I can’t believe it’s been since April since my last post! What’s been going on since then you ask? So I’m officially a doctor and I’m done with school for-ev..er! Next on the list is passing my boards next week..prayers appreciated, friends! Graduation weekend in Savannah was such a special time with my classmates, family, and fiancé. I wanted to share some photos with y’all and reflect back on the weekend before moving forward with new goodness.

We took class photos in Forsyth and framed the top one to gift our faculty. Can’t say you can see our faces well, but the background looks pretty.

Meet the parents. We only took a few photos after graduation because it was warm in that gown and we were all hungry. Also, isn’t my Mom’s outfit totes adorbs? We’re luckily the same size in clothes and shoes, so she borrowed my J. Crew skirt and you can shop her shoes here.

My “little” 16 year old brother. I swear he’s not THAT pale in real life.

Mr. Fiance.

For lunch my cousin (and bridesmaid!) and aunt joined us at one of my favorite brunch spots in Savannah – Soho Cafe. I recommend the grilled cheese (+bacon) and tomato soup if you go!

Between studying for the boards, finding a job, and wedding planning…I’ve been a little stressed. The reason I started blogging two and a half years ago was for a relief from it all. I’m looking forward to getting back to it! I’m planning to bring back weekly workouts and start sharing wedding sneak peeks, along with fashion and beauty posts.

I’d love to know if there is anything you want to see here on SCxo?



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