Lululemon Belt Bag Review

If there was one trend that I was sure died in the 90’s, it was the fanny pack, now known as the belt bag. It’s true that everything truly comes back around when it comes to fashion trends. When I first saw that fanny pack trend starting to peak, I was hesitant to give it a try. After seeing the Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag, I decided to test it out and answer the question we’ve all been wondering about. Is the Lululemon belt bag worth it?

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How To Wear a Belt Bag


The fanny pack has come a long was since it’s debut as the ultimate tourist bag. It’s now considered ultra chic, and a practical everyday casual wardrobe staple. There are more ways than one to wear a belt bag. Whether you’re wanting a look that is a little more sporty, or something that will be perfect for travel, the belt bag might just be the bag for you!

Across the chest

The most popular way to wear the belt bag trend is across your chest. This also makes it convenient if you’re wanting to be hands-free, but still have quick access to your belongings. I would recommend this look if you’re traveling. You can easily access things like your boarding pass and passport, without having to dig around, and your belongings stay extra secure.

Across the back

Another way to wear a belt bag is to wear it across your back. This is very comfortable but has it’s pros and cons. Most people choose this style when they are hiking or exercising because it doesn’t get in the way as much. The major con is that you items are on your back. If you need something in a hurry or are going to be in and out of your belt bag frequently, this may not be the best option for you.

Along the hip as a fanny pack

A classic way to wear the belt bag is on your hips as a fanny pack. This is another great option if you’re traveling! I oftentimes see people choose this option when they are exploring a new city or adventuring through an amusement park. If we plan a trip to Disney World, I can see myself wearing the Lululemon belt bag in this capacity! To make it more modern, I recommend wearing it up higher around your waist.

On Your Shoulder

The last way to wear a belt bag is on your shoulder. I find that I will opt into this style when I’m in a hurry. I usually grab my belt bag on the way out the door and will through it over my shoulder quickly. However, if you’re wanting it to stay in place, I recommend one of the above styles.

How To Style a Belt Bag

monochromatic look


One of my favorite ways to style the Lululemon belt bag is with a monochromatic look. Here, I’ve paired these cozy joggers with a white mock neck long sleeve shirt. The off-white of the belt bag, pulls the monochromatic look together to create a sporty chic look. This is the perfect look for running errands on the weekend or going for a brisk walk around the neighborhood. It’s comfortable and doesn’t look like I just rolled out of bed.

girly active wear look


If you’re wanting a slightly more feminine look, pair your belt bag with a plain white long sleeve tee and pink joggers. I added this pearl trimmed headband that I found on Amazon as a way to elevate the look. This is the perfect sporty meets chic look that I usually opt for on the weekends.


I recently took the belt bag on our trip to 30A in Florida. This athletic skort is something I’ve been wearing on repeat for a comfortable athleisure look. It’s great to take walks in, workout in etc. I like carrying my belt bag when I just need to carry the necessities.


The belt bag recently got a new upgraded feature with the extended strap. With the strap fully extended, it can go up to 41.7″ inches, giving you more versatility with carrying it. They currently have 10 colors and designs with the extended strap. I grabbed this white color.



This is the original version of the belt bag, which is the same as the above without the extended strap. They currently only have this bronze green version in this particular design. So if you’re wanting a lighter color like I tend to gravitate towards, then I’d recommend getting the version with the extended strap while they’re still in stock.

If you’re on the hunt for a few more belt bag options, I’ve rounded up a few for you below!

Shop Similar Belt Bag Options

What’s In My Belt Bag

If you’re wondering what fits in the belt bag, you’d be surprised. Oftentimes we think that a small bag doesn’t have the capacity to hold all of our necessities. However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised that this is not the case! In the main compartment I’m able to fit my phone, keys, a small wallet, Airpods, hand sanitizer, lip balm or Aquaphor, and extra hair ties (I love these seamless ones from Amazon) and a mini hairbrush. That is almost 10 items! There is also a small hidden zipper on the back of the bag that you can use for storage as well. It’s not large enough to fit my phone, but would be a great place to keep cash or something smaller like a lip gloss.

For all my fellow moms with littles, I tested if this would work when I’m out and about with Josie. I was able to fit five size 2 diapers along with her Aquaphor.

Lululemon Belt Bag Review

Is the lululemon belt bag worth they hype? In short, yes, I think so! I’ve created a brutally honest pro and con list below to help you decide if you’re still on the fence about giving it a try!


One of the major pros is the price point. It’s $38, which is extremely affordable, considering it’s made by the leading designer for activewear. Due to it’s popularity, it would not surprise me if you saw this price go up by the end of the year.

The polyester strap and nylon fabric of the body of the belt bag are a favorite of mine. It’s easy to wipe clean and water-resistant. This puts my mind at ease in case I accidentally spill something on it, I know it will bead right off!

It’s also extremely comfortable, due to the light-weight and flexible fabric.

I also love that it keeps everything secure, and stays in place. As a mom being hands-free is essential. This ensures I can do so in style. It’s also a great travel bag option. You don’t have to worry about your belongings being unsafe and it makes it easy for you to navigate if you’re in a crowded airport.

You can wear it multiple ways. It can easily go for an activewear look to travel day outfit with the switch of a few key pieces.


Depending on your body shape, you may need a belt bag extender. The strap is adjustable but only extends so far.

I’ve noticed that the most popular colors seem to have limited quantities. My favorite color, white opal, has been going in and out of stock for weeks now. Lululemon does not currently have a system where you can sign up for restock alerts, but as I see it come back into stock, I’ll let you know on Instagram!

The buckle is pretty large. This makes it easy to snap on and off, but I do wish it had a daintier look to it.

The straps are very stiff and do not adjust easily. This could also be a pro, because it stays in place very well as a result of this. You can even wear it on your upper waist when you’re running and it will stay in place.


It’s water-resistant. This means that if you spill something onto the nylon fabric it will bead up and roll off. However, since it’s water-resistant and not water proof, I do not recommend submerging it underwater. It’s also advised that you spot clean your belt bag as necessary. It is designed for being on the move, so comfort and practicality are top of mind!


Overall, I am loving my Lululemon belt bag! It’s reasonably priced at under $40, and super lightweight. I love that it’s minimalistic design allows you to pair it with just about anything in your casual wardrobe. The nylon strap is comfortable for long-time wear. If you’re looking for a secure and casual bag for on the go, this one checks all the boxes!


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