One of the top questions I get asked as a blogger is how do you actually make money? And most are pretty surprised when I share that there are quite a few ways to earn an income as an influencer. One way to start earning money whether you’re a new or a seasoned blogger is through affiliate links. 

An easy way to create affiliate links is through the LikeToKnow.It (LTK) app powered by rewardStyle. LTK is a shoppable app to create affiliate links to thousands of retailers and showcase what you’re sharing with your audience as an influencer. If someone clicks on a product from your LTK profile and makes the purchase, you receive a small commission. 

Without an app like LTK, you would have to apply to be an affiliate for every single retailer individually. That’s even if they have their own affiliate program. So MANY thanks to rewardStyle for creating an easy-to-use app!

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How to Grow Your LikeToKnow.It

LTK is important because it’s specifically designed as a shopping experience, not based on entertainment like Instagram. Because of this, the conversion rate of sales is 4 times higher than any other social platform. There are over 6 million users on the LTK app who are specifically there to shop. Money to your wallet, girl! As an influencer, it’s important to focus some of your energy into growing a following. And good news, it’s way easier to grow a following on LTK than Instagram because there isn’t an algorithm. 

If you’re not sure how to use as an influencer, I share the steps your need to take as far as how to get accepted and use the platform here.

There are several strategies you can implement today to grow your LikeToKnow.It account and start making money!

How to Grow Your LikeToKnow.It
How to Grow Your LikeToKnow.It

Post Consistently

I know you see this tip quite often to grow on just about any platform, but posting consistently on LikeToKnow.It is important because it uses a chronological system, meaning the most recent content is at the top. Oh how I wish Instagram would do this! So if you’re posting four times throughout the day, your content has more reaching power to different feeds.

What you post on your LTK profile doesn’t have to be what you post on Instagram. I like to think of my LTK page as “sprint” posting while my Instagram page is more like a “steady marathon.” You don’t have to have beautiful, refined pictures for your LTK profile. Consumers on LTK just want good product recommendations. For instance, if you see your favorite jeans are 50% off, simply screenshot them, crop and post to your LTK with keyword-rich verbiage in the caption. Then, you can share the picture to your Instagram stories to drive traffic to that specific LTK post. Your Instagram page should be more of your highlight reel with high-quality, planned-out photos. 

Photos that Convert

Posting a variety of photos works best in the LTK app because people respond differently to how products are showcased. For instance, someone might get inspiration better from a flatlay versus a mirror selfie or vice versa. 

Different Photo Ideas:

  • A flatlay of a fall outfit and some accessories. There are a variety of fun ways to fold and display pieces in a flatlay, so change it up. 
  • A mirror selfie is a quick way to showcase an outfit that you’ve been loving. No photographer or tripod needed, except maybe some glass cleaner. ;) 
  • Collages of your favorite makeup, boots for fall, bedroom decor – the list is endless when it comes to showcasing products in a collage. I love using Canva for creating collages. 
  • Roundups of ways to style a piece such as black jeans, a patterned blazer or a white t-shirt. 

Educate Your Audience About LTK

As influencers, sometimes we forget that not all of our followers are familiar with LTK when we say things like, “These are linked in my LTK.” So it’s important to include a little blurb in your Instagram captions on where they can find links to products you showcase in your Instagram feed. I’d also recommend talking about LTK on Instagram stories and save those slides to a highlight. Making it a habit to talk about your LTK profile frequently on Instagram is important because only about 6% of our followers see our content on any given day. 

If you have the swipe up capability on Instagram stories, it’s a good idea to have a swipe-up link directly to your LTK profile, asking your followers to follow you. If you don’t have a swipe-up capability, put a direct link to your LTK profile in your bio – at least for the 24 hours you’re talking about it in stories. The less clicks someone has to do to follow you on LTK, the better. :)  

Host or Join a Giveaway

Hosting a giveaway is a fun way to grow your LTK. It doesn’t have to be something extravagant. A simple giftcard to Target or Amazon is so appreciated because those are places people know and LOVE. The only unfortunate part about LTK is that we can’t see who exactly follows us. So I’d recommend asking the entrant to come back to your post and comment something, depending on what you’re giving away, to confirm that they’re following you on LTK. 

You could also get a group of blogger friends together and do a LTK-specific giveaway with a bigger prize since multiple bloggers would be going in on the same thing.

I hope this information was a helpful resource to create a profitable LTK account. If you want more detailed tips on how to grow your LTK profile, I share more success secrets here. 

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