I love scarves! There’s just something about adding a scarf to an outfit that can elevate any look. Whether it’s cold outside, or you want to add something extra to your look, scarves are a great go-to accessory. But the truth is, keeping several scarves organized can be a challenge. It can be a struggle to keep a scarf collection neat and tidy without ending up with a closet full of a tangled mess. In this post, I’m sharing some practical and creative tips on how to store scarves so they stay in great shape and ready to go whenever you need them. So, let’s jump in!

Scarf Storage Ideas

When it comes to scarf storage there are several different options. From simple hooks and hangers to specialized organizers and racks, there’s a solution for every closet. The key is to find a method that works best for your space and lifestyle. Consider factors such as the number of scarves you have, the available storage space, and how often you reach for them. The benefits of keeping your scarves organized are numerous—not only does it save you time and frustration when getting dressed, but it also helps prolong the life of your scarves by preventing wrinkles and snags.

How To Store Scarves

Hanging Scarf Storage Organizer

If you have space in the hanging section of your closet or even on the back of a door, this hanging scarf storage organizer is a great option. It comes with a strap to hang on your clothing rack, and it also comes with two door hooks if you decide to go that route. I like this option because of the plastic covering on top of the scarves – you can easily see which scarf is in which pouch while they’re still covered and protected.

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Space Saving Metal Scarf Organizer

This metal scarf organizer is a space-saving option because one of the hooks can be dropped, allowing the scarfs you hang on this hanger to hang down vertically. There are stoppers on the end of each hook as well, giving this organizer a non-slip design. I like this option because there is no installation needed, just a little bit of hanging space on your closet closing rack!

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Velvet Scarf Hangers

Another non-slip option is these velvet scarf hangers that come in a 3-pack. These hangers can hold 5 scarves each, and they hang vertically to save space. If you’re someone who already uses velvet hangers, these hangers could be a perfect match for keeping the hangers in your closet cohesive!

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Scarf Ring Hangers

If you prefer to thumb through your scarf collection and you don’t mind sacrificing a little space, these scarf ring hangers are perfect. They come in a pack of 15 and they have a non-slip rubber coating on them so you don’t have to worry about your silkiest scarfs slipping off. The wide mouth opening allows for easy scarf removal as well.

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Fabric Foldable Scarf Dividers

If you prefer to store your scarves in a drawer, on a closet shelf, or even under your bed, these fabric foldable scarf dividers are a great option. These come in a 3-pack, meaning there are 64 slots in all. That’s a lot of scarves! If you don’t quite have 64 scarves, you could also use these dividers to store other accessories such as belts, ties, or even socks.

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Non-Slip Ring Scarf Hanger

Another hanging option is this non-slip ring scarf hanger. These come in a 3-pack, giving you the option to hang 48 total scarves or other accessories. Using a hanger like this, especially if you can fit all your scarves onto one, is a great way to save space and organize your scarves all in the same place.

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Scarf Hanger with 360 Swivel Hook

This vertical scarf hanger has a 360-degree swivel hook that allows you to easily see and access your scarf collection as it hangs in your closet. Each hook has a rubber tip at the end to hold your scarves in place as well. This is a great option if you’re looking for something lightweight and easy to use.

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Spiral Scarf Display Rack

If you don’t want to take up hanging space in your closet, something like this standing spiral scarf display might be a better fit. This one has 30 rods in total, giving you plenty of space to hold your scarves all in one spot. The rounded hook end on each rod prevents scarves from falling to the ground when being hung up or taken off.

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Steel 8-Rod Spine Hanging Scarf Organizer

Another space-saving solution to hang in your closet – this hanging scarf organizer has 8 rods, and 16 slots total to keep your scarves organized. The hooks at the end of each rod will hold your scarves in place and prevent them from slipping off.

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Closet Scarf Hook

This scarf hook is another hanging design to display up to 6 scarves each in your closet. These hangers come in a 2-pack, meaning that you could hang up to 12 scarves total. These hooks have a 360 swivel design, allowing you to easily see and have access to each of your scarves.

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Wall-Mounted Scarf Rack

If you have free wall space in your closet, this wall-mounted scarf rack could be a great space-saving option for hanging your scarves. This wall-mounted rack uses space that isn’t normally used, helping you to get the most out of your closet space. The installation of this rack is easy, and all mounting hardware is included.

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Wooden Scarf Hangers

These wooden scarf hangers come in a 2-pack with multiple clips to hang your scarves all in one spot. The clips on these hangers are rubber coated meaning they won’t leave an imprint or damage your scarves. The hook freely rotates 360° allowing you to easily pick out your scarves without the hassel.

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Bamboo Drawer Divider

If you plan to utilize drawer space to organizer your scarves, this bamboo drawer divider is a great option. This divider has 15 compartments, and the compartments themselves are removable if you need to create more space for thicker scarves. Because this one is made out of bamboo, it will last you a very long time!

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Wall Mounted Scarf Organizer

For another wall-mounted option, this scarf organizer can help you save space and it can hold up to 60 scarves. This one is made of a durable plastic that will last. This display of this organizer allows you to easily see and access a large collection of scarves.

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Wooden Circle Scarf Ring Hanger

If you prefer to hang your scarves individually, these wooden circle scarf rings are a great option for organizing and displaying scarves. If you have other wooden hangers in your closet, these wooden circle rings could be a great match for your closet’s overall aesthetic.

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So there you have it—some practical and creative tips for storing your scarves and keeping them in top-notch condition. By finding the right storage solution for your space and taking a little time to organize scarves, you’ll save yourself from the frustration of tangled scarves and give yourself the gift of an organized space!

Which of these scarf storage solutions is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!



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