Instagram stories I asked you to tell me what items you thought were overhyped in the influencer industry, and y’all delivered! Most of them I completely expected, while others I found surprising. Today, I’m breaking down the top 10 most overhyped products in the influencer industry and giving you my two cents on them.


10. Amazon Makeup Bag

This is the only item I haven’t personally tried myself, but that’s because I honestly wasn’t interested in it. I don’t love the black inside because from what I’ve seen it gets really dirty, and the grooves would make it difficult to clean. It also just seems complicated to me, like a puzzle trying to fit my makeup inside, haha! So personally, I do feel like there are better makeup bags out there unless you really like the idea of having sections to spread out your makeup. I personally don’t mind digging around to find things when I travel.

On the same note, I took a step back from sharing Amazon products this year. I was kinda over watching Amazon try on hauls on my IG stories every day when there are much better quality items I wanted to share with you. Not saying I won’t continue to share Amazon finds with you by any means, but I just came to the realization that when it comes to Amazon, we aren’t really sure what sellers you’re supporting, and where the items are coming from.

9. Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk

This is the only lipstick formula I wear, and it was actually the first lipstick I’ve ever liked. I always tried to make MAC lipsticks work for me, but they always made my lips look dry and gross. I thought it was just lipsticks in general until I tried this formula! I know pillow talk gets a lot of hype, but I think it’s a great everyday color! I dab it on my lips so it’s natural looking. I also like the shade Liv it Up for more of a pink lip.

8. Barefoot Dreams Cardigan

I can definitely see where people are coming with this one. I feel like the cardigans are talked about a ton during the NSALE, then you never hear about them or see people wearing them on stories again until the following year. Do I wear mine all the time? Definitely not. I actually leave one of mine at work for when I’m cold because it’s actually super warm. But it is very soft and cozy and I wear it around the house. Other than that, I don’t usually reach for it when I’m wearing things out of the house.

7. Subscription Services (FabFitFun) and Meal Deliveries (Home Chef, Hello Fresh)

I decided to group these together because I feel like all of these works for some but not for others, just depending on your lifestyle. If you like trying new products, I think FabFitFun is something fun to get in the mail 4 times a year. I save what I don’t like for either gifts or resell on Poshmark. Each box I’ve had (I’ve paid for the service myself for 1.5 years then eventually started working with them) I’m always excited by at least 2 products that more than pay for the box itself. So I do think overall it’s a great value and I like that it includes full-sized products. I think if you go into it with an open mind that you probably won’t like every single thing, but you can take away a few products from the box, you’ll find it worth it.

Tim and I have used both Home Chef and Hello fresh, especially when we first moved into our house. Neither of us enjoys cooking, so it made sense for us and our lifestyles. If you know how to cook or enjoy doing it, then you don’t really need it. Personally, both Tim and I liked the meals with Home Chef over Hello Fresh because the meals were a little more simple. Hello Fresh always has a lot of extra chopping for toppings or sauces.

6. T3

This is another product I can definitely see where you’re coming from. It seems like nearly every influencer uses this! I’ve had mine since 2015 and recently got a new one. You can see my initial review on it here.

The reason I bought it is because I owned multiple sized curling irons and wands, and I loved that this one replaced them all to save space and make traveling easier. It’s really smooth to curl with, and it aesthetically pleasing. It’s also dual voltage so you can travel with it overseas (with an adaptor to plug it in). Are there other great curling irons out there that do the same thing? Most definitely. This one just works for me and I’ve stuck with it!

One thing I did want to touch on it whether I think it holds curl better than others. This just may be my skeptical side coming out, but I think that mostly depends on your hair type, how clean it is, the size barrel you use, and the products you use versus the general styling tool you use. So I typically roll my eyes when I hear other influencers say that’s why they use it.

5. Leather Leggings

Another product I’ve raved about and styled multiple times here on Strawberry Chic (here and here!). I don’t know if most of y’all were referring specifically to Spanx leather leggings, or leather leggings in general, so I’m just going to touch on the Spanx here. I have tried more than a handful of other leather leggings to try and find a dupe of the Spanx Leather Leggings, and all of them have fallen short. I learned I’m actually not a fan of the real leather look or feel, because they don’t fit well through my hips and legs and are too shiny. So comparing Spanx to the ones I’ve tried, they stand out in quality, fit, and feel by far.

4. Tarte Shape Tape

I used this product last year, but have since discovered products I prefer, especially for under the eye. I think this is a great product if you need full coverage, but it was a little drying for me to use in my eye area. When I was really into contouring my face, I used this product to highlight my jawline, but when I used it up I didn’t repurchase. I prefer the NARS creamy concealer these days!


This is probably the most hyped up time of year from influencers, honestly because it’s a great earning opportunity. Do I think the hype it receives is OVERhyped? No, because I do think it’s a really good sale and I look forward to it every year. I shopped it long before I was even a blogger myself. Fall is my favorite season for fashion, and it’s great to get staples ahead of the season on sale. Can aspects of the sale be overhyped? Definitely, especially if you follow a lot of bloggers. I always try to let you know what items in the sale I personally thing are overhyped. I think it feels so hyped up because so many bloggers are covering it.

2. Billie Razer

The hype of the product worked on me because I ended up buying it to try and see what the fuss was all about. To me… a razer is a razer. I don’t think one is going to magically make your hair grow back slower like some are claiming. But the reason I like the subscription is I don’t have to think or worry about replacement razers. I will say, the razer is very hydrating and has an extra-thick, wide conditioning strip. The one thing I did notice is it does kind of goop with each stroke. It’s not as gross as that word makes it seem.. but that’s the most accurate word I can think of for it haha. Is it life-changing? No. But I am glad I have the subscription!

1. Tula Products

This was the most entered product when I asked for your feedback, and I wasn’t surprised by the response. A ton of bloggers are on the Tula wagon. I used the skincare routine back in 2016 leading up to my wedding and had the best skin ever on my wedding day. Since then I’ve gone back and forth with the products but haven’t religiously used them, as I do think have other products in my skincare routine I prefer. They also have a lot of new products that I haven’t personally tried. I like the cleanser because it removes makeup well, although in the winter months it does dry out my skin a bit more. One product I do think is worth the hype is this primer. I’ve gone through a tube and a half already this year and can actually see a difference when I apply it. I could go on and on about skincare, but I think it’s one of the hardest areas to review because everyone’s skin is so different. I know it works for a lot of people out there!

If you are interested in trying Tula products, you can always use code STRAWBERRYCHIC for 20% off your purchase.

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Have any thoughts on these products that you’ve tried yourself? Weigh in below!

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