Growing out my fine hair has seemed like a never-ending process. I cut my hair to my collarbone in 2010 and I’m finally to the point where I’m maintaining my length because it’s what’s best for my hair type. If my hair gets any longer I lose volume and it’s won’t keep any style! I was not blessed with thick hair, but I do have really manageable and silky hair. I think it’s important to accept the hair you have and work with a style and cut that suits it! If you’re in the process of growing out your hair, here are my tips to avoid split ends to have healthy, long hair!

Lower the heat

This year I decided to use a little less heat on my hair, starting with saving my curling iron for the weekend. I’m sure it depends on your work environment, but I can easily start incorporating more ponytails and buns into my work week to save some heat time on my hair. I’ve been loving these to prevent creases in my hair, but they’re definitely not “invisible” like the name implies. Along with turning down the temp of your curling iron, you can also turn down the heat in the shower when rinsing out your hair. The heat protectant I’ve been using lately is this one, but I’ve been using the original version for years! I’ve also added in this product  to my ends when they’re dry and I was shocked that my thin hair didn’t look greasy after applying. I’ve tried to use argon/ moroccan/ jojoba oil in my ends and they’re all way too greasy for my hair type.

Use a deep conditioning mask

But choose wisely. Using a very heavy product with fine hair may cause your hair to be flat and greasy. I’ve been using the  It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mask and it doesn’t weight my hair down. I apply it evenly throughout my hair and after letting it soak in about 5 minutes I take a little pump of their volumizing shampoo and run it through my roots to remove excess conditioner. Afterward, I use a mousse on my roots to give it a little more grit to style. My hair is super silky on it’s own, so using too many softening products on it won’t give me any style no matter the heat.

Amp up your diet

Having a diet filled with protein,  healthy fats, and vitamins and minerals will help feed your body from the inside out. I’ve been wanting to read this book to learn a little more about a beauty diet, have you read it? It doesn’t hurt to take a multivitamin either. Even though you’re eating a nutritious diet, it’s hard to get all the micronutrients you need unless you seriously vary up your diet/ nutrients daily. Some people also swear my taking biotin, but I find if I take a huge dose of it I break out.

Get a regular trim

Some people swear off getting their hair cut when trying to grow their hair long. It seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it? However, I think this highly depends on your hair type. If you have fine hair like I do… please get it trimmed. I’d much rather grow it out on a slower but healthier basis.  In the long run, you’ll be glad to have long hair that isn’t stringy and dead on the end. I would ask my stylist to “micro trim” my ends every 5-6 weeks, but the time depends on your hair. I know I need a haircut when my curls start falling out more than normal. Also, I would save this for the professionals or at least professional hair clippers! Using kitchen or dull scissors to clip out split ends can actually lead to more split ends. I’m SO guilty of this in the past 🙅

Choose your brush wisely

Always use your fingers or a wide tooth comb when your hair is wet. This is when your hair is the most susceptible to damage, so treat it with care! I like to rough dry my hair with my fingers until it’s about 85-90% dry, then I take my round brush to finish the style. For regular brushing, a cushioned paddle brush with flexible bristles will be more gentle on your hair than a plastic bristle brush (I use this one!). Always start from the bottom and work your way up!

Use a Microfiber towel to dry

I swear by these Turbie Twist microfiber towels for after the shower. They’re gentle on your hair and help to absorb water which will help decreases your blow dry time and therefore decreases the amount of heat damage on your hair! It’s also way more comfortable to wear. Simply squeeze out the excess water (don’t rub it around in a towel!) before applying.

Protect your hair while you sleep

I wrap my hair into a bun with a scrunchie (yep, bringing those back!) to help maintain my curls if I’ve styled them and to help prevent breakage while I sleep. You can also braid your hair] but my hair is too thin and I’m left with a 90’s crimp hairstyle the next morning. I also purchased a silk pillow case a few year ago to decrease the friction on my hair while I sleep.

Disclaimer: I was gifted the Miracle Hair Mask, Miracle Leave-In Lite, and Miracle Oil plus Keratin to try but not in exchange for this post. I have been a fan of the miracle leave-in conditioner since college and was excited to give more of their products a try! Our partnership in no way affects my opinion about these products. If you have any questions about affiliate links and gifted products, read more here. xo

Did I miss any of your tips for long healthy hair? Leave me your tips in the comments below!

xo Amanda John


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