If you were an ’80s baby, I’m sure each of us could dig up childhood pictures with our mom, aunt, or someone else wearing mom jeans with permed hair and blue eyeshadow. The high-waisted, rigid, straight-leg mom jean was one of the most popular style trends throughout the 80s. And if we’re being honest, it wasn’t cool to wear mom jeans in your teens or 20s at that time. But that was then. And as they say, styles come and go and come back again.

The mom jean made its full-circle moment around 2016. Mom jeans are a popular trend at the moment, and they’re much more comfortable than some other past fashion trends, such as the dreaded low-rise skinny jeans. You know, the ones from the ’90s and early 2000s, where you couldn’t bend down, sit down or really move without fear of exposing pretty much everything.

Unlike boyfriend jeans that are low-rise and looser through the hips and thighs, mom jeans are high-rise and generally hit at your natural waistline, and they keep everything nicely tucked inside. Because mom jeans have a more forgiving fit, they could potentially look unflattering. But with proper styling, I think you’ll discover they’re a wardrobe staple. 

How to Wear Mom Jeans without Looking Frumpy

How To Wear Mom Jeans Without Looking Frumpy

Below are a few general styling tips on how to wear mom jeans.

Pair Mom Jeans With Cropped Tops

When you hear the words cropped top, you might automatically think, “Oh girl, no!” But stay with me! They’re actually several options that don’t include exposing the stomach at all and are very flattering. Many cropped tops hit at your natural waistline, extenuating the narrowest part of your waist. And since mom jeans are high-waisted, they come to your natural waistline too. It’s a very harmonious, figure-flattering union.

Wear a Fitted Top or Bodysuit to Balance the Look 

Because mom jeans have a loose fit through the legs, bodysuits and fitted tops balance out the look. Just like if you were to wear an oversized sweatshirt, leggings would pair best with that. Bodysuits and fitted tops aren’t just for the warmer months. There are many fitted turtlenecks, long sleeves, fitted t-shirts, and long sleeve bodysuits that will keep you warm throughout fall and winter. 

Choose Solid-Colored Sweaters and Tops

Solid-colored sweaters are more forgiving than a heavy patterned option. When pairing a sweater with mom jeans, I like to front-tuck the sweater. This defines your natural waistline and gives a more tailored look. Another option I like to wear with mom jeans is a solid-colored t-shirt. J.Crew makes a good one that’s perfect for layering or wearing alone with a fun scarf. 

Choose a Mom Jean for Your Body Type

I love that retailers understand that jeans aren’t one size fits all, carrying varying lengths and sizes. For instance, if you’re petite in height, it would make sense to purchase a petite length. That way, the jeans would hit just above your ankle. You can always roll them if needed too. That’s the beauty of mom jeans. Rolling them up looks very natural because of their overall relaxed fit.

You also want to make sure the jeans hit your natural waist. It may take a few tries to find the perfect fit. But there’s nothing better than finding good-fitting mom jeans.

Mom Jeans Outfit Ideas

Mom Jeans with a cardigan and turtleneck sweater

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Master the art of styling mom jeans with this go-to outfit. Slide into a pair of comfy mom jeans that have style without sacrificing ease. Tuck in a sleek turtleneck sweater and throw on a waffle knit cardigan for an extra layer of warmth and texture. Step up your game with suede heeled booties and keep it practical and cohesive with a white leather crossbody bag. Pop in some gold hoop earrings and seal the deal with the perfect lipstick to add a splash of color. This look shows that comfort and style can go hand in hand, proving that mom jeans are anything but frumpy when paired with the right pieces.

Mom Jeans with a cable-knit sweater and a white tee

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Nail the cool and casual vibe with mom jeans done right. Slip into a comfy white tee and pair it effortlessly with classic mom jeans, striking the perfect balance between comfort and style. Top it off with a cozy cashmere cable-knit V-neck cardigan for a touch of sophistication. Kick it up a notch with brown leather heeled booties that add a chic flair to the look. Grab a brown leather tote bag for a practical yet stylish accessory. Keep it low-key with a hint of glam by adding sparkle stud earrings, and opt for a subtle touch of lip glow oil for a fresh look. With this simple yet trendy outfit, you’ll rock those mom jeans without a hint of frump in sight.

Mom Jeans with a half-zip sweater 

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Revamp your mom jeans game with an effortlessly chic look. Pair your favorite mom jeans with a cozy cable-knit half-zip sweater for a laid-back look. Opt for ultra-mini UGG boots to add a touch of comfort without compromising on style. Add a belt bag for a modern and practical accessory. Keep it classic with gold hoop earrings and finish off the look with a swipe of your favorite lipstick, and you’ve got a no-frills, no-fuss outfit that effortlessly elevates your mom jeans.

Mom Jeans with a silk button-down shirt and heels

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Elevate your mom jeans with this sleek and sophisticated style. Pair a timeless dark wash of mom jeans with a chic silk button-up top for a polished yet comfortable look. Keep the outfit refined with slingback kitten heels. Opt for a white leather crossbody bag for a clean and modern accessory. Add a hint of glamour with a gold sparkle necklace and coordinating hoop earrings. This straightforward and stylish combination proves that mom jeans can be both trendy and sophisticated.

Mom Jeans with a sweater blazer and an off-the-shoulder sweater

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Transform your mom jeans by pairing them with an off-the-shoulder sweater top for a touch of contemporary flair. Elevate the look with a sophisticated sweater blazer that strikes the perfect balance between polished and relaxed. Slip into leather heeled booties for a dose of sleek sophistication, and complete the look with a coordinating leather shoulder bag. Add a touch of elegance with pearl bow earrings that bring a feminine charm to the outfit. This straightforward yet stylish combination proves that mom jeans can be the centerpiece of a fashion-forward look.

Mom Jeans with a button-up cardigan and a peplum top

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For a fun and flirty look, opt for a classic button-up cardigan sweater for a timeless touch, and pair it with a peplum top. Combine these with the comfort of mom jeans, striking the perfect balance between casual and put-together. Take the outfit up a notch with sleek white heeled sandals that exude sophistication. Complete the look with a coordinating white leather shoulder bag for a clean and modern accessory. Add a touch of elegance with pearl bow earrings, bringing a subtle yet feminine charm to the look. Finish off with a swipe of lip glow oil for a fresh and natural finish.

Mom Jeans with a half-zip sweater and sneakers

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Achieve a casual and chic look with mom jeans by opting for a laid-back outift that effortlessly blends comfort and style. Start with a classic white tee paired with a cozy half-zip sweater for a relaxed vibe. Embrace the versatility of mom jeans, choosing a pair that strikes the right balance between comfort and fashion. Complete the look with crisp white sneakers for an easygoing yet polished finish. Keep accessories simple with crystal huggie hoop earrings for a touch of sparkle, and grab a practical leather tote bag for a functional and fashionable addition.

Mom Jeans with a mock neck sweater and mules

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Elevate your mom jeans game with a sleek and modern look that exudes both comfort and style. Start with a classic mock neck sweater, pairing it effortlessly with a dark wash pair of mom jeans for a sophisticated yet laid-back aesthetic. Slip into a chic pair of mules for an added touch of flair. Opt for a brown leather tote bag to balance practicality with fashion. Keep accessories minimal and elegant with crystal huggie hoop earrings, adding a subtle sparkle to the look. Finish off the look with your favorite lipstick for a polished touch.

Mastering the art of wearing mom jeans without a hint of frump is all about striking the right balance between comfort and style. With these curated outfit ideas, you can confidently embrace the versatility of mom jeans, creating looks that are both on-trend and effortlessly chic. Whether you’re opting for cozy layers, sleek accessories, or a combination of both, these styling tips ensure that your mom jeans become a go-to piece for a fashion-forward and comfortable wardrobe.

Which mom jeans look was your favorite from this round-up? Let me know in the comments!



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