Since last week I focused on legs, today’s workout is going to be all about the upper body. Because this is a smaller muscle group, I like to keep the tempo up to help increase my energy expenditure. With that being said, this workout should be done in a circuit, so try to keep the rest time low between exercises!

Warm up: walk on treadmill (5 mins) and stretch

Workout: I used an 8lb dumbbell for the entire circuit, only putting them down at the end for abs.


12 Arnold Press 

In a static lunge position, complete the circuit: reverse fly, row, triceps kickback (10 reps)

Biceps curl into lateral raises (10 reps) – the weight was a little light for my biceps curl so I did a few more repetitions at the end till they were fatigued. 

Back into the static lunge with the opposite leg, complete the same arm circuit: reverse fly, row, triceps kickback (10 reps)

Back to the biceps curl and lateral raise set (10 reps) 

Abdominal exercise of choice: I did leg raises with a lift at the top

Repeat 2 more times


10 pull-ups on assisted machine (I did 5 wide grip and 5 curl grip)

10 push-ups on BOSU ball

45-60 second plank on BOSU ball

repeat 2 more times


Happy Hump Day,



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