As someone who is always cold, I love wearing blanket scarves during Fall and Winter to keep warm and add an extra layer to my look. Blanket scarves are so versatile and can give you multiple looks just by tying them differently. Here, I’m wearing the same 52 x 52 square blanket scarf, but showing you 15 different looks. Blanket scarves also come in rectangular shapes, but in my opinion, these are a little harder to style different ways.

My most worn blanket scarf during Fall and Winter is a plaid blanket scarf. I love wearing this print throughout the season, and it adds more interest to a basic outfit.

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How to fold a blanket scarf

Most looks with a blanket scarf start off with the same basic fold. Fold it in half by taking one corner of the scarf and fold it to the opposite side of the fabric, making a triangle shape. I lay mine on the floor to get the frayed edges nice and even. The magic trick to styling a blanket scarf is taking the time to fluff it up. Pull it apart and/or fold it under to finish each look. This also helps pull the scarf away from your neck if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the material. You can see exactly how to do this in the video below.

How to Wear a Blanket Scarf: 15 Ways

A big blanket scarf is my go-to accessory during the cold winter months. I also love to travel with them because they can double as an actual blanket in the car or on the plane.

A quick tip if you get overwhelmed when wearing a big scarf. I usually prefer to have my hair up in a messy bun or ponytail, just so it doesn’t get tangled underneath.

How To Wear Blanket Scarf Quick Guide:

Click the look you want to see in this post

    1. Classic Blanket Scarf
    2. Cleaned up Classic Styled Scarf
    3. Knotted Classic Scarf
    4. Classic Wrapped Scarf
    5. Twisted Classic Scarf
    6. Asymmetrical Classic Scarf
    7. Twisted Infinity Scarf
    8. Tied Infinity Scarf
    9. Infinity Scarf
    10. Tied Blanket Scarf
    11. Looped Blanket Scarf
    12. Simple Blanket Scarf
    13. Less Bulky Classic Scarf
    14. Poncho Styled Blanket Scarf
    15. Belted Blanket Scarf



      #1 Classic Blanket Scarf

      See how to wear it at minute 1:20

      Scrunch up the top and lay the pointed end over your chest.

      Cross the ends around to the front

      Fluff up the blanket scarf to finish the look


      #2 Cleaned up Classic Styled Scarf

      See how to tie it at minute 2:06

      Tie the ends of the scarf under the blanket scarf to hide the tails.

      This will give you a clean look


      #3 Knotted Classic Scarf

      See how to tie it at minute 2:17

      Tie the ends on top of the triangle for a knotted look.

      You can do a single or double tie depending on the look you like.

      Here I’m wearing a double tied knot.


      #4 Classic Wrapped Scarf

      See how to tie it at minute 2:40

      Tuck the two ends into the neck of the blanket scarf.

      #5 Twisted Classic Scarf

      See how to tie it at minute 2:55

      Twist one end into the neck of your blanket scarf then look it through in the front

  1. how-to-tie-blanket-scarf-strawberry-chic


    #6 Asymmetrical Classic Scarf

    see how to tie it at minute 3:34

    If you’re overwhelmed by all the fabric of a blanket scarf you can throw one end behind you and rock an asymmetrical look.


    #7 Twisted Infinity Scarf

    See how to tie it at minute 3:41

    Tuck the point under the neck to give it a twisted infinity scarf look.


    #8 Tied Infinity Scarf

    See how to tie it at minute 3:53

    Take the ends out of the scarf and tie them together.

    You can tie it once and pull it to the side or tie it twice and let it hang down


    #9 Infinity Scarf

    See how to tie it at minute 4:06

    Tuck the knot under the blanket scarf for a simple infinity look


    #10 Tied Blanket Scarf

    See how to tie it at minute 4:35

    Form a single tie around your neck and pull it slightly to the side.


    #11 Looped Blanket Scarf

    See how to tie it at minute 5:02

    Grab the middle of the blanket scarf and bring the two ends together.

    Look both ends through the scarf


    #12 Simple Blanket Scarf

    See how to tie it at minute 4:28

    Drape the blanket scarf around your shoulders for a simple look


    #13 Less Bulky Classic Scarf

    Follow the same steps from #1, then tuck the tip of the triangle under the middle of the blanket scarf


    #14 Poncho Styled Blanket Scarf

    See how to tie it at minute 5:24

    Put the tip of the triangle in the back and drape the open ends around your shoulders.

    You may also be interested in how to wear a blanket scarf like a poncho to see the look mentioned in the video


    #15 Belted Blanket Scarf


    See how to tie it at minute 6:06

    Add a fitted belt around your waist to your poncho or scarf to flatter your figure.


Outfit Ideas wearing a blanket scarf


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I hope this post inspired you on how to wear a big blanket scarf! Be sure to pin the image to reference the post when you need to and share the video with a friend if you thought it was helpful!



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