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pineapple theme party, pineapple party

My bridesmaid Brittany who’s beautiful house hosted the shower. We’ve known each other since 2nd grade! 
Mom and I

Tim’s Mom and three sisters xo

My MOH and friend Jordan who I played softball with in college

Better late than never to share the deets from my bridal shower, huh?!


My Hawaiian themed bridal shower back in August was hosted by three of my bridesmaids, and they did such a fabulous job! This was the first official pre-wedding celebration because Tim and I opted out of an engagement party, so it I remember it all setting in on the ride there.

The theme was simple, it was summer and we were honeymooning in Hawaii. But not all showers require a theme, so if you’re stuck then just let the bride be the theme of the day! Photo booths are such a fun decor idea because you know there are going to be a lot of pictures taken, why not set up the backdrop up for social sharing success? My friends and I had so much fun posing with these cute props.  I’m not sure on all the decor details, but I think they purchased most of it from Etsy and Party City. I linked what I could find!

I do have to say the Macaroons were to die for. Tim’s sister Leanna found my new favorite little French cafe in downtown Marietta. The pineapple donut holes were also a cute extra dessert touch that I haven’t seen before. Also, doesn’t that cake deserve a shoutout!? It was oreo filling, yum! Your shower isn’t the time to deprive yourself if you’re been focusing on your weight for your wedding. Let it be your cheat day and enjoy it with all who is there to celebrate!

In case you missed my Hawaii honeymoon posts, you can read them here (Kauai / Maui )


xo Amanda John



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