Happy first day of winter!  Check out some of my winter must haves for this upcoming season.


1. Peacoat- I love the classic look of this peacoat with the pop of pink color. Winter can be boring with all the neutral color tones people tend to wear, however with this coat you’re sure to stand out! You can find this one (here) and make sure to use to GIFTNOW code for 30% off.

2. Leather Leggings- This was a big trend last winter that still stands in this upcoming season. Wearing leggings other than the typical flat black will add dimension to your outfits. This pair was from H&M (here) and is very friendly to your wallet. One thing I would watch out for when shopping for a pair is the quality when you stretch them out- I found a lot of the more affordable brands would flake.

3. Cute socks- I always like to wear a pair of tall socks under my boots in the colder months to keep my toes extra warm. Instead of wearing a plain pair, I of course prefer to have the cutest of socks in my drawers.  Find this pair here

4. Knee high boots- Shoes are my weakness, especially when it comes to winter because most of the time my cute outfit is bundled up and covered under my jacket. I love this pair because you can dress them up or down if you keep them shiny with leather protector. Find this pair here.

5. Layering Sweater- I picked this one from ILY couture (here) because it’s as cute as it is comfortable. These are great layering pieces to throw over a chambray or tartan shirt.

6. Printed Scarf- This is a given. I couldn’t have a winter, fall, or even spring essentials post without including one. This is my favorite fashion accessory (and has been for quite some time!). I picked this one from Stella & Dot (here) because it’s a great pop of color as well as a girly twist to the typical animal print- they’re hearts!

7. Lip Balm- I don’t even want to count how many lip balms I own, but it’s definitely important to make sure you have at least one during the cold months. I hate having chapped lips (who doesn’t actually) and this one from Burts Bees will insure you don’t! Get it at most drugstores or online (here).

8. Glittens- Ha, get it..this is a mix between a mitten and a glove. I prefer these because I can use my iPhone without taking them off..most of the tech gloves I find are very traditional and not my style. These from Kate Spade are adorable! Find them here

9. Highlighter- In the colder months, it’s easy for your skin to look dull. By applying a highlighter to the high points of your face, you will create a healthy glow (and who doesn’t want that!?). This one from Benefit (here) has been a staple in my makeup collection for years. I prefer a liquid highlighter in the winter because its more hydrating than a powder formulation.

10. Moisturizer- Staying on the topic of hydration, I bought this Josie Maron argon oil over a year ago, and my skin has never been the same! I used to have that really cute flaky nose thing going on, but not after using this stuff! Plus, it’s still not even half way through the bottle because you only use 2-4 drops for your face (i use less in the morning and more before bed). Find it here.

Let me know what some of your favorite winter items are!

xo Amanda

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