March Favorites

Maxi Dresses: This month I have been reaching for my maxi dresses because they are the perfect piece for this bipolar weather were having in Savannah. Just bring a cardigan and you’ll be prepared whatever the weather decides to throw at you. Maxi’s have always been my favorite because I always get cold inside restaurants && they are basically an acceptable// fashionable blanket for your legs. I’m definitely ready to add a few more to my closet soon! 

Shapely Sunnies: I’ve been loving these not so dramatic cat eye sunglasses I’ve seen everywhere lately. This pair is just under 8$ (steal I know!). 

Watch: Tim gave me a watch for our anniversary back in January, but it was way too big for my wrist so we took it back. I was wanting a two-toned watch that had a simple face.. so when we found this one it was love at first sight! It’s also a lot lighter than my other watches, so its very comfortable to wear.

Griffin Stylus & Notability App: These two go right behind my watch for my favorite favorite of March. I’ve had the notability app for a while now, but recently I’ve gone completely print free with my notes and upload them all on here. Its very easy to use, and I love the coloring I can do to make my notes to make them pretty.. anything helps when you’re studying.. right?! 

Foundation: This has been my foundation of choice for a few months now, but I haven’t shared it with ya’ll so I thought why not throw it in with my favorites. I used this on my cousin for her wedding, and she loved it so much she bought it for herself. It gives you medium coverage but it just looks like your skin (only better 😉  

Essie Polish: I’ve been loving this color on my toes all month long. It’s basically the most perfect spring color out there.. 

Gimme Brow: I’ve been using this brow product on a daily basis, so I’m definitely going to repurchase it soon. I was worried it would be too dark on my blonde eyebrows, but I just scrap the brush against the side to lighten the amount of product. I love it because it’s the easiest way to put some color into my brows and quick in the mornings when I’m rushing to class. I rarely leave the house without some brow color and mascara (the joys of having blonde hair). 

What are some products you’ve been loving this month??

xo Amanda

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