Feminine Straw Bags for Summer

Feminine Straw Bags for Summer


You all know that my favorite seasons are spring and summer. Part of that is because I can’t resist the look of a flowy summer dress paired with a feminine straw bag for summer. It’s the perfect combination of Southern and classic preppy that I love so much in the summer months. Plus, I don’t think a straw bag will truly ever go out of style.

Straw and natural woven bags are a summer staple. I love the natural texture it adds to my summer outfits, and they usually make a fun statement! I especially love it when I can find feminine details on straw bags, such as ribbon, pearls, and poms. You can change up the look of a simple straw bag by adding on bag charms or tying a silk scarf to the handle. They’re a very versatile piece to carry in the summer months.

Ways To Style a Straw Tote Bag for Summer


There are so many different ways to style a straw bag for summer. You can pair it with a dress and heels for an more elevated look or grab it on your way out the door with denim shorts and a tee shirt. I love how a straw handbag can so easily go from a day at the beach to a chic dinner look. I can’t think of any other handbag that has this chameleon like capability. It makes it one hundred percent worth the investment.

One of my favorite things to dress up my more simple straw basket bag is to add a scarf to the handle. This is also a great way to add in a fun print or pop pf color into the look. You can wrap it around the handles to protect them from fraying or simply tie it the side of the handle in a knot or bow. Above you can take a peek at how I used a simply hair scrunchie and loop the tail through the handle to give it a scarf look. I’ve also rounded up a few scarves for you below in case you are looking to dress up the top handle of your straw bag.


Feminine Straw Bags for Summer

Feminine Straw Bags for Summer roundup


There are so many different types of straw or woven rafia bags. Above is a roundup of a few more unique straw bags that you don’t typically see. I’m loving the fun colors and floral embroidered detailing on these. I feel like when it comes to handbags, you can really show off your personality! Personally, I usually go for a more classic or traditional look when it comes to clothing. However, when it comes to accessories anything fun and girly is fair game!

A straw bag with a peal embellishment like the one above can instantly take an outfit from drab to fab. I also love the scarf wrapped straw bag. This is similar look to the one I’m wearing above, but instead the scarf covers the entire handle. This is also a great way to protect your handles from fraying if you’re using your handbag on the daily.

splurge worthy Feminine Straw Bags for Summer


I love investing a quality pieces that I can wear for years to come. Some of my most expensive purchases are the items that I use every single day. Which in turn, makes the cost per wear completely worth the investment. The way I think about investing in something like a straw handbag is I ask myself a few key questions. Do I love it? Will I love it in three to five year? Can I wear this with multiple looks? Is it practical and functional? If the answer is yes to all of those then I recommend investing in a designer straw handbag. If you’re just getting into straw handbags, don’t worry, I’ve rounded up a ton of budget friendly options below!

My favorite designer straw handbags are from Pamela Munson. Her line is feminine, girly and timeless without seeming old. It’s a tough balance to strike but she’s nailed it! I’m also always a fan of Tory Burch’s straw handbags. She comes out with a new one almost every year and they are always gorgeous. The one above is her classic logo straw tote style bag. This would be perfect if you plan to carry your bag everywhere from beach trip to wine tasting on the weekends. However, if you’re wanting something that is a shoulder bag or converts to a crossbody, I would recommend this one or this one. Either of these would be perfect for dressing up a look for summer!

Feminine Straw Bags for Summer under $100


If you are wanting to pick up a straw bag that is nice, without wanting to invest more than $100 this collection of straw bags is for you! Most of these are on the medium to tote size style, but this one is perfect if you’re looking for a crossbody bag that is a little smaller. I also love the ribbon handle straw tote by Mark and Graham. These make a great gift for moms because you can have them customized with their initials. This would also be cute as bridesmaids’ gifts and you could fill them with all your favorite things.

If you’re wanting a tote style option that is simple and classic, I love this one from Banana Republic. It’s the perfect market tote style. It’s also super lightweight and the size makes it great for travel as well. It doesn’t have a ton of pockets, so I would recommend a handbag organizer if you’re going to be using this one as your everyday bag. This way your handbag doesn’t become a bottomless pit. Which let’s be honest, happens so quickly!

Feminine Straw Bags for Summer UNDer $50


If you’re wanting to give the straw bag trend a try, but aren’t sure how you’ll love it, this roundup is a great starting point. All of the straw handbags above are less than $50. These are also great if you know your straw bag is going to take a lot of wear and tear or you plan on just using it for the pool and beach. This was if it gets damaged, you won’t have to stress about the cost of the item.

I also love that these are a little more fun and trendy. So, if they go out of style in a year or two, it’s okay You can upgrade to whatever the new on-trend item is. I actually like to invest in both a high-end straw bag and a more budget friendly option. I’ll use my investment piece when I’m going on a date night with Tim or when we are on vacation. Then, my more affordable straw bag is one that I’ll use when we are running errands, going on a beach trip or traveling. This way I can keep my investment piece in great condition, but still achieve the look I want on the daily.

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