Purses and what we keep in them varies from person to person. Some like to carry the bare minimum with a keychain, wallet, and their phone, while others prefer to carry a huge tote with everything but the kitchen sink in it. With my physical therapy background, I know it’s not the greatest for our backs or shoulders to carry too much. It can also make our purses become cluttered and unorganized, and typically can’t find the one thing we’re looking for anyway. So today I’m sharing a roundup of what you should keep in your purse to help you get through the day.

what should you keep in your purse

What Should You Keep In Your Purse

Everyday Purses

Before we dive into what to carry in your purse, I wanted to share my everyday purses that I typically carry. I generally alternate between a few different ones, and they each vary in size, depending on what I need for that day. I also rounded up some great summer bag options in this post if you’re interested in that too.

The smallest of the three I typically carry is my Saint Laurent (previously YSL) Lou medium monogram camera bag. I typically carry this on the weekends, for running errands or when I’m traveling. It has a decent amount of space inside for a crossbody, and it’s easy to throw on when you’re in a hurry. This purse has an adjustable leather strap, and love the neutral color to go with any outfit. It leans toward the dressier side, yet looks great with a simple pair of joggers and white sneakers too. It’s a very versatile purse that I know I’ll use for years to come.


Saint Laurent Lou medium monogram camera bag

Another purse I carry frequently is my Tory Burch Kira Chevron Convertible shoulder bag. It has a soft quilted leather for easy spot cleaning, and a gold chain that can be doubled for a shoulder bag or lengthened to a crossbody option. It has a zipper pouch on the inside of the purse for added organization, and comes in four other colors.

ory Burch Kira Chevron Convertible shoulder bag

The largest of my everyday purses is my Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote. When I was working as a full-time physical therapist, I brought this to work with me each day. I put my laptop and charger, some magazines or a book, my lunch and an extra pair of shoes in case my feet hurt. Now I bring it when I go to photoshoots or when I travel. The name is suiting because it really is never full – which I guess is a pro and con – since it can get pretty heavy with all the stuff you can fit in it. There are several look-for-less options that I’ve found too – here and here. If you’re looking for a designer tote with a little bit less expensive price tag than the Neverfull, I’d recommend this Tory Burch tote.

purse essentials for everyday

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Purse Cosmetic Bag

To keep my purse as organized as possible, I generally keep items in small pouches. They’re a game changer for preventing your purse from becoming a cluttered mess. I carry a small makeup bag with my favorite Charlotte Tilbury lipstick. It’s the perfect nude that’s not too muted, and the perfect shade to wear daily. I also carry my Aquaphor lip balm to keep my lips hydrated. The last makeup item I generally keep in my cosmetic bag is setting powder for those touch-ups you might need throughout the day. Other items I keep in this specific pouch are a travel-size nail file, nail clippers, hair ties and bobby pins.

Best Lip Colors For Summer | Cosmetic Bag Items

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Personal Care Products

I have a second small bag in my purse for all of my personal care items I might need while I’m out and about. I really love this small bag to keep these items in, but clear pouches are also nice to have because you can see exactly what’s in them. I always keep sunscreen on hand that can go on both my face and body. In case I’m in the sun longer than I anticipated, it’s nice to have a sunscreen that’s OK to put on my face. I always have an extra face mask with me too. I’ve tried a few and this one is without a doubt my favorite. It’s very comfortable and doesn’t break me out. The material is breathable yet thick enough to be safe. They come in a variety of colors too.

Personal Care Products in carry on bag

I like to have hand lotion with me in case my hands feel dry especially in the winter time. I love this hand cream because it’s effective, and it’s a small bottle to easily carry around. I also always have a hairbrush  because my fine hair loves to get tangled, and I prefer a polished versus messy look. Other items I keep in there are hand sanitizer, band aids, feminine products, baby wipes and gum. This specific hand sanitizer smells amazing!

One other thing that’s handy to have is a small sewing kit. Now if you can’t sew, then you can skip this part. 🙂 But you know, if a button decided to pop off on your blouse in the middle of a work day, you’ll be glad you had it and it doesn’t take up too much space.

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Other Essentials to Have in Your Purse

The other day-to-day essentials I keep in my purse are my cell phone and cell phone charger. Because I use my phone quite a bit for blogging, I constantly need to charge it. So this comes in handy when I’m not at home.

I also always have my wallet and a few business cards. Never know when you might need a business card when you’re out and about. To keep cool in this Georgia heat and especially while I was pregnant, I have a small, portable fan. If you know, you just know! For a little extra fuel while I’m on the go, I keep a snack bar or a few pretzels in these handy small pack reusable zipper pouches. As soon as I don’t have a snack with me that’s when hunger hits, especially for nursing mamas who need the extra calories throughout the day.

What Should You Keep In Your Purse

If I’m carrying my tote bag, I always have this tote organizer in there to keep all of my essentials organized. It’s made of felt cloth that has many pockets for the random things that you don’t keep in your pouches like your cell phone, the charger, sunglasses and wallet. Or you could probably forgo the pouches and just use this with your tote. And the one thing that tells me where I need to go and when that I like to carry around with me and honestly don’t go anywhere without it is my planner. I write everything down in here that’s going on in my business or personal life. It helps keep me organized and on task throughout the day.

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A little tip for those of you who like to switch up your bags and carry different handbag essentials. I have a small box I place any items I like to carry but don’t always fit, that way when I switch from a big or small purse I know exactly where to find everything.

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What Should You Keep In Your Purse

What are some items you always have in your purse? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading.



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