Summer is one of my favorite times to travel. The summer season brings such a laid-back vibe. The pools are opening, the temperature is heating up, and by June, most of us are ready for some fun in the sun! The warm weather makes it easier to travel lighter too – no heavy coats or boots are needed. Whether your summer trip will consist of a long flight or a short travel day, you can still be comfortable without sacrificing style. I’ve found that it’s always good to dress in layers no matter the temperature outside. You might need a light jacket for the cold plane, but the destination might be blazing. So, it’s best to be prepared for all the fluctuating temperatures you might encounter during your travel day. I’m rounding up 10 easy summer travel outfits to make you feel and look your best.

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10 Easy Summer Travel Outfits

Summer Midi Dresses


Dresses are ideal for a comfortable travel day. They can make you feel put together, too. You can either pair your midi dress with fun sandals or white sneakers. I love that dresses are versatile enough to dress up or down, and you can easily layer a cardigan or denim jacket with them if you need one. Then you can repurpose it while on your trip to save space!

Matching Sets

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These matching sets are a great outfit to wear for travel because they’re comfortable, and they’ll keep you cool if you’re going someplace warm. You can tuck the front part of the shirt into the shorts to give the outfit a little more structure. Pair strappy sandals or white sneakers to complete the look. I think a cute headband would also add to the overall look. Then you can double these up on your trip

Athleisure Looks

When we went to the 30A area in Florida recently, these were my go-to looks for casual strolling around the town. The first look features a cropped sweatshirt paired with the popular Free People active shorts. You could also pack a white tee to wear with athleisure looks like these shorts, or jeans throughout your trip. If you’re looking for comfortable running or walking shoes, the pair I’m wearing is super comfortable, and love the blush color.

The second look features a skort paired with a long-sleeve active shirt. I use my belt bag often for traveling or for walks at home when I just need to bring my necessities. You can read my review of the Lululemon belt bag in this post.

My favorite skort for summer athleisure looks is this one from Spanx! Use my code AMANDAJOHNxSPANX for 10% off.

Linen Pants

Like the white jeans, light-colored linen pants are another great staple bottom for the spring and summer months. They feel light and comfortable when you wear them, and you can easily dress them more casually like I did in the first picture. Or you can dress them up a little with a floral, puff sleeve top. Packing a tote bag for a trip is always a must for me. I like to use my tote as a carry-on for a long-haul flight, and then use it throughout the trip as a purse or a bag for a long day.


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These joggers have been a top seller consistently for I don’t know how many months now. The color is gorgeous and love that they don’t look too casual, but you get the comfort of a jogger too. In this picture, I dressed them up a little. But you can easily pair a tank or bodysuit with sandals to dress them down too.


Shop the Look

Nothing says spring and summer quite like a fun print on shorts. These are a linen blend, so they’re comfortable. I paired it with a darling smocked, ruffle-detail top. It’s adorable paired with denim jeans or a mini-skirt too. Finish the look with statement earrings and a sun hat.

Summer Travel Tips for Packing 

Aside from summer outfits, I have a few tips to help me stay organized during our trips. One of my biggest tips is to use packing cubes. Depending on how you like to stay organized, I like to put my daily outfits in one packing cube. So if we’re going somewhere for five days, I’ll have five packing cubes with the five outfits I’ll need throughout the trip. I also have one for pajamas and lounge clothes too.

That way, all you have to do is grab the cubes out of your bag and put them into the drawers where you’re staying. If you have anything that needs to be hung up, you can certainly do that. But for the most part, I keep everything in the cubes and steam them with a travel steamer if needed. 

As the summer season winds down, there’s still time to squeeze in a summer trip. Sometimes it’s hard to narrow down your search of where to go and what to do. There’s so much to see and do in this world. If you’re in that situation, try joining some travel Facebook groups and search Pinterest. I’ve found some great inspiration just by searching on those two platforms. With Pinterest, I’ve found some really great travel blogs with detailed information on the best places to visit for couples and families too. You can also check out my travel guides on the blog, here.

What To Wear On A Plane In Summer?

When deciding on what to wear on your airplane travel day, dressing comfortably doesn’t mean you have to miss out on style. It’s possible to have both! For airplane outfit ideas, you could wear a midi dress that you already planned on packing and pair them with a pair of comfortable slip-on sandals for hassle-free security checks. You could also throw on a denim jacket that you planned on packing, too. This can help you both cut down on space in your bag, as well as keep you warm on those cooler flights.

If you’re in more of a pants mood, I would also travel in a linen pants outfit or a joggers outfit as well. Both options are both comfortable and stylish, making them the perfect travel pants if you’re headed out on an exciting vacation.

Where are you headed this summer? Let me know in the comments below!



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