There are a lot of elements that go into building a wardrobe you love. But the most important, that often gets overlooked is the foundation. It’s amazing what great undergarments can do for ensuring that you feel confident and most of all comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing! Over the years I’ve tried so many different brands, styles, and fits and I’ve finally found the best wardrobe basics that every girl needs in their wardrobe.


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The Best Wardrobe Basics Every Girl Needs

These are the pieces in my drawers that I pull for most often. They are the ones that always end up in the laundry week after week, because I love them that much! As a woman, there are just so many different options out there for things like bras, underwear and shape wear. And no one wants to waste their time and money trying all the things, hoping to find the perfect one. Which is why I’ve done the work for you! If I only had these items for the rest of my life as my wardrobe basics, I would be completely happy!

Favorite Underwear

I think every girls wardrobe needs a seamless thong and a comfortable brief, depending on the occasion. These are my two tried and true favorites that I’ve replaced my entire underwear drawer with. They’re comfortable and almost always seamless under outfits.

Spanx Under Statements thong

Spanx Under Statements thong

To say these are comfortable is a total understatement. They’re also seamless and work under almost everything I wear!



I used to be an avid lover of Hanky Panky, but ever since trying the Spanx Under Statements thong I don’t find the cult favorite Hanky Panky thong comfortable anymore. I ALWAYS reach for the Spanx first when all the laundry is cleaned. I love that I can always count on these to be nude underneath pretty much anything, and they don’t leave any lines either. They have also washed really well. I’m working on completely replacing my drawer with these! Use code AMANDAJOHNxSPANX for 10% off your Spanx order.

Sizing: I have both small and medium and prefer the small. They don’t bunch up as much!

Chantelle Lingerie Soft Stretch Bikini | Best Wardrobe Basics Every Girl Needs

Chantelle Lingerie Soft Stretch Bikini

A seamless, one-size-fits-most brief for everyday wear.


I discovered these during postpartum in a previous Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I’ve since repurchased multiple times to replace my undergarment wardrobe with. They’re very thin and comfortable, you don’t even notice them on!

Favorite Everyday Bras

If you’re looking for more information on how to pick the right bras and store them properly, check out this post.

Spanx Bra-llelujah!® Lightly Lined Full Coverage Bra

Spanx Bra-llelujah!® Lightly Lined Full Coverage Bra

The perfect mix between a bralette and everyday bra. I love the front clasp closure and the stretchy bands!



I switched to this everyday bra at the beginning of the year and it’s still my favorite months later. I was nervous to go back to a bra that had underwire, but after nursing for over a year I needed more lift and support. The front closure clasps is so convenient to get off and on, I even found it easy to nurse in. This wire doesn’t dig into my sternum and is still very comfortable! If you want a wireless option, I’ve also worn this wireless bra for years.

Chantelle Invisible Strapless Bra | Best Wardrobe Basics Every Girl Needs

Chantelle Absolute Invisible Smooth Strapless Bra

A strapless bra that stays put and doesn’t dig. It’s also very smooth under fitted tops!


I find most strapless bras to be very uncomfortable due to the support wire across the sternum. This is the first one with a wire I felt like was semi-comfortable and it’s really smooth under fitted tops unlike others I’ve tried that have a thicker wire. This strapless bra has great reviews, but I do wish it was more comfortable – ideally, I don’t want to notice my bra on.. ya know?! I recently felt this strapless bra in store and ordered it because it felt like it would be much more comfortable, and had a silicone type lining inside to help it stay in place. I’ll keep you posted, but if it’s anything like my favorite everyday bra, I have a feeling I won’t be disappointed. Overall, I much prefer an adhesive bra when I need something strapless because they’re much more comfortable.

True Body V-Neck Bralette

True Body V-Neck Bralette

The most comfortable bralette that I even sleep in! It’s also seamless under fitted tops.


This was a tough one to narrow down because I do have a few I wear weekly, but if I had to pick which one I didn’t want to live without, it would be this one. It’s one I barely noticed when wearing it, and I find that it’s very smoothing and seamless under tops. You could even sleep in this one if you like having some support during the night. If you haven’t given a bralette a try yet. This is comfort like no other, and I have a feeling you’re going to love it!

Favorite Slips and Shapewear

This is something you may not reach for every single day, but you’ll be thankful when you need them and have them on hand!

Jockey Generation™ Women's Half Slips

Jockey Generation™ Women’s Half Slips

These are great if you need an extra layer under a sheer dress or skirt, plus they help smooth out any lines underneath.


I think every wardrobe needs a nude slip ready to go when you need it. It’s one of those things you don’t want to be without when the outfit your picked out needs some extra coverage. I have both this slip skirt and the full dress and both are very soft and comfortable to layer under outfits as needed. Plus, the price point is very wallet-friendly! I find I use this a ton in the spring and summer because I naturally wear more white clothing or thinner dresses that need an added layer.

If you need a full dress option, I also love this one thats under $20!

OnCore High Waist Mid-Thigh Shorts | Best Wardrobe Basics Every Girl Needs

OnCore High Waist Mid-Thigh Shorts

You won’t believe the before and after! It’s a celebrity red carpet secret to wear a pair of Spanx 😉



I don’t have a huge shape wear collection by any means, but I reach for these shorts every now and then when wearing tighter fitting garments or if something needs extra coverage. They’re also great if you have issues with chaffing between your legs when wearing dresses! I’ve tried different lengths and prefer the mid-thigh. If they’re too short they constantly roll up, but you don’t want them too long for the hemlines you typically wear either. A little style hack is these are great to keep tops tucked in as well!

If you’re looking to build your fall wardrobe with classic staples, I shared my all-time favorite pieces here.

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