On Instagram the other day I asked y’all for current fashion trends you hated, and y’all delivered! And at no surprise to me, 90% were style trends I wasn’t a fan of, either. I guess we’re internet friends for a reason! It was fun interacting and getting your feedback on the trends with polls and there’s not really a way to do that here, but I’d love to know what you think of these trends in the comments below!

Now remember, these are fashion trends that I’m personally not a fan of. Everyone has different body types and personal styles, so if you like these that’s great! They’re trending for a reason.. they just don’t fit my personal style. And that’s something to always keep in mind yourself when it comes to buying items for your wardrobe.

Side part vs middle part

Ok before we dive into this I have to say one thing… millennials wore the middle part before it was cool. I think this more so applies to the deep side parts with side-swept bangs, which I honestly don’t see very much these days anyway.

I’m not very offended by this debate because I think it depends on your face shape and natural hair part. Growing up I had a middle part, but switched freshman year of high school to the side part and have been wearing that ever since. I think over the last few years though it has moved more towards the center, while still being offset to one side thanks to my cowlick.

Dino Shoes

I had to Google this fashion trend, but basically, white sneakers have continued to get chunkier over the last few years. I’m personally not a fan of chunky shoes that draw your eye to my foot, but I do love simple white sneakers.

shop white sneakers

Doc Martens + Chunky sole boots

On the same note as above, another shoe trend lately is the chunky sole boot, first made popular by the Doc Marten brand. These look so heavy and uncomfortable, but people seem to love them! I see them styled with baggy jeans or in contrast with feminine dresses.

Golden Goose Sneakers

You either love or hate the Golden Goose sneaker trend, or the “dirty” looking sneaker in general. I haven’t been interested in trying them because for that much money.. I have to LOVE it. But I did recently order two pairs for an upcoming white sneaker review to see what they’re all about, so I’ll keep you posted. I’m torn on loving the dirty sneaker trend because I have a pair and love how I don’t worry about them getting dirty. If they look too perfectly clean and white, I worry my self-tanner will ruin them in a day haha. But at the same time.. I don’t want them to look too grungy for my feminine style either. Hence why I’ve been searching for the perfect white sneaker for a year now!

Scrunchies and huge hair clips

I actually love scrunchies and have used them for years, but not necessarily as a fashion statement. More so because they’re practical to put your hair up in a bun at night without majorly creasing my fine hair.

Another trend that has been blowing up recently is the huge alligator and banana clips. Again, this is actually something I’ve always used to section off my hair or put my hair up without creasing it, but it’s not something I use as a fashion statement out of the house.

Long fake nails

A lot of influencers I follow can rock beautiful, long-dip nails. But I just can’t deal. I tried a longer almond shape last fall and had to get them removed after a week… such a waste of money and my time! I just felt so inconvenienced by them with day-to-day tasks, between typing, trying to open things, etc.. it just wasn’t for me. I’m happy to be pretty low maintenance these days and just wearing a natural nail for the most part. There’s nothing wrong with your natural nail, ladies!

Skinny Jeans are the new mom jeans??

This has been a huge internet debate this month, where millennials are going head to head with Gen Z on whether or not skinny jeans are the new mom jeans. Gen Z prefers what millennials typically called “mom jeans” – more high waist baggy styles. It’s funny how fashion trends circle back!

Anyway, I’m definitely team skinny jeans but have added more cropped flare and casual styled to my wardrobe (pre-pregnancy of course, because ya girl just wears leggings and dresses now). I think skinny jeans are a wardrobe classic, whereas the heavily distressed, baggy jeans currently on-trend will fade.

flared leggings

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but flared leggings are.. yoga pants lol. But at least this year’s remake doesn’t include the sequin PINK across the butt. I don’t hate this trend per se, but I’m not in a rush to buy a pair because I have plenty of black leggings after 2020. Usually when I wear leggings out of the house, I like to pair them with boots anyway, so I don’t think this is a trend I’ll be hopping on anytime soon.

Grandpa cardigans

This is another trend I’m not personally a big fan of. I have a very short torse, so I feel like cropped cardigans in general emphasize that and give me more of a squared and frumpy shape.


This is one of my least favorite fashion trends at the moment. These really picked up in popularity last fall. I’m not a fan of button down collard shirts in general, so add a flannel print and extra bulk makes it even more of a no for me. I also just really hate the word in general, lol.

What are some current fashion trends that you are loving or hating? Let me know in the comments!


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