Today I’m excited to reveal our new dining room! This is our first time having an official dining room space, and I’m looking forward to having more space to host friends and family over the years.

traditional dining room decor


For a few months, this space was empty and mostly used as a play area for Josie to run around in. I wasn’t in a rush to decorate this space, but once I found this dining table on sale, I knew no other table was going to beat it. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece, built with reclaimed barn wood as the base and a 2-inch Carrara marble top. Here are some other gorgeous dining table options that caught my eye.

We were able to fit the 96-inch table in the space. It will be a tight squeeze if we need end chairs, but I’d rather have a bigger table at the end of the day and it fits the space perfectly with 6 chairs. Everyone said the bigger, the better when it comes to a dining table!

antique buffet table


The buffet table was given to me by my Aunt, and it’s been in our family for 4 generations. I love the original dark mahogany wood and how it brings so much character to the space. To decorate the buffet table, I kept it simple with 2 large ginger jars I found at Home Goods and a faux floral tulip arrangement in the center. I will probably switch the faux floral out for fall, but for now, I love how classic the tulips look. They are one of the best faux florals I have ever seen and look and feel so real! I added this new blue tassel to it to bring in more of the blue tones from the art and drapes.

The light fixture was installed by the previous owner, but this one looks identical to it! The large art piece came from my mom and the smaller piece was painted by my aunt Victoria Jackson. You can reach out to her here if you’re interested in commissioning a piece for your space.


I knew I wanted a neutral, upholstered dining chair to break up the two different wood tones of the buffet and dining table. I also love how traditional slipcovered chairs feel but I wanted to update it with cleaner lines at the bottom. These were perfect! I got them in the shade jute, which is a warmer oatmeal shade.


The drapery ended up being a little bit of an issue. I loved the hardware in place on the ceiling because it was installed at a perfect length for standard 96-inch curtains; however, the previous owner took the curtain rod. I reached out to the designer who helped with the previous space to see if I can get the matching rod, but there was a pretty substantial designer fee for her to re-source it for me so I passed on that… I ended up getting a cheap rod from Target and these curtain rings that don’t necessarily match but it is what it is for now.

I tied in the blue in the artwork and the future rug with these French blue linen panels. They are very high quality and have little weights at the bottom. I used this steam iron to add in a faux pleated detail.


To finish the space, I’m just waiting for this rug to get delivered. Installing it under the table isn’t going to be an easy task since it’s very heavy, but I have some guys who can help me with it when the time comes 🙂 It was supposed to come in July so who knows when it will get here.

I’ll eventually get these end chairs to use when needed, but for now, we have more than enough seating for our needs.

* * *

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