My Christmas break seems to be flying by (NOOO). Like it’s already Christmas Eve Last week I got to meet up with a few of my cousins who were in town from Savannah and Colorado. We went on a private ghost tour in historic Roswell because of a connection through my moms art gallery. It was fun to hear the stories and see the pretty houses on the square. Here are a few pics!

The rest of the weekend was spent finishing up my Christmas shopping and spending Sunday with Tim at our usual hot spots.. church, J. Christophers, and Phipps Plaza for some sushi at Twist. We had a lot of fun looking around Lenox and Phipps at all the designer shops, adding to my forever growing wish list 😉 And if you live in Georgia, can I get an AMEN the rain is finally gone!

 A chrome Bentley.. because why not 

 I mean… Valentino and an adorable diamond bow.. I’ll take it!

 Here’s one of my looks from this weekend. 

I hope everyone has a merry and safe Christmas!



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