From knee-high boots to ankle boots and even cowboy boots, they all share a common challenge – finding the right way to store them! Boots of all kinds are some of my favorite types of shoes, but figuring out how to store them can feel like solving a puzzle. Whether you’re working with a small closet, a large one, or somewhere in between, you want to make sure that you’re storing your boots in an organized way that minimizes clutter and maintains the quality of your boots. A good pair of boots is an investment and you want your boots to remain a staple in your wardrobe for seasons to come, through all kinds of weather and occasions! In this blog post, I’m sharing 10 boot storage ideas to keep your boots organized and ready for action. So, let’s jump in and take a look at some creative solutions to keep your boots looking their best!

10 Boot Storage Ideas

Stackable Boxes

These stackable storage bins are a great option for storing boots, especially taller boots. They can be stacked at different heights to fit your space. I love that they are clear so you can see which boots are in each box as well. These boxes would easily fit underneath a hanging clothes rack in your closet or even up on a shelf.

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boot hangers with double adjustable clips

If your closet has available hanging space, these boot hangers are the perfect storage solution! They’re a great option for boots that range in height, from ankle boots to over-the-knee boots. The clips themselves have a black rubber cover to help protect your boots from clip marks being left behind.

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4-Section Under-bed boot bag

For those of us with space under our beds, storing boots in a bag is a great way to take advantage of the extra room! This under-bed boot bag features a clear cover, allowing you to store and protect your boots while still easily seeing which boots are in each compartment when you go to pull them out.

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boot shapers

To prevent your boots from creasing or losing their shape, I highly recommend keeping these boot shapers handy. They also come with an optional hanger attached, allowing you to hang each boot on a rack if necessary. You can also collapse the hanger and use these shapers in boots that you’re storing elsewhere, such as in boxes or under the bed.

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boot racks for tall boots

If you’ve got some extra floor space in your closet, why not put it to good use for shoe storage? This shoe rack is a great option, especially if your boot collection isn’t huge and you just want a simple, easy way to keep everything organized. It’s minimalist, easy to put together, and won’t take up too much room in your closet.

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5-Pair boot hanging rack

This boot hanging rack is perfect if you’re someone with a collection of tall boots. Each boot hanger comes with a built-in boot shaper to ensure your boots stay in top shape while they’re stored away. If you’re tight on space and don’t have room for a shoe cabinet, a hanging rack like this one could be a better fit for your storage needs.

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boot storage hook

If you find yourself with boots that often hang out in the garage or mudroom, these boot storage hooks are a handy solution. Perfect for rain boots, work boots, and ones needing a quick wipe before heading inside, they’re a practical addition. While they do require a bit of wall-mounting, they securely hold boots upside down, helping them dry out.

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hanging boot storage

This hanging storage option would work well for you if you have a tall hanging rack to utilize, such as extra coat closet space. The tall pockets allow boots to be stored upright, which can help to retain their shape and eliminate creases while still being protected by a clear plastic cover.

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Free-standing metal boot rack

For another boot rack option, this one can store 6 pairs of boots, ranging from tall to short. A rack such as this one could even be placed by the front door, a mud room, or a heavy traffic area for easy access to your boots while eliminating clutter.

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Rolling under-bed boot storage

This shoe organizer has adjustable dividers, allowing you to store boots of all sizes, plus other shoes, all under your bed! I love that this one has wheels so that it can be pulled out and in from under your bed easily. It also has a clear cover to protect your shoes while still allowing you to easily see which shoes are in each compartment.

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boot storage

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And there you have it – 10 boot storage ideas to keep your boots organized! From hanging racks to storage boxes and storage to go under the bed, there’s a storage solution for every space and style. These shoe storage solutions are sure to keep your boots looking as good as new for many seasons to come.

Which of these boot storage ideas was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!



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