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You can do the bulgarian split squats on a smith machine with a step behind you (to place on leg on) or next to a bench while holding dumbbells at your sides. For the step- ups, I keep the same foot on the step while the other leg steps up and down as fast (and safe) as possible. Remember to straighten out your legs during each step-up in order to get the most out of the movement. Have your dumbbells ready to go straight into a shoulder press (I use 15lbs)- it’s important to engage your core here, so if you need to you can perform them seated with a back rest. For 3-way lateral raises, I use 5-8lb dumbbells and switch between going straight out in front, out to the side, and somewhere in the middle of both- 10 reps is a rough estimate, but I alternate between these moves until I feel my shoulders are fatigued. To perform a shoulder push-up, I prefer to perform it on the ground with my hands and feet about 3 ft apart- a more advanced version is to perform them with your feet elevated on a bench.  To emphasize the glutes during the single leg bridge, focus on pushing through your heels and hold it for 3 seconds at the top. I perform the sumo squats with either a dumbbell or kettle bell, with a wide stance and toes pointed slightly outward. For bonus points you can add awkward pulses at the bottom of the movement. From here, grab a weight (I usually use a 25lb barbell weight) and hold it above your head with your arms straight while performing alternating lunges. From here, do a 60 second plank to work your core as well as your shoulders, performing it either on your elbows or hands for a more advanced version. If you want extra resistance on the donkey kicks, you can use an ankle weight if you have one, or use the smith machine bar to add resistance. During the jumping in/out squats, hold a dumbbell to isometrically target your shoulders. The wall sit should be performed with your quads parallel to the floor, and try not to use your arms to compensate. 

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