2016 was definitely good to me. I grew up, graduated with my doctorate, passed my board exam, started my career, moved out of my parents’ house, got married, honeymooned in Hawaii, and started life with Tim. I wasn’t as active on my blog this year as I would have liked so I wanted to share all the highlights from my year.

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I filmed my first Youtube video on my everyday makeup routine. Although it’s definitely still out of my comfort zone to be on film I plan to expand my blog to that platform this year. Tim has been so supportive, and we want to start documenting more of our life together on film. I would love to have you subscribe!

We decided to do our photos DIY style while in Savannah for my graduation. We took them in front of our favorite date night spot in the city, Vic’s on the River. My mom shot these photos for us and it was her first time using my blogger camera – go Mom!  See the full post here.

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In May I finished up my 7 years of college with my Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Armstrong State University.  It was the most challenging but best three years of my life. I started dating Tim the week before my interview, so I knew we would have to be long distance in a very fresh relationship (although I knew we were going to get married from day one, weird I know!). I met the most amazing friends, got engaged, started this blog, and learned so much about myself.  Of course, those three years also had some major challenges: I lost my grandma and grandpa and our family dog Laila. I had thumb surgery thanks to flag football. And of course a lot of school stress came along with it.

I passed the Physical Therapy boards in July and it was definitely my biggest accomplishment. Of course, graduating was also a huge accomplishment, but it didn’t mean anything without passing this test. I was convinced I failed and waiting a week or two for those results was the longest and most blah few days of my year. My boss was actually the first person to tell me when my license was posted (she was more excited than I to start work πŸ˜‰

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 My Hawaiian bridal shower in August was hosted by three of my bridesmaids and it was the first official wedding event for us so it was super special! I plan to round it up for you guys on Wednesday because… better late than never, right πŸ™‚

 In September Tim and I found the perfect little townhouse for us to start our newlywed life together in. I moved out of my parents house the day after we got the keys and I remember my first night in the house I cried because it all hit me that I would never live at my parents home again. I know, I’m 27 and it’s time to grow up, but it was a really weird feeling. I lived there alone for the first month and a half alone until Tim and I got married.

I celebrated my bachelorette party in Savannah GA with these fine young ladies. I’m pretty sure we had the sweetest loft on Broughton street with exposed brick and banana leaf pillows for decor. I plan to round up this weekend with a few more photos on a later date πŸ™‚

I planned to post this picture the night of the rehearsal dinner, but Tim was so adamant about not having any hints of my dress that he didn’t want me to post it, haha. I actually waiting until the rehearsal dinner for my hair and makeup trial which most people couldn’t believe, but I’ll go into that in a future post!

Of course, my favorite day of the year was 10/14/16. See our wedding pictures and video in this post.

Our honeymoon in Hawaii will probably never be topped (but cheers to trying in 2017 πŸ˜‰  We swam with sea turtles, saw Pearl Harbor, wined and dined, got sick on a helicopter, ate the famous hula pie, walked along the beautiful beaches, and completely soaked up our first week as Mr. and Mrs. We even vlogged, so I’ll let you guys know when that hits the internet.  You can read more on our time in Kauaii and Maui if you’re interested!

In November, I hit 10k on Instagram which was another huge accomplishment for me this year. It’s been fun meeting new friends and posting more intently over there.


Cool Spring Night 

Target Two-Piece

Pink Tweed

Affordable off the shoulder tops


Styling your favorite summer jeans for fall

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The Perfect Dress for Thanksgiving

Holiday Midi Skirt 


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 Favorite Hair Tool 

Favorite Foundation Product

Favorite Purchase

Favorite Hair product

Favorite Beauty Discovery

Favorite App: Snapchat (@xoAmandaJohn)

Favorite Skincare Routine

Favorite Trip

Favorite Recipe

Favorite Resturant: Mamas Fish House 

Favorite blog: GMG

2017 GOALS:

Try Whole 30 – It’s been on the back of my mind ever since I read about it on Chronicles of Frivolity. 

Finish the Bikini Body Guide – I always go back to this workout routine because it’s effective, simple, and planned out for me. However, I also quit the consistency around week 5 or 6. This year, I would love to track more of the progress with you, and actually finish it, haha. 

Save for a house – Tim and I definitely have started the saving process to buy our first home. Although intimidating, I know it’s financially in our best interests and our goal is to buy at the end of 2017 or early 2018.

Switch to WordPress and re-design my blog – I don’t expect to do this until later in the year, but I have been wanting to upgrade my little internet space to look more professional in the future. I’ve even considered re-branding in general to my name, but we’ll see about all that πŸ™‚

Learn to cook – I’m so lazy when it comes to meals and it actually stresses me out in the kitchen. This year I want and need to learn to cook to have more real meals with Tim. 

Expand Strawberry Chic on Youtube and Pinterest 

Travel to Nashville 

PT friends reunion trip

Thanks for catching up with me in 2016! I’d love to read your year in review or 2017 goals so leave your posts in the comments below!

xo Amanda John


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