Today I’m sharing our DIY engagement photos we took back in Savannah during my graduation weekend. After living there for two years and frequently visiting my family there growing up, Savannah will always have a place in my heart. With its’ moss covered trees, historic homes, and charming squares Savannah is easily one of my favorite cities. I knew I wanted to take advantage while Tim was in town for my graduation to take some photos together at some of our favorite spots. After getting a few (not so affordable) quotes and some scheduling difficulties, the only option was to have my Mom snap some photos for us.

Attire and Props

Think about the general tone you want for your pictures, whether you want to go more casual or more glam. We went for a look that would compliment our typical date night attire and coordinated in the same color family. Tims’ outfit is easily a favorite of mine and he also wore it for out actual proposal in Arizona (read it here!). My attire, on the other hand, is not what I originally pictured, to be honest. Shopping in Savannah is definitely more challenging than in Atlanta, so I had to settle for this dress I found on sale that didn’t quite fit me right (aka it was too tight in the booty.. #squatlife). My clutch and shoes on the other hand potentially made up for it.

Allow Extra Time

If you’re going the DIY route, definitely take the time to set up the camera setting how you want (looking at these we should have lowered the exposure) and set aside more time than you may expect. We didn’t exactly have a lot of time because we did these before a dinner reservation. If we weren’t on a time constraint, I would have made some minor adjustments to the camera settings, but I still love these nevertheless!

A few other things to keep in mind. Since you’re not hiring a professional, you’ll be responsible for the location scouting and editing. Try to consider places that are meaningful to you as a couple to get started. The first location we picked is right by our favorite date night spot – Vic’s on the River. If you’re taking photos in a public setting, plan on getting creative/be patient to avoid having people in your background. As for editing, I didn’t do too much with these except for cropping, sharpening, and changing one to black and white. I’m by no means a photographer, but Tim and I have learned the most important thing when it comes to photography is lighting. Instead of standing directly in the sun, find a place that has shade to avoid shadows under your eyes (and squinting!).

Research poses

Tim actually surprised me considering it was his first time in front of the camera..he is always the man behind the camera! I think I was more awkward than him, but I always laugh at myself when we take photos together. I would highly recommend looking at engagement photos prior to yours and make a list of poses on your phone the two of you can use throughout the shoot. I learned this after the fact,  but we learned it’s important to do before the wedding!

My dress was on sale at Belk and I can’t find it anywhere (it’s by Lush), so I linked similar options below!

xo Amanda John


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