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I get way too excited to pick out a new planner each year. I’m still on the school year schedule for a new planner, meaning I have to wait until August, but if you’re on the New Year schedule these are the cutest best planners that I’ve used and come across! To me, they serve as little journals of your year, so I hold onto mine after they’re used up.

I previously used the Kate Spade planner in 2015 and I still use it for decor on my desk. I’ve also used the Ban.do “I’m really Busy” planner in 2016. I’ve learned that I do prefer spiral planners over bounded because they’re easier for me to write in, but that’s all personal preference.  If you plan to tote your planner around, make sure to invest in a planner with a quality spiral and protected edges to help it last through the year.

Over the summer, I picked up this planner from Day Designer for Target that I’ve really been loving since starting work because it’s big enough to schedule every half hour, perfect for my patient schedule for the day. Don’t worry I don’t break HIPPA and use initials only! For those of you who don’t know, I’m a physical therapist, so my planner helps me keep up with units, patients, and unfinished notes for the day.  I really love the layout of my Day Designer for Target planner because of the to-do lists, note section, and today’s top three.

I recently picked up this little planner in the spotted print from Sugar Paper when I was at Target because I wanted a pocket planner to have on me for appointments and blogging. Although I love how big and useful my daily planner is, I can’t lug it around everywhere with me like I would like to. I’m hoping this one can serve the in-between purpose when I don’t have the other one on me. That was my excuse, anyway!

I’ve heard a lot about The Simplified Planner and The Day Designer planners, but I haven’t tried either of them out just yet. That’s probably because of the price if I’m being honest! Their covers are gorgeous, and I do like the durable spirals and gold edge covers, but as long as Target comes out with cute planners that get the job done I probably won’t splurge on one.

So far, I’ve been mixing up my planner each year. Do you tend to stick to one brand or do you like to try them all? If you missed me in 2016 you can catch up with my favorites from the year in my 2016 Year in Review. 


UPDATE! I’ve been using The Simplified Planner since January and it’s by far my favorite! I typically get bored of my planner or they end up sitting on my desk, but I have used the simplified planner daily and it has been life changing!

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