Wow what a week it has been! I was back home in Atlanta for a week long clinical in an orthopedic setting. It ended up being a lot shorter than expected with the ice/snow storm, but I’m not complaining… I got some sweet boogie boarding on frozen water sledding in, and it was a week “out of class”.

Friday (aka Valentines Day) was of course spent with Tim, and he made me feel as special as always…surprising me with a dress that I can’t wait to wear when it warms up. It’s pink with anchors and perfect! I hope everyone had a good holiday with their loved ones.

Saturday, I literally shopped till I dropped.. going to 4 malls total. When I go home, I always love to visit the big malls that Savannah just doesn’t have, so I had to squeeze in a week long stay of shopping into one day 😉 On the way home I stopped by my moms art gallery to check out the Dr. Seuss hat collection…16 galleries throughout the US are exhibiting his one of a kind hat collection, including the original “Cat in the Hat” hat. It was a great collection! Saturday night I celebrated a friends birthday with dancing all night long, and my feet are still reminding me of that today… ouch. Oh and sequin pants happened.. They’re from a boutique in downtown Woodstock called Fashion Cupcake. I highly recommend stopping by there if you’re in the area or traveling there for the outlet shops! You can shop online… HERE!

Here are some pictures I captured over the past week!

Top: Link // Leggings: Fashion Cupcake // Shoes: Forever 21

Scarf: COACH || Sweater: American Eagle || Leggings: Lulu Lemon || Boots: Jessica Simpson

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