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Today I’m sharing what I typically carry in my gym bag in case you’re new to a gym and want to be prepared! This affordable gym bag is a great size to keep all that I need in it, without leaving too much room for me to carry the kitchen sink. It’s not structured, so if that will bother you then I also love this one on sale! My favorite protein bar is this one in vanilla creme. I typically eat this in the morning after coffee, but I like to keep one in my bag in case I didn’t eat enough to get me through my workout.

My favorite gym accessory are these wireless headphones. You don’t know the struggle of regular headphones until you’re trying to do burpees with your phone tucked into your sports bra. With wireless headphones, I can sit my phone in my bag and keep on keeping on without getting tangled up in a cord. If you’re still not sure about investing in wireless headphones, I recommend the Flip Belt to store your phone in instead of an arm band. Personally, I think arm bands are uncomfortable, especially when you’re working out your arms #swole. I still use the flip belt when I go for a run because it stores my phone and keys on me. I could be a lot better about foam rolling, but I usually just do it during my warm up for leg day.

I recently got this canteen from Swoozies and I’ve been loving it! It’s has definitely helped me drink more water throughout the day because it keeps your drink cold for hours. Inside a makeup pouch I keep extra bobby pins and hair ties because it’s the worst when your hair tie breaks on you mid-workout or you forget one! I also keep a elastic headband in case my baby hairs start acting up. Along with hand sanitizer, it’s always a good idea to bring along deodorant and face wipes to freshen up afterward for the days you aren’t going straight home. Some other items not pictured that I like to bring with me to the gym include a small hand towel and a heart rate monitor.

Thanks for reading! Is there anything I’m missing in my gym bag?? Let me know in the comments below. 


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