I’m excited to finally share more details on The Everyday System by Martha Stuart + California Closets I installed in my office. After working in this space for 4 years and constantly rearranging it, I decided it was finally time to upgrade the storage solution and officially turn it into a closet office.

This is California Closets first modular system, and it’s designed to work anywhere in your home.. not just closets! They have options for kitchen pantries, home offices, media centers, bookshelves, and more.

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Organizing my Office with The Everyday System

This room was my home office and where I filmed Youtube videos and took a look of photos for content, so it was important to have something that would display well for the background of my content, but also maximize storage and organization. As a fashion blogger, I accumulate a lot of clothing and products and I needed to maximize the functionality of this space.

I started looking up different DIY closet systems and knew I wanted something different than the Ikea Pax system. I have built a few Ikea units for my office and Josies DIY closet, and I didn’t want to deal with building out a much larger project. Plus it was a headache to find everything I would have needed in stock all at once and would have taken multiple trips to Atlanta to fit everything in my car.

I’m not sure how I discovered The Everyday System, but once I did I knew it was perfect! The price point was very comparable to the Ikea PAX, but the quality is so much better. This system is made of metal and wood and has multiple finish options to fit your style. It was simple to design online and had everything I needed to organize my office space.

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Designing My Everyday System

What’s great about The Everyday System is how you can easily customize it online. You simply put in the room dimensions, then you can add and switch different options and the customizer will let you know if the dimensions will work. I played around with their customizer for about a week or two before deciding on the layout I wanted. I recommend having an idea of what you need to store ahead of time, then play around with different design options. You can add and take away shelving and other options to adjust the price point to fit your budget. If you need help with the design, California Closets can also help you virtually design your space! Oh and one other thing I thought was really cool – you can actually virtually see your design in your space on your phone. How cool is that?

You can also buy them here pre-designed if you would prefer.

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I love having symmetry, so I aligned all the shelves to be evenly spaced and had some repeating patterns in the design. I knew I wanted to have some decorative shelving to display my favorite handbags on the right side of the unit, since this would be the side seen in the background of my mirror photos. Then on the other side, I added some slim hanging space to organize new in clothing to shoot. I ended up doing 4 slim clothing racks and one longer rack for dresses and coats. I also wanted to add some drawer space to hide away camera equipment and random junk. The middle unit is a filing cabinet, and the other unit is a standard set of 3 drawers. I added in some shoe shelving as well to put away some of my nicer shoes and to keep them higher up from my daughters reach.

Pros of the everyday system:

  • it’s easy to measure and configure for your space.
  • relatively easy install – I found it to be easier than putting together an Ikea Pax system
  • great quality for the price point. It’s made of metal that it lightweight but durable and the shelves don’t have any exposed MDF or anything like that.
  • helpful videos for installation
  • You have the flexibility to adjust shelves and switch things out if you need to. You can even move it to other rooms if your needs change.
  • soft close drawers
  • quick shipping

Cons of the everyday system:

  • limited customization depending on your needs (adding jewelry storage, etc)
  • there are a lot of shipping boxes and styrofoam pieces to recycle
  • You can only design one wall per design, so if you have a large, multi-wall design I would reach out to the designers to help make sure everything will fit, especially if you’re dealing with corners.

Installing The Everyday System

Tim installed the closet so I had to get his input here. He said it wasn’t difficult, but did take some more technical measuring to make sure the height and spacing were correct. It came with a long measuring paper with holes to help you properly space each unit. It took two nights to complete the installation since we were working around Josie’s schedule at the time, but it’s definitely doable to finish in one day.

After he installed all the side metal panels, I popped in all the shelving. What’s nice about this unit is there are adjustable metal brackets so you can easily change the height of the shelving. I love that they are hidden on the back of the panels, so there aren’t any distracting holes along the side!

Does The Everyday System Go On Sale?

Yes! I bought mine on sale and have seen them do discounts and free shipping, so I would definitely hold out for a sale if you can. I ordered mine in September during a Labor Day sale.


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Where is it IN THE NEW HOUSE?

Sadly I only had this installed for 4 months before we ended up moving to a new house. I did end up taking it with me but haven’t re-installed it because I’m not sure we have the right space for it to work. If you’re wondering, it was very easy to take down and it took Tim maybe 45 minutes to do. My units had a deeper 20-inch width, so it will be a tight squeeze to re-install it in another closet in this house but I think that’s a possibility. I’m having a California Closet designer come to the house for a consultation for our primary closet soon, so I plan to ask her advice on where to install it in our new home!



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