Hi Friends! Welcome to a new series on my blog, Weekly Chic! This is technically an extension to my weekly newsletter I send out every Friday. In this series, I’ll be sharing my weekly favorites, current reads, favorite outfit of the days, sale alerts, etc every Friday on the blog. I don’t expect them to all be this long.. but since it’s the first one I’m extra excited to include all the details 🙂 Let’s get started!

weekly highlights

I ordered new sports bras and a few new items to refresh my athleisure wardrobe. Shop my haul here

I started having fun with my TikTok page again! Posting on there a few times a day and it’s been fun to be more casual with my content over there.

Oh, I celebrated my 33 birthday on the 4th! I had to delay my plans due to being around family who ended up with Covid, but thankfully we’re all healthy over here!

I feel SO happy to be using a fresh new planner this week.. As a Capricorn, I live for goals, organization, and new office supplies lol. I shared my goals for the new year here.

I’ve enjoyed listening to this podcast the last few weeks!

weekly bestsellers

weekly favorites you need to know about

Lash Serum

I just started using a lash serum again since pregnancy and I can’t wait to have long healthy lashes again! I’ve used this serum for years so I always go back to it because I know it works. After about 4 weeks of consistent use, I notice my mascara goes on and looks better, and after another 3 weeks or so my lashes are noticeably longer and more lifted.

iPhone Charger

I purchased this last month and it’s so much better than the portable chargers you plug in at the bottom. It doesn’t dangle when you use your phone!

Comfy Bra

Y’all know I have loved this comfy bra the last two years, so I decided it was time to try a new style from the brand. This one has thinner straps that are adjustable, unlike the OG. It’s also very easy to nurse in. It’s comfortable enough to sleep in, too!

I shared all my favorite wardrobe basics in this post.

weekly IG story roundup

Here are a few noteworthy things I shared on Instagram stories this week!

I’ve used this tanning butter since June! It gives such a natural color and is hydrating for Winter. It seemed to be more long-lasting than. my previous go to tanning foam, too!

I apply this lip product before bed and can still feel it on my lips the next morning.

I sleep with my hair in this silk wrap and it keeps my curls intact while also keeping my long hair out of the way in my sleep. There are a lot of affordable options on Amazon as well.

I’ve tried to get on the natural deodorant wagon for years and have never found one I like, but this one is by far the best that I’ve tried. I still use my regular go-to on days I need something strong, but I’m glad I found this one to wear most days of the week!

I do my own gel manicure at home and it’s saved so much money, and TIME!

weekly reflection

I shared my new year goals in this post earlier this week, and one of them is to decrease my screentime and read more for fun. I’m adding these goals into my routine as a two for one by having an hour in the morning and evening dedicated to being off my phone and computer. I usually pick up a book instead during the evening and get caught up in it until it’s bedtime! This is the book I’m currently reading and so far, so good! I feel like there’s a big twist coming at the end. Once I’m finished with it, I plan to re-read this book, which is one of my favorite self-help books and it’s a perfect New Year read.

I’ve had such an epiphany this week on how important routines are. I remember people would ask what my morning routine was and I was always like…. people have real morning routines?? I thought that was just a scripted video I’ve watched on Youtube lol. But wow, I can already tell routines will be a game-changer, and I’m so excited to work on mine this year.

weekly outfits

workout outfit

I shared this same outfit in my postpartum fitness post back in October but I rework it this week for a leg workout. I’ve been following the postpartum program in the SWEAT app and it’s been great to just turn on and not have to think about it!

Sports bra: medium

my favorite leggings: medium

get 10% off with code AMANDAJOHNxSPANX

Sweater Dress

I wore this comfy sweater dress this week (minus the boots of course, but they are on sale!) – This would also work great as a tunic-type top with leggings and comes in multiple colors. It has a very roomy fit, I’m wearing a medium for length but could have sized down.


workout outfit

Y’all loved this top I shared this week! I bought this one in a size 8 (size up from normal) while I was pregnant but it still works nice and oversized. It’s lightweight, and I love how it looks tucked in the front. I recently purchased it in white.


casual outfit + pediatrician appt

I wore this nursing-friendly heart sweater, which would be so cute for Valentine’s Day coming up! It has gold heart buttons, but I love a heart detail year-round.

For my jeans, this is the best fitting pair of straight-leg jeans I’ve tried. However, they’re not super comfortable to sit in. I wore them a few hours and they did stretch a tad, but I’m hoping to break them in a bit more. They fit so great I want to make them work! Wearing a size 28


weekly purchases

I purchased these pearl headbands for dirty hair days.

Josie is starting solids so I ordered a few utensils for her to use.

I thought this scalloped sweatshirt would be cute with leggings.

So random, but I ordered this padding to use to pad our Christmas decorations. I plan to cut them the size of my storage containers and layer them until full!

If you saw my recent Amazon video, I purchased this iPhone holder for my car.

weekly posts you may have missed

This video went viral on TikTok

I posted useful Amazon items you will actually use daily

I shared my 2021 highlights over on Instagram

I sent out a January lookbook featuring your requests such as cute winter outfits, athleisure, brunch outfits, etc.

I shared how to stick to your new year goals along with a few on mine!

Don’t forget, I post daily outfits and sale alerts in the LTK app!

I’m excited to share some fun things this month, including a few try-on hauls on Youtube, a giveaway with Petal + Pup on Instagram, and I’m currently shopping for a workwear video.. stay tuned! And that’s it for Weekly Chic, Vol 1. See you next Friday!



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