Gingham Top ($20)

I’ve worn this top multiple times in April and always get compliments on it! Not surprising though, because it’s gingham, peplum waist detail, and an epic bow back! Ever since my first purchase at this site, I’ve embarrassingly checked their new arrivals daily… you can’t beat their prices and I think it’s way better quality than Forever21.

Valentino Dupes

If you’re like me and don’t see yourself ever splurging of $900 shoes, look no further than these dupes because they’re seriously the closest thing to them for a tenth of the price. People have been commenting on my Instagram and didn’t realize they weren’t the real deal! Sizing details: order a half size up, especially in the flats. Since they 8 wasn’t available I ordered my regular 7.5 and it works in the heels because the back is open but I’m returning the flats because they’re too small.

Sugarfix Necklaces [1 / 2]

I couldn’t pick one because I’ve worn both of these all month and you can’t beat the price at under $20! Also as a heads up, my favorite way to shop at Target is to order online and pick up in store. They find everything for you and you just go to the front and pick them up! It helps avoid those extra Target purchases you know you’ll end up with, plus you know they’ll have what you’re going there for.

Bow wedges

I’m sure you’ve seen me wearing these a lot on my Instagram, and they’ll continue to be worn all throughout the summer season because they’re comfortable! I was able to walk to dinner in D.C in these, and let me tell you I’m the first to change my mind when leaving the house in heels because I’d rather be comfortable than have painful feet.

Charming Charlie

Now this is probably weird, but CC is actually a brand favorite for the month of April. I haven’t shopped in a Charming Charlier in years because I always pictures cheap gaudy jewelry to be honest. I recently became a CC brand ambassador, meaning they send me a monthly package of items. I don’t always love everything, but there’s always something inside them I fall in love with. Because I was reintroduced to the brand, I started visiting my local store on the weekends and they have some really great and affordable finds. I purchased the bubble earrings, donut hat, and the seersucker bow back top pictured above this month #allthehearteyes // If you want to shop there I have an in-store coupon [720000000003 ] and an online coupon [UKTTWANF] good for $10 off your purchase of $60 until May31st.

April Purchases:


Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base

After years of this sitting in my collection, I finally found a brush to make it work with my skin tone and I have been loving it! It smells delicious and will last you forever because you just need a little bit for an overall glow.  P.S: This isn’t a product you would want to contour with.

Loreal Pro Glow Foundation 

Y’all, it’s been years since I’ve tried a drugstore foundation, like potentially close to 10 years…say what? I read a few positive reviews on this foundation and one day I was in a spending mood at Ulta and decided to try it. The finish is very smooth on the skin and won’t amplify pores or texture, but you probably will want to dust some powder over your skin to set it. I do have a few negatives about it but let me remind you it’s only $12.99 minus the trusty $3 Ulta coupon. The product will leak into the lid some and I will occasionally get white areas when applying where the sunscreen is separating. I just take my finger and blend it in. Because there’s only SPF 15, I would recommend to wear another sunscreen under. I’m not sure why they even have it in there to be honest. Another thing is the top can be a little leaky, especially after you shake it before applying.

Dior ‘Diorshow – Iconic Overcurl Spectacular Volume & Curl Mascara

This has been mentioned multiple times on my blog, but I can’t stop repurchasing it! It’s dry enough to not clump and weight down my lashes but still builds volume and length. It’s magic when you apply the second coat! I prefer a little bit dryer mascara vs a very wet one because I will get it all over my lid and have to clean it up if it’s a wet consistency. My Mom never splurges on high-end makeup, but she’s been repurchasing this since I gifted it to her this time last year.

L’Occitane Certified Organic Pure Shea Butter
This was a surprise favorite this month because when I went to Sephora shopping for a body butter this is what the associate recommended. At first, when I got home and tried to use it I was like w-t-f.  I’ve used coconut butter as a body moisturizer for years but this was a lot more dense, almost sticky in a way. She told me to get a scoop out and melt it in my hands before applying. I can’t say I use this how I originally intended because I don’t want to use that much of the products to moisturize my entire body, but for areas like my elbows, hands, knees, feet, and especially my lips this product is a game changer. I apply it to my lips every single night and haven’t had an issue with dry lips since I purchased it. And I’ve tried everything from Bite to Dior to Carmex on them.

Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster
I purchased this before my wedding because I was looking for a product to give my skin a glow but not look self tanned. It’s a product that builds color based on how many drops you use, so I just add two drops into to my regular moisturizer and after a few hours it will give you the most natural color on your skin. Only negative is the smell.

New Hair Cut

I recently had all of my layers cut out and although I lost 2+ inches in length my hair looks so much thicker! I’ve had layers for years, and they tend to just get more and more choppy. Not ideal for someone with fine hair like me. I will say it can take little more effort to blend in my extensions now, but my hair is just an inch or two shorter than them anyway. I’m also playing around with my curling technique. I originally cut layers into my hair to help my hair keep a curl better. #canthaveitall


Benefit Gimme Brow Gel

I’ve already re-purchased this and I love it for quick brow color (aka every Monday-Friday). The brush is really small unlike others I’ve tried the the drugstore and it’s a must for girls who can’t leave the house without a little color in their brows, yay for being blonde!

Dior Overcurl Mascara

Already talked about above, but I did run and out repurchase this month

Beauty Favorites

No Fails to mention, go April!

This post is up a little late because Tim and I were in D.C during the first of the month. I plan to edit and upload a travel blog in the next week, yay!

xo Amanda John


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