 9 for more comfort. They feel too small for my left foot, which is a bigger foot.

Color: A bright white with warm undertones.

Look: This shoe is very flattering on the ankle and not too chunky. There is a small heel lift in the insert of the shoe, which can secretly make the shoe look more flattering as well. The toe shape of this shoe is slightly more almond, which gives it a slightly more feminine look compared to a more rounded shoe.

Are golden goose shoes comfortable?

Comfort: I’ve heard these take some initial break-in, which I can’t speak to yet. As is, I noticed what felt like stitching across the front and top of my foot. The sole of the shoe is pretty firm, but the tongue is very flexible and soft. I don’t think I would recommend these for a wide foot. I have a bunion and did notice some redness in that area with minimal wear. They are genuine leather, so widening or stretching them is another option.

Quality: They are made of genuine leather in Italy and hand distressed, contributing to the higher price point. The inside has a soft terry lining, so you can wear them with or without socks based on your preference. The inner sole is removable if you want to add in your own foot insert.

Recommendations: I think if you love the style of the GG’s and you’re willing to splurge on them they are a very fun statement shoe since they come in so many different color options and prints. Since they’re already marked, you’re less likely to worry about them out and about, because it just adds to the character. However, I know that look isn’t for everyone! If you’re looking for a similar, cleaner version, this sneaker has a very similar shape and softer footbed.

The thing to keep in mine with this style is they are all limited edition shoes. They stop making them after a certain amount sells, and you can find the edition number inside the right shoe. This definitely helps drive the demand for those who love the popular GG’s!


Pros and Cons


  • Very easy to slip off and on
  • Not as worried to get them dirty
  • They make your foot look smaller
  • Slight heel lift is flattering on the ankle


  • stiff material
  • price point – you have to LOVE the style!
  • Harder sole
  • Run narrow
golden goose Look for less options:

Golden Goose PURESTAR Low Top Sneaker

This is the cleaned up version of the cult favorite Golden Goose sneaker. When I asked for your feedback on the GG sneakers, a lot of people said they preferred this version because they’re more comfortable, so I had to try them!



Sizing: Whole sizes only, if between size up. These didn’t feel as narrow or snug on my foot, I ordered the size 8 (39) and they fit TTS.

Color: optic white/ white

Quality: Leather upper, leather and textile (terry) lining, rubber sole

Look: The laces on the top of the foot appear longer with a shorter toe box. They have much more of a platform than the original superstar sneakers, and have a slight elevated heel to lengthen your leg. These are all over white, so they will go with everything.

Are the golden goose purestars more comfortable than superstars?

Comfort: They have some initial stiffness in the toe box, but overall feel much softer and more comfortable than the Golden Goose Superstar sneaker. The toe box is still on the narrow side but feels slighter wider than the superstar. This pair feels much more comfortable with a bunion! They do feel heavier than the superstar.

Recommendations: If you want a GG but don’t love the distressed look, these are absolutely the sneaker for you! These are much more comfortable to be than the original superstars and are a safer style if you worry the superstars are too trendy for your style.

Pros and Cons:


  • very comfortable
  • slight heel lift is flattering for the ankle/leg
  • white leather across the ankle will be pretty easy to clean up compared to synthetic lining materials


  • not as easy to slip off/on
  • They make your foot look slightly longer

Frye White Sneaker

There’s no question that Frye is an exceptional leather goods company, so considering I want a white sneaker that is ultra comfortable, this pair was definitely one I couldn’t miss.



sizing: TTS

color: neutral white, not too warm of cool toned

Comfort: These shoes are very comfortable right out of the box. It has a very soft but supportive sole and the leather already has a worn in feel.

Look: There are more of a sophisticated, elevated white sneaker if you’re wanting something less casual for day to day. The inside living is a rich brown, which can help keep them looking cleaner around the ankle. Compared to the other white sneakers, this pair had more of a textured leather, but was still soft to the touch.

pros and cons:


  • very comfortable
  • no logo details
  • quality leather that will last season after season


  • May be too elevated for casual wear
  • Look slightly more masculine

Veja V-10 Sneaker

Ever since Meghan Markle was spotted in this pair two years ago and ever since it’s been a very popular choice for a white sneaker. I’ve actually tried this style a few times in the past, but the sizing wasn’t correct so I’m interested to try it again. European sizing always throws me for a loop 🙂



Color: Extra-white & platine – warm toned white leather with slightly brighter white laces

Quality: These are made of recycled leather upper and sole.

how do veja sneakers fit?

Sizing: Whole sizes only. Online they recommend ordering up if between sizes, but to me my normal size 8 felt roomier than most of the other shoes I tried and I would say they run pretty big.

Also one important note on sizing that I noticed Shopbop had incorrect size conversions for European sizing, which explains why when I previously tried them they did not work. I would go off the size chart on the Nordstrom website before ordering. I’m a size 8 (sometimes 8.5) and I ordered a size 39. They fit roomy and comfortable but I don’t think I could go down another size.

are veja 10 sneakers comfortable?

Comfort: Out of the box this shoe does feel somewhat stiff, similar to the other genuine leather pairs reviewed above. The most common complaint is the long tongue that can dig into the ankle, but if you move it to the side while initially breaking them in, this should soften with wear.

Pros and Cons:


  • Made of sustainable materials
  • Good mix of elevated – casual


  • Difficult to lace (mine came unlaced and the leather is pretty stiff to lace)
  • The tongue can dig into the ankle
  • Takes some breaking in
  • Sizing may be an issue since they only come in whole sizes and run big

Overall thoughts: If you’re looking for something that’s not too simple and a little more trendy, this is a great option! I’m interested in trying to velcro version because I think they will be a lot easier to get off and on, but I do love the look of these. I did find lacing them to be quite the task since the holes were pretty small and the material is stiff. This company also values fair trade and sustainability.

Steve Madden Rezza

I’ve had this shoe for about a year and it’s been a great pair to grab when I’m running out the door.


sizing: I always find Steve Madden shoes to run on the smaller side and typically order a half size up. I have experienced some inconsistent sizing with these, but I think they were potentially labeled incorrectly.

color: distressed cool toned white with distressed gray sueded on the toe

Look: These give you a similar look for less to the golden goose sneakers, while still having their own personality. There’s some distressing that you’ll either love or hate, and a comfortable terry lining.

Comfort: These required very minimal break in time. They feel like good quality, but didn’t feel stiff.

pros and cons


  • very easy to slip off and on
  • don’t have to worry about getting them dirty
  • minimal to no break-in time


  • the distressed look won’t be for everyone
  • sizing may be inconsistent

Overall Thoughts: If you like the idea of having a distressed shoe but don’t want to splurge on GG’s, this is a great pair to consider.

Sam Edelman Ethyl Low Top Sneaker

This is one of the more simple, clean-lined white sneakers in this roundup. I’m a big fan of Sam Edelman shoes because they are always very padded and comfortable on the foot.



sizing: These run true to size

Color: bright white leather – neutral white not too warm of cool toned

Quality: Leather or synthetic upper, synthetic lining and sole. The sole is removable. Leather will likely crease with wear and seem like they may scuff easily.

Look: This is a very simple white sneaker, with the logo just places on the tongue under the laces and across the top of the heel in white stitching.

Comfort: These feel comfortable from the get go and I don’t expect much break in time. They feel lightweight and aren’t very stuff. They seem to run pretty standard, not too narrow or wide.

Pros and Cons


  • Very comfortable
  • Clean, simply design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to slip off and on depending on how you tie them
  • Under $100


  • Synthetic inside and thicker tongue may be warmer in the summer heat
  • Cloth lining will probably dirty quickly if you wear self-tanner. The back of the shoe is more of a nude, which will help in that area.
  • Leather does feel like it may scuff easier

Nike Air Force 1 Sneaker

Everytime I see these I immediately start singing Nelly, anyone else? lol. This white sneaker is rising again to popularity, especially with the younger crowd.



Color: white/white – very bright white with a cool undertone

Sizing: I found these ran big. If between sizes, order 1/2 size down

Look: These are pretty chunky and almost give me 90’s Dad Vibes, which is very trendy right now. Out of all the sneakers in this review, these are the chunkiest and highest along the ankle.

Quality: Leather or leather and textile upper/textile and synthetic lining/rubber sole

Pros and Cons:


  • Chunkier look is more on trend right now
  • Very bright white color


  • too high cut across my ankle
  • not a fan of the inside lining
  • These felt clunky and weird to walk in

Overall thoughts: As soon as I started walking in these I knew they were an immediate no for me. Both heels lifted out of the shoe, and they felt too wide in the toe box for me. I also felt like they came up too high on my ankle and felt like they cut off my range of motion when walking.

Adidas Superstar Sneaker

These are one of the most reviewed and top-rated white sneakers, so I had to try them! Although, I’m not the biggest fan of the overall style. They are a unisex style white sneaker, and this style has been around for a really long time. I think I had a pair of these in elementary school.



Color: white/white/white – very bright white with a cooler undertone

Quality: Leather and synthetic upper/textile and synthetic lining/rubber sole

do adidas run big?

Sizing: Runs large, order 1/2 size down. I ordered my normal size and it fit well in my left foot, but my right foot is smaller and it was slipping out of the shoe when walking.

Look: These are a chunkier white sneaker that has a rubber treading across the toe box. I’m not the biggest fan of the signature clamshell toe box design.

Comfort: These are pretty comfortable out of the box. The tongue is very thick and padded, so it’s comfortable across my ankle.


Pros and Cons


  • Great quality for the price point
  • Comfortable
  • Seem like they will be easy to clean


  • Heel slips around, so I imagine my white sock slipping down constantly in these
  • Based on reviews sizing seems to be all over the place. They are a unisex shoe, which could be why people are having a hard time with sizing.

Adidas Cloud Foam Sneaker (DSW)

Rumor has it these are the most comfortable white sneaker under $100, so of course I had to try them!



color: very bright white with a cool undertone

sizing: if between sizes, size down

Look: These definitely have more of an athletic look compared to the other white sneakers I’ve tried, but they aren’t something I would go walking or running in. I like the simple perforated logo and slight tough of gold along the back heel.

Comfort: These are very comfortable right out of the box, with a soft supportive insert. The tongue is thicker but very cushioned so you don’t notice it against your ankle whatsoever. They are also very flexible when walking, so you can feel the sneaker fold across the top of your foot when walking. They do feel a little heavier on the foot compared to others I’ve tried.

Similar white and gold sneaker options

Pros and Cons


  • affordable price point
  • very comfortable


  • More of an athletic looking shoe
  • The heel feels higher up on my ankle

Nike shoe from DSW

When looking for white sneakers around $50 or less, I had a hard time finding something that was simple in design and color scheme that didn’t look childish. When I came across these, it was exactly what I was searching for around this price point!



sizing: TTS

color: very bright white with a cooler undertone.

My pair has a very obvious blue tinted tongue but not every shoe had this, so double check the box!

Look: I really liked the overall balance of this white sneaker, it wasn’t too streamlined against the foot but also wasn’t super chunky. They also have a more athletic feel, but not too much.

Comfort: These are comfortable out of the box but not as flexible as the Adidas pair. The inside lining does feel textured against the look since it has a more breathable mesh lining.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable price point
  • Good balance of casual and athletic
  • Very flattering on the foot and ankle


  • Not a fan of the tongue material, it’s very puffy
  • My pair has a blue-dyed tongue
  • Not the biggest fan of the meshed lining inside, but it will be more breathable during summer

Walmart white sneaker

I spotted this pair back in January but had to be patient because my size was constantly sold out! But I’m not surprised considering the price point of these are under $15.



sizing: TTS

Color: white/gold

Quality: made of synthtic materials

Look: These are very simple with a light metallic gold trim along the heel. I thought they are very flattering on the foot, and have a good balance of sporty and casual.

comfort: Very comfortable and padded right out of the box

browse more Walmart sneakers under $35:

pros and cons


  • under $15
  • very comfortable
  • flattering on the ankle
  • easy to slip off and on


  • Will likely not clean easily or hold up season to season
  • sell out often
  • synthetic materials won’t be breathable in the heat

final thoughts

After trying out all of these white sneakers, I realized why I’ve had such a hard time finding the “perfect white sneaker” – because at times I want something very clean to go with dresses, and other times I like having a pair I don’t need to worry about when I’m running out the door. So ideally, I need two pairs! Overall, these are what I consider the best from this review:

Best white sneaker under $50

Best white sneaker under $100

Best quality sneaker and most comfortable

Best splurge white sneaker

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