We’re Having A Baby

baby announcement
Were Having A Baby
baby announcement
baby announcement
baby announcement
first trimester
first trimester pregnancy

We’re Having A Baby!

I can’t believe I’m finally sharing the news… Baby J is coming summer 2021!

I feel so relieved and excited to share the news with y’all. I found out so early (about 3 weeks) so it’s been hard to keep this secret for so long! I’ve felt so disconnected throughout this first trimester hiding this news and it’s why I’ve been more absent on social media lately. Morning sickness is no joke! 🙂

I feel like I have so much to catch you up on! I’ll share a first trimester Q&A so if you have any questions for me let me know on Instagram or in the comments below. I absolutely loved reading and learning about other women’s experiences since this is all so new to mes, so I’m excited to share mine here as well for those of you going through pregnancy now or in the future.

how we found out

So I can’t really explain it, but I just had the random urge to take a test one day. We had just started trying so I guess I was just curious. I really wasn’t experiencing any symptoms other than my entire back was randomly sore earlier that week, though I’m not sure if this was related because it was also the day after scrubbing the tub, haha. I also wasn’t expecting it to be positive because I took it 1 week prior to my missed cycle, but the test said YES+ and I was shocked!

Then basically I just told Tim I took a test and it was positive, haha. I wear my emotions on my sleeve, so there was no way I could hide my wide-eye shock to plan something cute. I thought about recording it, but I wanted that moment to be raw between the two of us.

how I’ve been feeling

I’ll go into more detail in a first-trimester Q&A post, but to put it simply I’ve been pretty nauseated and blah. I’ve just sort of felt unmotivated and uninspired, which is totally not like me! I’m used to working all day and night because I love what I do, but pregnancy has definitely slowed me down. At times I’ve felt guilty for not hustling, especially during cyber week and through the holidays, but I know my body is going through a lot right now and I need to listen to it! I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with that feeling now that I’m in the second trimester, thankfully!

I recorded the reactions of a few friends and family that I included in the announcement video below. My Mom was clearly not expecting the news 🙂 But in the video Tim and I share what we were up to during the first trimester and all that fun stuff!


* * *

We are so excited to meet this little one and can’t wait to share this journey with you all. Thank you for being apart of the family.

xo The John Family

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  1. Meredith wrote:

    First congratulations!! I wanted to tell you I had the two most amazing pregnancies and deliveries. Biggest words of advice: 1) live in the moment everyday of your pregnancy 2) do NOT listen to anything negative about pregnancy or delivery from other women.. your story is uniquely unfolding and perspective paves your road ahead 3) watch your baby being born with a mirror set up. God’s miracle is both humbling and amazing and you get a front row seat! 4) go in with the mindset that yes, there will be pain, and it’ll be ok. Truly it’s an incredible experience. If you ever want to talk about anything, message me!! What a blessing for y’all!! And God chose YOU to deliver this little one into the world!!!

    Posted 1.6.21 Reply
  2. Sue Harris wrote:

    So excited!! I remember when Amanda walked by as I was working out, and I felt the feeling of love!!

    Posted 1.6.21 Reply
  3. Cheryl wrote:

    Somehow I had a feeling …..don’t ask me how or why. But when I saw that pic of you and John at Chateau Elan, I thought “ I wonder if they’re expecting”. And you are!!!!! Congratulations! So excited for you. You are going to be a terrific mother, and although I’m a Grammy now ( times 2), I can’t wait to see all the maternity looks you’ll be posting. I have 2 DIL’s to share them with!
    Best news of the week!

    Posted 1.6.21 Reply
    • Thank you so much! I can’t wait to start styling the bump 🙂

      Posted 1.8.21 Reply
  4. Maureen wrote:

    Congratulations! This is such exciting news. Yay! Enjoy every minute because it does kind fly by. Looking forward to your bump updates. Happy New Year as well!

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com

    Posted 1.6.21 Reply
  5. Debbie wrote:

    Congratulations! I am so excited for you!!I I know you two will be amazing parents.

    Posted 1.6.21 Reply
  6. Marie Casale wrote:

    Congratulations & God bless you, yozr husband and baby. I encourage you to enjoy this “new job” you have of caring for a growing life. Please don’t feel guilty about the changes within your professional career. You only have 24 hrs. In each day. 🙂

    Posted 1.10.21 Reply
  7. I am so thrilled for you guys! That is so exciting. Many congratulations to you both on this new chapter!


    Posted 1.10.21 Reply
  8. martha wrote:

    So sweet Amanda. Congrats! You look very pregnant and beautiful here. How in the world were you able to hide your bump? I couldnt even tell in all of your vids. Maybe being in winter helped, with a little bit oversize clothing? Anyway, you sure look adorble ! Hugs

    Posted 1.19.21 Reply
    • My bump looks bigger in these photos because of the layers of tulle in the skirt 🙂 But thank you!

      Posted 1.19.21 Reply