Stepping into the enchanting winter wonderland of London right after Christmas was a magical experience! The city was aglow with festive lights and holiday decorations that adorned every corner. Navigating the charming streets felt like strolling through a postcard-perfect scene, with the crisp winter air adding to the overall charm. One crucial aspect kept coming to mind during this picturesque trip – what to wear in London during the winter. It didn’t take me long to realize the importance of considering not just the fashion, but also the practicality of my wardrobe. Exploring London requires a fair amount of walking, and preparing for the weather is essential! That’s why today, I’m sharing more about what I wore in London for various occasions such as date nights, exploring, and shopping, and I’m even sharing what I wore to a soccer game. For those of you who may also have a soccer-obsessed husband and you also plan on making a trip one day, this one is for you. So, let’s jump in!

What I Wore in London During the Winter

London Winter Packing Tips

When venturing into the winter charm of London, strategic packing is key for a comfortable and stylish experience. Ensure you have an umbrella or a hooded rain jacket to combat the sporadic rain showers – a common occurrence in the city. Opt for waterproof and comfortable boots, and consider changing your socks and shoes every other day to keep your feet at their best during extensive walks. Pro tip: I experimented with compression socks from Lululemon one day but found a preference for these padded wool socks. It was nice to have some cushion with the amount of walking we did each day!

While it’s tempting to pack multiple coats, I found that having just three was sufficient. Remember, your winter coat often covers up your outfit in photos, so having a couple of options keeps your look fresh. Combat the dry London air with a good moisturizer for your face, body, and hands. The weather may not be extremely cold, but the dampness and wind can affect your skin.

Carry a crossbody bag for convenience, and if you have a backpack, it’s an excellent spot to stow away your umbrella. Don’t forget gloves and a scarf for the evenings – even though the temperatures aren’t frigid, the dampness and wind make these accessories essential for staying warm and cozy while out and about.

exploring London outfit


For a day of exploring London in the winter, I opted for a stylish yet functional outfit. The centerpiece was a belted wrap coat, providing both warmth and a touch of sophistication. Beneath it, this cashmere cable knit rollneck sweater kept me cozy while exuding classic charm. Paired with a satin mini skirt, the outfit struck a perfect balance between comfort and style. To combat the chilly weather, knee-high suede waterproof boots proved to be a smart choice, ensuring both style and practicality. Sheer tights added a subtle layer of warmth, seamlessly blending with the overall look. Accompanied by a quilted leather bag for essentials and a swipe of lipstick for a finishing touch, this outfit was the ideal fusion of fashion and functionality for a memorable winter day in London.

dinner date in London outfit


For a cozy winter dinner date in London, I embraced a chic and timeless look. The focal point of the outfit was a white turtleneck sweater dress that exuded elegance and provided warmth. Paired with sleek black knee-high boots, the outfit had a sophisticated yet comfortable vibe. I added a touch of flair with an oversized checkered cashmere scarf, bringing both style and an extra layer of coziness to the look. A red leather bag tied everything together offering practicality without compromising on fashion. A swipe of lipstick was the finishing touch, ensuring a polished and put-together outfit for an evening in the heart of London during the winter.

soccer game outfit


Attending a spirited Manchester United soccer game in the heart of winter called for a blend of warmth and team spirit in my outfit choice. I opted for a practical yet stylish look, starting with a hooded quilted puffy coat to shield against the chill. Layered underneath was an oversized turtleneck sweater, complemented by black faux leather fleece-lined leggings for added insulation. Faux shearling trim waterproof boots kept my feet dry and cozy which was essential for the experience. I wrapped myself in an oversized checkered cashmere scarf, while a red leather bag offered both style and convenience. Fuzzy earmuffs and leather gloves completed the look, ensuring I stayed snug while cheering on Manchester United.

date night in London outfit


For a charming winter date night in London, I put together a look that seamlessly combined style and warmth. The focal point was this belted wrap coat, not only providing a stylish outer layer but also ensuring comfort in the cold. Paired with a classic black turtleneck sweater, the outfit exuded a timeless elegance. A satin midi skirt added a touch of sophistication, while black knee-high boots completed the look with a blend of fashion and practicality. A quilted leather bag served as both a stylish accessory and a functional companion for the evening. A swipe of lipstick provided the finishing touch, creating a polished and romantic vibe for a memorable winter night out in London.

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Bicester village outfit


Navigating the charming streets of Bicester Village during the winter called for a stylish yet practical look. A wool belted coat served as the anchor, providing warmth and a sophisticated touch. Underneath, a white turtleneck sweater dress offered both comfort and elegance, while knee-high suede waterproof boots ensured my feet stayed warm and dry. I wrapped myself in a checkered cashmere scarf for an extra layer of coziness. Accompanied by a quilted leather bag and leather gloves, and a swipe of my favorite lipstick, the outfit struck the perfect balance between fashion and functionality for a day of shopping and exploring.

shopping at Harrods outfit


Embarking on a shopping spree at the iconic Harrods in London during the winter prompted a chic and sophisticated outfit choice. I opted for a classic black turtleneck sweater paired with a black and white houndstooth tweed mini skirt, striking the perfect balance between timeless style and contemporary flair. Black knee-high boots added a touch of sleekness, while sheer black tights seamlessly blended with the look. A red leather bag accompanied me, providing both practicality and a touch of luxury. To add a bold and festive accent, I applied a shade of red lipstick, completing the look with a hint of glamour.

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From festive strolls through decorated streets to lively soccer matches and upscale shopping, my wardrobe adapted to the various occasions along the way. London’s winter allure, combined with practical yet stylish fashion choices, turned this trip into a blend of memorable moments and versatile style!

Which London look is your favorite from this round-up? Let me know in the comments!



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