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I just got off the phone with my friend and what started as an invite to shop together turned into a conversation about how works and how bloggers make money through affiliate links. She found it very interesting and thought others would want to hear about how affiliate commission works, too! In this post, I hope to answer all of your questions about affiliate income,, and how bloggers make money through affiliate links.

how bloggers make money with affiliate links

What is an affiliate link?

In a nutshell, it is a tracking code in a link. With affiliate links, the person sharing is getting credit, either by referral credits to a site or by making a commission from an item sold.

You actually may be surprised how common affiliate links are or only think bloggers use them. Did you know every time you search an item and click through one of the images Google provides, they are affiliate links and Google is getting a cut of your purchase? The items selected to show you first are also selected based on your browsing history and may potentially be sponsored or paid placement as well. They don’t openly disclose this, but if you look thoroughly for more details about Google Shopping links you can find information on it. See the little sponsored notification on the right side??

Another example of companies using affiliate links is coupon sites or cashback sites like Ebates. They tell you to click here to receive the coupon and it redirects you to the site to shop. Did you know they were getting a cut of your sale, then sharing a small portion of that commission with you?

What is Reward Style?

Reward Style (rS) is the middleman between bloggers and a brand using affiliate incentives in their marketing. Some retailers offer their own affiliate partnerships where people work directly with their company (ex: Amazon Affiliates). Reward Style offers multiple retailers on their site, allowing bloggers to sign up for one platform to share affiliate links from multiple retailers. Unlike most affiliate platforms, rS is somewhat exclusive because you have to get accepted into the program based on your content.

You can learn how to become a rewardStyle influencer and use in this post.


You can read the rewardStyle private policy here

What is and how do I use it? is the app Reward Style created to allow people to shop Instagram photos, but it’s turned into its own shoppable app outside of the Instagram platform. Users can search and follow their favorite bloggers, search for shoppable inspiration, and save items to their wishlist all within the app.

How to use to shop
  1. Download the app and follow the people you want to shop. The app is like it’s own shoppable Instagram feed. In the app, you can click a photo and directly get all the links. If you come across a photo on Instagram you want to shop. you can take a screenshot of the post and it will show up at the top of your feed. This way you don’t have to scroll through the feed searching for what you’re looking for!
  2. The app is the most user-friendly experience, but if you are still unsure you can Click SHOP MY INSTAGRAM at the top of my blog or under the shop menu (no app or sign up required). This page shows the most recent photos uploaded in the app. Clicking the image will pull up all the items linked in the photo. But with this, you can’t save items to a shopping wishlist or browse for inspiration, which are my two favorite features!
  3. Click and go directly to my shoppable website. Again, the desktop version don’t have the features that are offered inside the app.

You can find me in the app by searching: strawberrychicxo (it’s usually the same as the users Instagram handle)

Learn how to use as an influencer here.

How do I make sure a blogger gets credit for my purchase?

To put it simply, the blogger should get credit if you click on a link and purchase from that retailer on the same device. Affiliate links can be embedded in a blog post, like this, shared in a shopping widget, as seen here, shared in a swipe up on Instagram stories, or posted in the LTK app.

So if you’re shopping and want to give a blogger credit for the purchase, you can click on any link to that retailer to give them credit and support them.

Do I have to buy the exact item?

A lot of my friends thought they had to buy the exact item from affiliate links, but that isn’t the case! Say you click on my link and you see the top is sold out in your size. While you’re there you start browsing the new arrivals and you see another top you like. If you buy that top or anything else after that click, the blogger will still make get a commission from the sale. So no, it doesn’t have to be the same item!


Why do bloggers use and not just tell me where things are from?

I can’t speak for all bloggers out there, but obviously, affiliate links help support their time making free content. Many bloggers prefer to use the app because it gives the user a direct way to find that they’re looking for, instead of answering multiple DM’s or comments about where something is from. Plus, it allows the entire photo to be linked in one swipe up, versus having to share multiple stories like – swipe up here for shoes, swipe up here for the top, etc.

Using affiliate links also allows the blogger to see what their audience is interested in, so they can continue creating content that resonates with their audience.

Does it cost me to shop through a blogger’s link?

You’ll pay the same price whether you shop through an affiliate link or not. You can also use whatever coupons you have for your purchase, but using sites like Ebates will cancel out the commission of the sale.

How much do bloggers make with each sale?

I can’t disclose exact amounts due to rS terms of service, but commission can range anywhere from 4-50%, with the majority being under 10%.  Most bloggers using rewardStyle affiliate links don’t earn a full-time salary from affiliate commission alone, but it’s a piece of their income streams, every bit adds up!

There also isn’t a straight answer from Reward Style to bloggers in terms of exact commission from sales. They only show us a commission range and an estimated commission per item.  Since we can’t see what items were purchased, there’s really no way for us to backtrack or keep up with our commission.

Can the blogger see who is supporting them and purchases through their links?

No, on the analytics side of things the only thing the blogger can see is what link was clicked on, how many items were purchased, and the commission. So if you click on a link to a top but end up buying shoes, it shows up as a sale for the top, even though that wasn’t the purchased item. Bloggers can tell who is supporting their content via comments and engagement on their content.


If I follow a lot of bloggers, who gets the commission for the sale?

If you follow multiple bloggers and click on a lot of different links to the same retailer, the last link you click will override the previous links to the same store. The blogger who gets credit for the entire sale is the one whose link was clicked last.

For example, if you’re watching one of my try-on hauls and add 5 items to your cart, then say you watch another try-on haul and click on someone else’s link to the same retailer but the item is sold out… If you check out, the second blogger would get the commission from the sale, even though you didn’t want the item they shared.

What happens if I return something?

The commission is subtracted from the blogger for any returns. And sometimes, unfortunately, the entire sale will be deducted even though you only returned one thing. That’s isn’t always the case, but it can happen from time to time. And honestly, there’s no way to track this.

This is why retailers have a set time period before they pay out commissions, and it can be anywhere from 2-6 months after the initial sale. So if you purchased something over the holidays through one of my links, I likely won’t be paid the commission until Spring or Summer the next year. I don’t mind this though, because it gives me some future security to my income.

Can I swipe up then checkout on my desktop?

No, the affiliate links aren’t transferable between your devices. If you swipe up on your phone and add it to your cart, but end up checking out on your computer, the blogger won’t make a commission from the sale unless you click the link on your computer.

Do I have to buy right after clicking to give the blogger credit for the sale?

Yes and no. The affiliate links don’t work the same on your phone as they do on a desktop.

If you’re shopping on your phone on Instagram and swipe up directly on a link, Instagram typically opens the page inside the Instagram app. You have to check out while in this original swipe up in order for a commission to count. You can still browse the website if you want more items, but if you click out of the Instagram browser you swiped up on, the affiliate link won’t store on your phone. You have to swipe up again for the blogger to make the commission. That’s another reason why bloggers link to the LTK app instead of each item directly.

  • If you swipe up and your phone automatically opens an app on your phone (if you have the Amazon, Target, and Nordstrom apps on your phone for example), the blogger should still get credit for the sale.

If you’re shopping on a computer, you don’t have to buy immediately for the blogger to get the commission. Clicking the link will create a cookie on your computer that remains active for a certain time frame set by the retailer. Some retailers have a cookie window of 24 hours, while others can last up to 30 days.

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Do bloggers get everything for free?

Bloggers do get to try free things from brands through PR mail; however, if they were gifted something or paid to talk about it they have to disclose that to you. When it comes to fashion items, most brands will allow the blogger to pick out the items they want to style. Sometimes, bloggers are required to pay for the items they want to share in a collaboration, and it’s usually factored into the rate.

What is #ad? Why would bloggers want to say it’s an ad?

FTC guidelines require all influencers to show if they were gifted an item for free or if they’re being paid to talk about it. Disclosure should be very clear and not hidden towards the end of a post or in the middle of busy hashtags. Some bloggers are really good at disclosing this, but a lot of them still need to work on it… This is one of my blogging pet peeves in the industry, because I can easily tell when something is a product placement that isn’t disclosed. There are some celebrities and larger bloggers who have had to pay millions to the FTC for not disclosing properly, but overall this is not the easiest to regulate on the internet, so it’s up to the blogger to be honest and transparent with their audience.

You have the right as a viewer to know if the blogger is being paid to share it with you. Sure, most bloggers, especially those who either just do it for fun or do it full-time, are very selective when it comes to sponsorships. If the blogger is embarrassed to say it’s an ad… that’s probably a good indication they shouldn’t have taken on the partnership, at least in my opinion.

Sometimes, you may also hear a blogger say #notsponsored, but that’s not how it’s supposed to work. If a blogger does a good job disclosing paid partnerships, they shouldn’t have to disclose every time something isn’t. You definitely want to trust the influencers you follow, and proper disclosure is a big part of that!

Do bloggers get paid for clicks?

Most affiliate networks used now only pay out commissions from a sale and not based on the number of clicks. But, clicking or swiping up on an item helps the blogger know how much interest is there for that product.

Are all links affiliate links?

Not all links are, at least on my site. Some products I use aren’t on the Reward Style platform, but I still share them here if I like them. You can tell if you clicked an affiliate link if you look at the URL bar when you click a link. If it goes directly to a retailer, it wasn’t an affiliate link. If you see the link go through a link before going to the website is an affiliate link (it will look something like this in the URL – RSTYLE.ME or BIT.LY). If you click images in widgets like the one below, the links are affiliate links.

I hope you found this post informative and it answered your questions about blogging income and affiliate commission on the platform. If you still have any questions, reach out and I will be happy to answer! For more influencer tips and resources, click here.
Are you a influencer wanting to grow your following and start making an income from it? I share all my secrets to success here!








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