A while ago I came across this someecard on Pinterest and I thought…brilliant!  If you’ve ever done a burpee (may I add, if you haven’t you’re seriously missing out) you will never forget how much they suck. I’ve been seriously lacking some gym motivation ever since my spring break fun, and with a neuroanatomy exam quickly approaching I am pinched for time to get to the gym (aka not motivated to find the time) along with stress eating. Today’s Workout Wednesday post will hopefully put into perspective just how hard it is to burn bad calories. These are of course estimates (for an 130lb individual) and not meant to be taken to the extreme that if you eat one of these things you have to do this many burpees. I just hope it provides an eye-opening realization (it sure worked for me)! I used this site to help estimate the amount of burpees. 

xo Amanda

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