Hi Friends! It’s been a few weeks since my last pregnancy update and a lot has changed, so I thought it was time for a little update!

At my last appointment, I had the anatomy scan, and it was so special seeing how much she has grown since our last ultrasound at week 7! She was snuggled up most of the appointment, but I’m not really complaining because that means I get a second ultrasound during my next visit to finish her scan. I’m so thankful everything is looking good so far.

Bump Progress

I feel like this week my bump is finally more noticeable, more consistently. For a while it was dependent on the time of day and what I ate (in the black sweater dress I had just had a big lunch). But now I’m starting to feel preggy!

17 weeks
17 weeks
20 weeks

Any recent purchases for you or baby?

I recently purchased more of the SOMA bras while they’re on sale. They are by far the most comfortable and I’m starting to bust out of my current size a little bit. They also make a nursing bra if you’re looking for one! I just started wearing a new pair of align leggings I received in the next size up for Christmas, and they are just the best! I can still fit in my normal size 6, but I’ve heard that towards the end of pregnancy some wish they had the next size up.

I also purchased a second Belly Oil while I had a 20% off coupon. I’ve never been someone to slather up in lotion because I always feel sticky and greasy, but this oil smells great and feels light and absorbent on the skin. I also have this clean belly butter to try, but it’s more solid and takes more effort to apply lol. Here are just some random recent purchases

I share Baby J’s first little haul here!

Any cravings?

My go-to meal has been a buffalo croissant sandwich from chicken salad chick. I call it the perfect pregnancy meal because it comes with a little buffalo spice, a yummy carb, a pickle, fruit, and a sugar cookie. Strawberries are my go-to fruit, but they have been hit or miss this winter since they’re out of season. I’m also very interested in cinnamon rolls, but I kind of blame seeing them on Instagram stories often for that lol.

weight gain

According to the scale, I’ve gained 4 pounds since my initial weight. It feels like a lot more though! I did lose quite a bit of weight during the first trimester.

What’s your favorite thing about pregnancy so far

I melt anytime Tim talks to Baby J in my belly, it’s the sweetest thing! And of course, feeling random movements here and there. This week, she seems to have gotten much stronger and the movements are pretty consistent, especially after eating or drinking cold water. Tim actually felt some of her movements this week! I had no idea they would be strong enough for that this early :)

main symptoms?

Other than feeling more congested and hungrier throughout the day, I don’t really have any symptoms. I’m starting to feel like my belly is really growing/ stretching and I’m more aware of it, which for whatever reason I wasn’t expecting, haha. I’m happy to be back to my work routine full speed and that my motivation has returned.

What’s on your to do list?

I’ll keep this strictly Baby J related, because right now it feels like what isn’t on my to-do list, haha! We’ve been working on decluttering the house to make room for the nursery in what’s currently Tim’s office. I talked through more of the home projects on our radar in the next few months, here!

I started researching baby registry items and scrolling Pinterest for nursery inspiration. I recently got a quote for adding board and batten in the nursery, and it was much higher than I was expecting… so that’s a no-go. I think it was close to 3K for the room, and there are plenty of other ways I’d rather spend that money lol. I’m also researching a midwife and thinking about switching up my prenatal care, more on that next.

I wanted to pop in this little vlog from last weekend because I walked through some of the to-do’s around the house I mentioned.

Any complaints?

One thing I have started to think through lately is switching to a midwife or alternative healthcare provider. Not that I’ve had a particularly bad experience at my current practice, but I do find myself questioning if I feel confident with my current treatment.. and I think that’s more than enough reason to follow my gut.

I’m the type of person that doesn’t want to be an inconvenience, so I just go with the flow. I started with an OB practice I was familiar with and figured I’d do everything by the book.. because that’s typically how I roll. But lately, I feel like there’s a lack of support and consistency that I’m craving right now for prenatal care. I will be seeing my 5th new doctor, at my 5th upcoming prenatal appointment.. and it just doesn’t float my boat.. ya know? I’ve also had to reschedule half my appointments, long wait times, etc.

When scheduling my next appointment I mentioned wanting to see the same doctor if possible, but was told they recommend seeing everyone in the practice because you don’t know who will be delivering you on the day of. I’ve heard this is normal at most practices, but if that’s the case I’d like to see a smaller practice with fewer doctors to rotate through. I would also appreciate a little more conversation and education in my appointments. As of now, the conversation is directed by me and as a first-time Mom I don’t really know what questions to ask.. so I’m in and out with the doctor within 5 minutes. I feel like my go-to doctor right now is Google, so after doing more research and recommendations from friends, I’ll be switching practices.

I share this because I think it’s important to always follow your gut when it comes to advocating for yourself and health.

Thanks for reading my little update!



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