I’m pretty excited about this post because I thought it would be so fun to share a behind the scenes look at our wedding day. I knew the day would fly by, so I decided to attempt my first vlog. I was lucky enough to get all the extra scenes from our wedding videographer to make the video longer than 3 minutes.  You can see what really goes on behind the pretty wedding photos and my stress level escalate as we were rushing to stick to the timeline.

I saved a few photos from our wedding post to also share with you today. When people would ask what I was looking forward to on our wedding day, I was almost excited about seeing Tim at the alter as I was thinking about getting ready with my girls all day. If you’re interested in knowing where anything is from, I linked it all in my #JourneytoJohn wedding day post and the set up for our snacks is linked in my Valentine bar cart post. I also did a post and video all about my bridal accessories.

At the end of the post, I added in some wedding beauty chat 🙂

skinny vanilla latte

bridesmaid gifts
bridesmaid robes
rose all day
champagne gummy bears

getting ready
mrs gift

wedding choos

 Some girls have asked about my inspiration behind my hair and makeup, but to be honest, I didn’t really put much thought into it. I booked our artist about 3 weeks before the wedding and did my trial the day of our rehearsal dinner so I didn’t have to stress about getting ready for it. I decided not to wear my hair extensions because I just wanted to be comfortable throughout the night. I originally planned to wear my hair down for the ceremony and up for the reception, but after a windy first look I just asked her to throw it up and she did in about 3 minutes. If I could do it over again, I would probably wear the extensions and keep my hair down because that’s more me on a daily basis.

Everyone told me to do my own makeup, but I knew it would stress me out and I wouldn’t apply it heavy enough for such a documented day. The lipstick wasn’t exactly what I was comfortable with in person, but in the photos, it turned out to be the nude / pink I wanted. I let all the girls pick out their own hairstyle / makeup / dresses / and shoes because I wanted them to feel comfortable AND that’s one less decision I had to make 😉

I did want to give you a tip about your manicure choice… don’t try something new for your wedding! I tried SNS for the first time, and I hated it. I couldn’t wait to get it removed when we got back from our honeymoon. It felt like thick fake nails, and the color was not what I was wanting. I wanted my go-to opaque white pink and I ended up with a clear nude sparkle. The nail tech somewhat directed me to that choice and I hate making decisions so I didn’t speak up. Also, I would recommend doing gel on your toes. My poor toe polish was destroyed after wearing closed toe heels for the rehearsal dinner and there wasn’t any time to get them fixed.

Thank you for reading and watching,

xo Amanda John





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